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Yomi stood behind Hitsugi at his apartment door with a contented smile on his face, one hand resting comfortably on the other man’s waist as he waited patiently for the taller man to get the door open. The jingling of keys was audible in Yomi’s ears, but all he was focused on was the man in front of him, eyeing the line of Hitsugi’s neck with an almost feral grin on his face. Once Hitsugi got the door open, Yomi slid fluidly inside behind the other man, kicking the door closed after he had entered.

Almost immediately after both had removed their shoes (and Yomi his socks, since he only wore both out of necessity when he went out), Yomi stood up on his tiptoes, sliding his arms fully around the other man and kissing slowly from the exposed part of Hitsugi’s collarbone up his neck, feeling the guitarist shiver under his ministrations. Once he had reached Hitsugi’s ear, he whispered softly, “I’ve been wanting to do that all night. You’re so…” Yomi kissed his neck again, searching for a word “…tantalizing. I always want to touch you.”

Another shiver passed through Hitsugi’s body, and Yomi felt this acutely, smiling softly to himself. He could see a tiny blush creeping up Hitsugi’s neck, but it was mild; nothing like when the younger man was extremely embarrassed. It seemed that he was getting more used to these sorts of comments from the man who had been his friend for so long.

Hitsugi took a deep breath, changing the subject. “Do you think Ruka and Ni~ya got home all right?” he inquired, sounding a little uncomfortable but not breaking contact with the man whose arms were wrapped around him. Yomi buried his face in the other man’s neck again, placing a light peck just where Hitsugi’s neck met his shoulder.

“I’m sure they’re fine. Ruka was mostly sober. He’ll ‘take care’ of Ni~ya,” Yomi stated, snickering at his last comment. He slid the tips of his hands beneath the hem of Hitsugi’s shirt, fingers dancing along the waistband of the guitarist’s boxers. Hitsugi flinched a little because of the temperature of Yomi’s hands.

“Come on,” Yomi urged after a moment, his voice a low, seductive whisper that sent fire down Hitsugi’s spine. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I can’t tell you how much I want to touch you…how much I’ve wanted to touch you all night.”

Hitsugi nodded mutely, allowing the older man to lead him toward his own bedroom, though he was unable to deny his own nervousness. He’d had sex before, certainly, but never had he felt the sort of connection he had with Yomi with any other person. Sex had never meant more with anyone, and the guitarist had to admit he was apprehensive. Still, he followed Yomi to the bedroom, letting the vocalist lay him down on the bed when they got there.

The familiar feeling of Hitsugi’s own bed beneath his back did something to allay his worries, but not much. Yomi slid atop him softly, pressing their bodies together all the way to their toes, Yomi’s feet dancing somewhere around Hitsugi’s ankles.

Finally, Yomi pressed their lips together, engaging the other man in a long, languid kiss. It was quiet and unhurried, though Yomi was still edgy after anticipating the encounter all night. He let his hands run through Hitsugi’s shaggy reddish locks, feeling their familiar silky texture beneath his fingertips with a gentle smile against the guitarist’s lips. Hitsugi fell into the kiss immediately; it was familiar, and it was safe.

Yomi’s hands eventually began roaming the other man’s body, running down his clothed sides with gentle slowness, trailing across the slight curve of the guitarist’s waist. Yomi slid his hands further down, reaching for the hem of Hitsugi’s shirt again and sliding both his hands beneath, splaying his fingers across the younger man’s chest. When he felt Hitsugi tense up, Yomi removed his hands and pulled away immediately.

Yomi pulled back a little, bracing himself up far enough to see all of Hitsugi’s face. He looked deeply into the dark eyes beneath him, sensing the apprehension in the other man’s gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Yomi breathed out, feeling a bit worried himself. He waited for a few tense moments before Hitsugi gave him a strained smile, shifting nervously beneath the other man.

“I…I just—I just don’t want to rush this, that’s all,” Hitsugi admitted after a long pause, looking uneasy. “Us being together…it means a lot to me. I just don’t want to mess it up.”

His fears dispelled, Yomi felt a soft smile gracing his lips, touched by the sentiment in Hitsugi’s tone. He leaned down, placing a chaste kiss upon Hitsugi’s lips before speaking. “Okay. I can deal with that,” Yomi said, feeling that he meant it, totally and completely. He loved the other man, had already told him as much, and as long as he knew they were still moving in the right direction, it didn’t matter how long it took.

Yomi gazed into Hitsugi’s eyes once again, holding the other man’s gaze intensely when he felt that the other man’s body was still rigid. “Hitsu-chan, listen to me,” Yomi commanded softly after a moment, the younger man’s gaze fixing on him. “I know that in the band, we’re all dorky and sexual all the time, but that doesn’t mean I expect more from you than you can give. I mean…just because Ruka and Ni~ya had sex the second they realized they were both attracted to each other doesn’t mean that we have to. Look at Saki and Kei…they still haven’t had sex yet. We can go as slow or as fast as you want. This means a lot to me too, you know.”

