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Notes: Just some things I thought I’d point out before I begin writing this. First of all, I’ve noticed that the members of Nightmare tend to speak to each other quite often without honorifics, so if I neglect honorifics in this story more than I usually do, that’s probably why. Also, as many of you may have noticed, Nightmare is quite legendary for their blatantly sexual conduct. That may come across here as well. XD

And on one final note, I’m using their new Raven Loud speeeaker image when I describe the members.

Ruka groaned groggily, turning over in his sleep. Something was disturbing his slumber, but he was only indirectly aware of what that thing was. There was a sensation tickling along his nerve endings, making his limbs tingle. A warm feeling was pooling in his belly; he shifted again, pleasure coursing through his veins for a brief second. Confused, the drummer forced his eyes open, despite his tiredness.

A mop of platinum blond hair was just beneath him, obscuring his vision further. But as he became more conscious of his surroundings, he began to realize that the tingling feeling was emanating from his groin; one long-fingered hand was caressing him there, making bolts of pleasure go through his body.

Ruka squirmed against the touch, groaning. “Ni~ya!” the drummer exclaimed in what was meant to be a scolding tone, but what, in reality, turned into a moan about halfway through. “Uhn—hentai! Can’t you at least wait until I’m awake to start molesting me?”

Ni~ya slid up the bed to lie next to his lover, his hand continuing its work on the drummer’s half-hard length. Ruka was still wearing a pair of boxers, which was troublesome to the bassist’s goal, but it didn’t deter him. He nibbled gently on the drummer’s ear as he whispered, “What’s the fun in that?” Ruka slid his arm around the other man, smiling gently.

“You know what? I’ve forgotten,” Ruka admitted, leaning up into the other man’s touch. Ni~ya laughed at the other man’s words, continuing to nibble on his ear while Ruka groaned in response. He pressed the heel of his hand more firmly into Ruka’s erection, causing the other man to tilt his head back and gasp. This bared Ruka’s neck for Ni~ya; the bassist quickly took advantage of this fact, moving from Ruka’s ear to his neck with fervor.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Ni~ya whispered in amusement, continuing with slightly more forceful movements of his hand. Ruka was groaning in frustration; the pressure through the fabric was not enough to bring any real satisfaction.

“Ni~ya!” Ruka bit out again, his voice slightly pleading this time. This time, Ni~ya’s response was a little giggle of amusement.

“You were the one chastising me for this a minute ago, and now you want more?” he asked, making his tone purposefully incredulous. Ruka whimpered.

“Please?” the drummer pleaded softly, tightening his arm around the other man. The bassist opened his mouth to respond, but instead of Ni~ya’s voice, a strange ringing sound emanated through the room suddenly, startling both men on the bed. Ni~ya’s hand stopped immediately as he realized that the ringing sound was the phone.

Ruka seemed to realize this at the exact same moment, cursing under his breath as he reached over the side of the bed, picking the phone up off the cradle. He tried to ignore his now-very-noticeable erection, placing the phone to his ear. “Moshi moshi?” he said, trying to keep the annoyance out of his tone. A very recognizable voice suddenly came over the line.

“Ohayou, Ruka-chan!” Yomi called into the phone, his amazingly versatile voice gaining its excited almost-squeakiness. He really was too hyper for such an early hour of the morning.

“What do you want, Yomi?” he demanded, sounding irritated despite his best efforts. The vocalist, however, seemed not to notice.

“Well, I know practice doesn’t start for an hour, but Hitsugi, Saki and I are here already, so we were just wondering where you and Ni~ya are,” Yomi explained. Ruka sighed, about to respond, when he suddenly felt fingers toying with the elastic of his boxers. He shot Ni~ya a warning look, letting him know that he should stop.

“I called Ni~ya’s house already, but he didn’t answer. I thought that you might know where he is.”

A hand suddenly slid beneath the fabric of his boxers, cupping his erection. Ruka hissed; Ni~ya’s fingers felt cold against the flushed skin. He smacked the bassist warningly on the arm. “He—ah—he’s—” Ruka began, his voice unsteady because of the continued contact to his aroused flesh. Rather than pull away, as Ruka had been indicating he should do, Ni~ya began stroking him beneath his boxers.

“Ruka-san, are you okay?” asked a concerned voice over the line. It was Hitsugi, which made Ruka incredibly nervous. It meant that Yomi was on speakerphone.

“I—uh—yeah, I’m fine,” Ruka assured the other man, who sounded completely caring, as usual. He smacked Ni~ya again, trying to make him stop. “Ni~ya is here, if you were looking for him, Yomi.”

“Real-ly?” The vocalist sounded very interested by that fact.

“Yes, really,” Ruka replied flatly, grabbing Ni~ya’s arm harshly. “Will you excuse me for a second?” he asked into the phone.

He could almost hear Yomi’s grin. “Oh, sure,” Yomi agreed exaggeratedly. “Take as long as you’d like.”

