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A week went by and nothing extremely drastic happened. Yomi was sure that Ni~ya would have done something, had been prodding the other man to let out his “idea” so that Yomi could find a way to thwart it, but the bassist refused, for once, to speak about it. Yet he walked around all week with a self-satisfied grin on his face, something that made Yomi incredibly nervous. It was the next Saturday, when Yomi and Hitsugi had just finished having lunch at a small café the guitarist liked, that the thing that Yomi had been dreading occurred.

Yomi felt his phone vibrate in his pants pocket, the short vibration that meant that he had a text message. Half-listening to what Hitsugi was talking about as they made their way toward the car, Yomi took out his phone and held it up, pushing the buttons necessary to retrieve the message. He groaned as he noticed Ni~ya’s number on the display before opening the message. He groaned again as he read it:

“Hitsugi likes to be romanced. Take him back to your apartment. RIGHT NOW.”

Yomi stared at the message for a long moment, wondering what to do. On one hand, what Ni~ya had planned could be a total disaster, and Hitsugi could laugh at him forever. But on the other hand, Ni~ya was a lot smarter than the others sometimes gave him credit for, and really, what was the worst that could happen?

Hitsugi suddenly peered over his shoulder. “What are you looking at?” he asked, clearly wondering what was captivating enough to grasp the vocalist’s attention so completely. Eyes widening, Yomi closed his phone quickly.

“Just a text message from Ni~ya,” the vocalist answered nonchalantly. Hitsugi stared at the other man for a moment, convinced that their was more to his rapt attention on the screen of his cell phone than he let on, but after a moment, he just shrugged and let it go. He took Yomi by the hand instead, leading him back in the direction of the car.

“Hey, let’s go back to my apartment,” Yomi suggested after a moment, breaking the silence. Something about his voice seemed tenser than usual, but since the shorter man didn’t elaborate, Hitsugi didn’t push it.

“Okay,” he agreed after a moment, before both men got into the car.

The drive back to Yomi’s apartment didn’t take long, but the vocalist seemed on edge during the entire trip, as if he were anticipating something. Hitsugi sat silently, not wanting to push the other man if he didn’t want to talk, though he was still curious as to the reason for his friend’s strange behavior.

It didn’t take long for him to find out, for when Yomi opened the door to his apartment, it was lit in a low yellowish hue. Brow furrowed, Hitsugi followed the other man through the door, until it finally became apparent to him what was going on. After a long moment, the guitarist smiled.

Yomi’s apartment looked entirely different than it usually did. There were candles lining the walkway to his bedroom, rose petals sprinkled along the path the two lines of candles created. A bottle of wine sat cooling in a decorative ice bucket in the kitchen, Hitsugi could see, and there seemed to be some other sorts of food sitting there as well. It had all the makings of classic, traditional romance. Still grinning, Hitsugi turned to the shorter man.

Yomi looked a bit surprised, a bit nervous, and a bit intimidated as he waited for the guitarist’s reaction to the scene he hadn’t even been expecting himself. Seeing the apprehension in the vocalist’s eyes, Hitsugi felt his gaze soften even further, making his way to the other man and sliding a hand around his waist, kissing him softly.

The kiss was long and breathless, a languid touch of lips that was so light it barely felt like a kiss, yet at the same time, it made Yomi’s entire body tingle. When Hitsugi pulled away a few moments later, Yomi felt as if the air had been forcibly sucked out of him.

“It’s beautiful,” the guitarist breathed out after a moment. Yomi started feeling guilty at the younger man’s words, for he had not been the one to create the scene.

“I didn’t do it,” he confessed after a moment, guilt written all over his face. “Ni~ya did.”

Hitsugi’s smile was soft as he guided the other man’s face up to look at him once again. “I know,” he responded, voice calm and certain. “Sakito told me. You know that Ni~ya can’t keep his mouth shut about anything.”

The vocalist’s eyes widened at the comment, realizing that the only person who had been surprised had been Yomi himself. Suddenly, he felt extremely stupid.

“Sorry,” he apologized immediately, feeling himself flush with embarrassment. “I didn’t ask him to do it…he just—he wanted to help, or…something. You know how Ni~ya is. He has to meddle in everything. I mean—”

Hitsugi put a finger gently to the other man’s lips, and Yomi was taken aback by the sheer confidence on the guitarist’s face, flickering light dancing across his pale skin. “I know what you mean,” Hitsugi replied gently, a smile still dancing around the corners of his mouth. Before Yomi could respond, Hitsugi was kissing him again with the gentle rhythm they had grown to develop in the short time since they had confessed their feelings for each other.

Yomi was surprised when he felt his normally apprehensive lover begin to unbutton his pants, sliding his hand in to cup his lover’s already-hardening cock. Yomi gasped, finding himself extremely turned on by Hitsugi’s newfound boldness. He supposed it just took time—time for Hitsugi to get comfortable with their relationship, with his role in it—before he could…

The vocalist lost his train of thought as Hitsugi gently fondled his balls, still kissing him deeply on the lips. He broke the kiss again a moment later, looking down into Yomi’s eyes.

“You’re wearing a thong?” Hitsugi inquired with a grin. Yomi flushed again, though he wasn’t sure why.

“You’ve never had anything against my underwear preference before,” Yomi pointed out immediately, trying to ignore his inflamed cheeks. “You’ve seen me in a thong dozens of times during Sendai Kamotsu performances and you never said anything about—”

Hitsugi cut the other man off again, this time with a kiss. It was short and sweet, meant only to halt Yomi’s words and dispel his nervousness; nothing more. After he had pulled away, he looked deeply into the vocalist’s eyes. “I want you to make love to me,” he proclaimed boldly, his voice low. Yomi’s eyes widened for what seemed like the millionth time, taken completely aback by the entire situation. Hitsugi had been prepared for what he’d see in Yomi’s apartment; Yomi had not. Somehow, he felt like he was still recovering, and like he was still getting used to this side of his lover he was just seeing.