Feeling warmed by Yomi’s words, Hitsugi nodded gently, a nervous smile on his face. “Thank you,” he breathed out sincerely, earning him a smile from the man above him.

Yomi shook his head dismissively. “That’s what love is all about—making compromises to make a relationship work.”

Hitsugi raised an eyebrow at the other man with a smile of his own. “Since when did you get to be so sentimental?” he inquired, taken aback by the change in Yomi’s tone. It was very rare that he ever heard the vocalist sound like that, say things like what he had just said.

Yomi giggled softly. “I think I’m a little bit drunk,” Yomi admitted in a whisper, a huge grin on his face. Hitsugi laughed too, winding an arm around Yomi’s neck and pulling the other man down for another kiss. Yomi pulled away a moment later to speak.

“I want to make you feel good, Hitsu-chan. Tell me if I go too far, and I’ll stop.”

Hitsugi nodded wordlessly as Yomi captured his lips again, hands roaming across the guitarist’s clothed body for the second time. This time, Hitsugi seemed much more at ease, and when Yomi’s hands slid beneath his shirt, their path much more cautious, Hitsugi only kissed the other man more deeply. Taking this as a sign that he could continue, Yomi slid his hand up further, grasping one of Hitsugi’s nipples and rolling the nub between his fingers. Hitsugi let out a tiny gasp into Yomi’s mouth, so Yomi gave the other nipple similar treatment.

The vocalist began removing Hitsugi’s shirt slowly, looking into the other man’s eyes for permission before removing it all the way, running his palms over the newly bared skin. He placed a flurry of kisses across the younger man’s bared chest, smiling into the milky white skin beneath him. Finally, he slid back up to Hitsugi’s mouth, kissing him once again.

But Yomi’s hands didn’t stop wandering, this time moving to the guitarist’s crotch. He cupped Hitsugi’s semi-erect cock though his pants, pausing for a few moments to wait for some kind of indication that he’d gone too far. When Hitsugi made none, Yomi continued, massaging the younger man through his pants. Hitsugi began hardening immediately, and it wasn’t long before Yomi had coaxed him to full hardness.

Finally, Yomi pulled away, both men breathing hard. Their breaths mingled between their parted lips as Yomi moved to speak again. “Can I…?” Yomi trailed off, though there was no doubt as to what he meant. Hitsugi nodded softly, not sure he trusted himself to speak at that moment.

Now having Hitsugi’s assent, Yomi slowly unzipped the guitarist’s pants to free his trapped erection, his mouth finding Hitsugi’s once again as he did so. Hitsugi gasped audibly into the other man’s mouth as the vocalist’s hand met his torrid flesh for the first time, arching into Yomi’s touch with a little mewl of pleasure. The sound made Yomi smile, remembering the cat he had so often likened Hitsugi to.

These actions seemed to spur Hitsugi on, because his own hands began moving awkwardly to Yomi’s own pants, movements impeded by the closeness of their bodies. Both men shifted back and forth a few times before Hitsugi found a comfortable position and, with only a few moments’ hesitation, opened Yomi’s fly as well, finding the vocalist’s shaft already hard.

Hitsugi felt his skin flushing, but this time it was from arousal rather than embarrassment. When Yomi released a little sound of his own, Hitsugi felt strangely accomplished, and, with a new sense of confidence, began stroking the vocalist’s erection in time with Yomi’s strokes upon his own. Their mouths separated as both men continued their movements, their foreheads remaining pressed together. Their lips were still so close that their breaths were flowing into each other’s mouths, satisfied gasps and groans the only sounds in the room.

Hitsugi was the first to reach the precipice, arching into the vocalist’s hand and mewling loudly as he felt a familiar, blissful feeling wash over him. After the dizzying effects of orgasm had passed, Hitsugi’s body rested back on the bed, and he returned to his task, stroking Yomi with a new determination. Yomi gasped at his lover’s unexpected boldness, feeling his own release rushing up with new intensity. After another minute, he too had gone over the edge, meeting Hitsugi’s lips at the last moment before his orgasm and breathing his euphoric moan into the guitarist’s lips.

Yomi collapsed onto the other man’s body, both breathing so harshly at first that neither could speak. After a few minutes of comfortable silence with their bodies entwined, Yomi finally spoke.

“Fuck. That was intense,” he gasped out, his breathing still a bit labored. “If it’s like this now, what’s it going to be like when he actually have sex?” Yomi’s voice sounded strangely fascinated.

Hitsugi smiled. “Maybe it’s always like this when you’re in love,” he breathed, the vocalist’s resulting smile matching his own. Exhausted, Yomi buried his face in Hitsugi’s neck.