Ruka had no doubts that Yomi knew exactly what was going on, but he felt no need to affirm that fact. He covered the receiver with one hand, yanking at Ni~ya’s arm with the other. Ni~ya finally extricated his hand from Ruka’s pants, a pout making his pierced lip look even more attractive. Ruka glared at him. “Not until I’m off the phone. I’m serious.”

Ni~ya stuck his lower lip out just a little bit further, looking up at the drummer with big dark eyes. Ruka rolled his eyes, removing his hand from over the phone and returning to the conversation. “Sorry Yomi. I’m back,” Ruka apologized, giving the sheepish bassist a warning look.

The vocalist snickered. “It’s no problem,” he assured the other man mischievously.

“Shut up, Yomi,” Ruka grunted.

“What? I didn’t say anything!”

Ruka sighed. “It doesn’t matter. I know what you’re thinking, and—” Suddenly, Ni~ya rolled over and grabbed the elastic waistline of Ruka’s boxers, pulling on it roughly. As it came off, it brushed almost painfully over Ruka’s still-present erection; he hissed, but he had no time to recover from that before the bassist’s mouth covered his entire aching length.

Ruka immediately stuffed the side of his arm into his mouth, biting down hard to keep himself from crying out. Yet he couldn’t make himself try to get Ni~ya to stop now; the feeling of the warm wetness around his arousal was entirely too alluring. “Ruka-san? Are you sure you’re okay?” came Hitsugi’s voice from over the phone. This shocked Ruka out of the moment; he had entirely forgotten about Yomi and Hitsugi on the other end of the line.

He removed his arm from his mouth; there were now harsh bite marks on the skin from his own teeth. He clenched them together, trying to keep from responding to Ni~ya’s ministrations. “Yeah, sure. I—I’m great. We—we’ll s-see you at practice in an hour, all right?” he forced out from between his teeth.

“Are you sure you don’t need more than an hour?” Yomi teased in a sing-song tone.

“Goodbye Yomi,” Ruka forced out, hanging the phone up immediately. After a moment, he turned back to Ni~ya, who was still focused intently on his task. Ruka groaned, arching his back. “You…fucking…bastard,” Ruka hissed, grasping Ni~ya by the back of his hair in an almost forceful manner. Ni~ya responded by sucking Ruka in deeper, taking him nearly to the root. Ruka groaned.

“I...hate...you,” he said, though they both knew that that wasn’t the truth. Ni~ya’s response, this time, was to bring his hand up to cup Ruka’s balls, fondling them along with the workings of his mouth. Ruka was groaning almost continually by that time, grasping Ni~ya’s hair even more tightly, to the point that it was almost painful. But Ni~ya didn’t complain; instead, he simply continued with his ministrations, working even more fervently.

A second later, Ni~ya took the other man’s length in as deeply as he could, and the feeling of the end of the bassist’s lip ring colliding with the skin at the base of his erection was too much for Ruka. He came suddenly, unexpectedly, thrusting up into the other man’s mouth and groaning loudly.

Though Ruka was surprised by his climax, it seemed that Ni~ya wasn’t; he was perfectly prepared for it and swallowed with practiced efficiency, not appearing in any sort of discomfort whatsoever. Ruka collapsed back against the bed after a few long moments, gasping and sweating.

After a few moments, Ni~ya finally pulled away. Ruka grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulling Ni~ya’s body up so that their lips could meet, kissing him deeply. He wound one arm around Ni~ya’s back, trailing his fingers through the hollow between the bassist’s shoulder blades as their tongues met. After a few long moments, they broke apart.

“You’re evil, you know that?” Ruka asked after a moment, eyeing the bassist playfully. Ni~ya simply smiled, leaning forward and placing another small peck on the drummer’s lips.

“I know. But that’s why you love me, ne?”

Yomi listened to the click as Ruka hung up the phone, cackling to himself. Hitsugi was sitting next to him at the table, looking confused, while Sakito sat across the room reading a book, glancing vaguely at him over the top of it. Hitsugi stared at Yomi, as if mere observation of the vocalist would quell his confusion.

“What’s so funny?” he asked naďvely. Yomi looked over at his friend, laughing even harder at the absolute bewilderment on the guitarist’s face. He fell off his chair, twitching on the ground from laughing so hard, tears streaming down his face. The situation hadn’t been quite so funny before Hitsugi had begun speaking; his mystification about the entire affair made it twice as hilarious.

The guitarist looked sheepish. “What?” he asked fearfully, pulling his knees up to his chest and hugging them. He looked down at Yomi, who was still laughing too hard to get up. Helplessly, Hitsugi looked over at Sakito. “Saki?”

Sakito glanced up again, his face softening at the look on Hitsugi’s face. “He’s amused by the fact that Ni~ya and Ruka were obviously engaged in some sort of sexual situation,” the other guitarist said flatly, unable to help being slightly amused by the realization dawning over Hitsugi’s features. A second later, Hitsugi blushed deeply, the redness made more obvious by the fact that since they weren’t performing that day, Hitsugi was not wearing makeup.

“Oh,” he said after a second, looking down in embarrassment. At this, Yomi only laughed harder.

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