“Are you sure?” Yomi inquired after a moment, beginning to feel a bit nervous himself. “You said you wanted to wait.” Hitsugi nodded softly.

“I thought about it,” he confessed after a pause. “And I know that I love you, and that’s not going to change. There’s nothing stopping us, and I think all the time we’ve known each other—all the time we’ve loved each other—and abstained from sex has been enough, don’t you?”

Yomi believed it was entirely possible that Hitsugi had practiced the speech a few times to try to get it right, and the thought made him smile. It seemed that the guitarist had given it a lot of thought, at least, and that had to be why he sounded so entirely sure of himself. Yomi nodded softly in assent.

“And you want to know the truth?” Hitsugi questioned after a moment, looking a bit shameful himself. “I haven’t been able to get rid of the thought…” Hitsugi cleared his throat, looking away “…of you inside of me. I swear, I’ve been almost constantly hard for three days.”

Hitsugi’s face was flushed dark red in embarrassment at his confession. Yomi felt himself grinning widely; this was the Hitsugi that he knew and loved so well. As much as he loved the confident, certain version of his lover, he was much more accustomed to dealing with the mild-mannered, the hesitant. He slid an arm around his lover’s body, cupping his ass gently. He stood up on his toes just a tiny bit to lean toward Hitsugi’s ear and whisper, “I think that can be arranged.”

It didn’t take much time before the two had made their way to the bedroom, careful not to knock down any candles on the way. Hitsugi was able to pull away from their kissing enough to see that the bedroom was decorated in a similar way to the front room, with candles on what seemed like every available surface. It seemed that Ni~ya had replaced Yomi’s sheets with black satin ones, then had sprinkled rose petals across it. When Yomi saw it, he groaned again.

“I think Ni~ya may have gone a little overboard with the rose petals,” he commented softly, grimacing. Hitsugi grinned.

“I don’t know. I think the idea of you fucking me in a bed of rose petals is kind of hot,” Hitsugi commented, though he looked mortified the second the words had left his mouth, averting his eyes and flushing deeply. A soft smile found its way back to Yomi’s face as he began to realize how candid arousal made his lover. He began to rub soft circles on the guitarist’s lower back.

“I love you so much,” Yomi blurted out quickly, struck by the younger man’s mere presence above all. Hitsugi smiled, as if the words made his confidence return full force.

“I want you inside me. We’ve waited too long. Please,” Hitsugi choked out, his voice heavy with arousal. The sound went straight to Yomi’s groin, and he didn’t hesitate to lead the other man over to the bed, guiding him down onto the petal-covered sheets and attacking his clothing quickly. With much fumbling, as both had suddenly become very eager, both managed to remove the other’s clothing, Hitsugi pausing with a soft smile before removing the other man’s thong.

Yomi fumbled toward his night table for condoms when his hand suddenly closed on something atop it. Surprised, Yomi pulled away from the kiss, looking up to see that there was a bottle of lubricant and a full box of condoms atop his bedside table. Yomi flushed. “Fucking Ni~ya,” he mumbled under his breath, though he grabbed the lubricant and a condom anyway, Hitsugi chuckling softly beneath him.

Yomi spread some lube on his fingers before lifting Hitsugi’s legs, and, with a look to make sure the other man was still comfortable, slid a finger inside his opening with deliberate slowness. Hitsugi groaned, arching into the touch.

It seemed that Hitsugi’s increasing arousal had made the rest of his inhibitions disappear, because he groaned out, “I’ve been anticipating this for days. I don’t think I can take ‘gentle and slow’ right now. Take me. Please.”

The low whine in Hitsugi’s voice was too much for the other man, and he could do nothing but obey, ripping open the condom packet and rolling the condom onto his cock, which somehow seemed to be harder than it had been in a long time, almost painfully so. “I don’t think I’ll last very long right now,” Yomi confessed as he positioned himself at his lover’s entrance. Hitsugi shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter. I need you.”

That seemed enough for Yomi, and he sheathed himself inside the other man with one long thrust. Hitsugi groaned loudly, wrapping his legs tightly around the vocalist’s torso. Yomi leaned forward, burying his face in Hitsugi’s neck for a brief moment before beginning his first, slow thrusts. They gave way to faster thrusts almost immediately, and Hitsugi almost cried in the ecstasy of feeling so completely full, so much more whole than he had ever felt in his life. The intensity of the realization that it was actually Yomi who was inside of him at that moment was almost too much.

“Harder,” he gasped out, urging the other man forward with his legs. Yomi obeyed with no hesitation, his thrusts already gaining a staccato rhythm.

“Fuck,” Yomi breathed, “I’m close.” A second later, his fingers circled the other man’s length, stroking in time with his thrusts. “I want you to come with me. Can you do that?”

The words were enough to bring Hitsugi closer to the edge, but he nodded minutely, eyes watering from the intensity of the moment. The tempo of Yomi’s thrusts increased, and both were almost silent save for breathy gasps and Hitsugi’s soft, almost involuntary mewls. Hitsugi was grasping at the bed beneath him by that point, fingers tangled in the sheets.

Hitsugi felt the other man’s body tensing as Yomi whispered, “Now,” and suddenly, they were both groaning, achieving their climaxes at the exact same moment. Hitsugi had never felt something more intense in his entire life.