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Yomi sat at a restaurant the next morning with Ruka and Ni~ya, having ordered a late breakfast with the other two men. Originally, it had been planned that all five of them go to breakfast together, but Sakito had begged out because he had forgotten about it and made plans with Kei, which the other men easily forgave, considering how new their romance was. Hitsugi, on the other hand, had gotten a last-minute call from his parents, insisting that he hadn’t been spending enough time with them lately. The guitarist, who was notoriously guilty as well as notoriously dedicated to his parents, had immediately excused himself to go visit his them for the afternoon.

So the remaining three members of Nightmare sat together at the small restaurant, all three sipping their chosen drinks while waiting for their food to be delivered. Ni~ya had spent the whole morning complaining about his hangover, which had sent Yomi into fits of giggles numerous times and caused the bassist to be chastised by Ruka for drinking so much the previous night.

It was only after their food had been set down on their table and Yomi had started eating that Ni~ya really turned the conversation to the vocalist. “Soo…” the bassist began after he had mostly finished chewing a mouthful of food, “…can I ask what happened between you and Hitsugi last night? You two seemed pretty cozy.”

Yomi made a face at the other man, feigning annoyance. “Being so nosy is going to get you in trouble some day, Ni~ya-san,” the vocalist commented simply, taking another bite out of his breakfast without actually addressing the question. Ni~ya, however, wasn’t about to let his friend weasel his way out of the question that easily.

“Yes, but that day is not today. Don’t change the subject.”

Yomi sighed, realizing he should have known that that tactic would not work with the persistent man. Feeling devious, Yomi smiled brightly. “I tied him to the bed and fucked him all night,” he lied with a shit-eating grin. Ni~ya’s eyes lit up with excitement.


Yomi rolled his eyes. “No,” he deadpanned. “Man, you’ll believe anything.”

Ni~ya abandoned his chopsticks and picked up a piece of food with his fingers, throwing it in the vocalist’s direction. Yomi ducked the piece of food easily, another grin finding its way to his face. “Asshole,” Ni~ya cursed, which gained him a few muffled chuckles from his lover. Turning his wrath on Ruka, Ni~ya threw another chunk of food at the drummer, but his aim was so bad that time that it missed the other man by a mile. Ni~ya glared at his hand, as if the look could punish it for being naughty and make it throw better. Finally, he turned back to Yomi.

“Come on, Yomi,” the bassist urged after a moment. “You always tell me these things. It’s not fair to stop telling me now. You’ve gotten my expectations too high. Now spill.”

Yomi chuckled. “Do you really think this is proper breakfast conversation?” Yomi inquired whimsically, making a show at glancing around at the other patrons of the restaurant. “I mean, what will they think? Discussing sex over a meal. Who ever heard of such a thing? How improper.”

Ni~ya dropped the rice he had between his chopsticks back into the bowl. “Ugh. Stop channeling my mother,” Ni~ya breathed out with a strangled chuckle. Yomi laughed riotously, choking on his coffee. It took a few long seconds before he could breathe again, and it wasn’t until then that Ni~ya continued speaking. “Now. Tell. Me. You’ve never been so tight-lipped about sex before. What’s different this time?”

Yomi looked down at his food, feeling guilty. He generally did share almost everything with his bandmates, and he felt almost bad keeping anything from them. “It’s Hitsugi,” he breathed out after a moment, his voice soft. “That’s why it’s different.”

Ni~ya raised an eyebrow. “Oh please—even Hitsugi would tell us about sex sometimes, if we prodded him enough. Of course, that was always with girls. Still, I’m sure he won’t mind.” After a brief moment, Ni~ya’s eyes twinkled. “So, is he seme or uke?”

Once again, Yomi choked on his coffee. After he had recovered a second time, though this time Ni~ya had to pound on his back for him to do so, he rasped out, “I wouldn’t know.”

Ni~ya’s eyes widened. “You two still haven’t had sex?”

Yomi released a slow, patient breath. “Not everything is about sex, Ni~ya,” the vocalist pointed out.

There was a long pause as Yomi’s statement before Ni~ya dared to speak again. “We’re men for godsakes. If it’s not all about sex, it’s at least mostly about sex.”

Yomi rolled his eyes. “I love him,” he declared finally.

Ni~ya shrugged. “I love Ruka,” he pointed out, glancing over at his lover, who had been mostly silent up to that point, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t love when he fucks me into the mattress.”

Yomi stopped with his cup of coffee halfway to his mouth, thankful that he hadn’t taken another sip. “Are you determined to make me choke to death?” Yomi bit out after a moment, though he wasn’t really angry. He and the other members of the band had a long history of being very candid about their sexual experiences.

Ni~ya grinned devilishly. “Yes,” he replied jokingly. They fell into silence for a few moments, each concentrating more on their food than on each other, before Ni~ya’s excited exclamation interrupted them once again. “Oooh! I have an idea!”

Yomi groaned, feeling dread in the pit of his stomach. Ni~ya’s “ideas” rarely turned out well.

“Ni~ya, whatever you’re thinking, please stop it,” Ruka said, finally breaking his observant silence. “I think Yomi and Hitsugi can carry on their relationship without our interference.”

Yomi silently thanked the drummer, but the thanks was short-lived as Ni~ya’s voice sounded once again. “No, this one is a good idea, I swear! Hitsugi will love it. I remember that Sakito told me that Hitsugi prefers…ooh, never mind. Leave it all to me! I’ll take care of it!” the bassist rambled excitedly. “Ruka-san, can you pay for me? I need to go out and get this ready.”

Before Ruka or Yomi could say anything, Ni~ya had dashed away from the table and out of the restaurant, almost knocking over a conservative-looking couple and their young daughter on the way out. Yomi’s eyes were wide as he looked over at the drummer.

“Should I be afraid?” he finally inquired after a long silence. Ruka, who was still eating his soup calmly, simply shrugged.

“Ni~ya’s not too bad with romance. I haven’t left him yet, have I?” he drawled.

There was another awkward moment before Yomi spoke again. “Ruka-chan, you don’t give a shit about romance,” he pointed out, if possible, looking even more nervous than before. Ruka laughed.

“Good point. Yep, I’d be afraid.”

Yomi couldn’t stop himself from laughing as he buried his face theatrically in his hands. Ruka reached over and patted him sympathetically on the back before returning to his food because, despite what he had said to the vocalist, he had complete faith in his lover’s intentions.