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Yomi groaned as the phone rang shrilly in his ears, pulling him forcibly from a comfortable slumber. He turned over sleepily, groping absently for the phone. After a few failed attempts at grabbing it, his fingers finally closed around the telephone. He placed the receiver to his ear, speaking groggily.

“Nn...moshi moshi?”

A familiar voice rang over the line. “Ohayou Yomi,” the voice said, an air of mischief in its tone. “How was your night?”

Yomi released a little noise of irritation. He glanced over to the other side of the bed, seeing that Hitsugi was just beginning to stir, obviously awakened by the vocalist’s movements. The guitarist blinked his eyes blearily, and Yomi ran his hands gently through his lover’s disheveled locks, his irritation at being awakened melting away in favor of the sheer adoration he felt for the other man.

“Go away, Ni~ya,” Yomi grumbled. “We were sleeping.”

“Oooh…we?” Ni~ya crooned excitedly. “Does that mean that someone decided to stay the night?”

Hitsugi propped himself up on one elbow, looking questioningly at Yomi. Before Yomi could open his mouth to answer, he heard Ruka’s voice cutting over the line as well. “Oh, honestly, Ni~ya, leave them alone. They don’t need to be constantly pestered by you,” the drummer scolded. The loudness of his voice alerted Yomi to the fact that they were on speakerphone.

“Thank you, Ruka-san,” Yomi harrumphed, crossing his arms across his chest. Hitsugi gave him an amused look, turning over onto his stomach and running his fingertips softly up and down Yomi’s side. The vocalist couldn’t keep himself from smiling at the comfortable, soothing touch.

“Well I certainly hope that they slept together, because Hitsugi couldn’t shut up about how much he was imagining being fucked by Yomi,” the vocalist heard another voice grumble in the background. Yomi’s eyes widened at the atypical comment by Sakito. Yet after a moment, a devilish grin crept onto his face.

“What, Saki-chan?” Yomi intoned sweetly. “What did Hitsugi keep going on about?”

Hitsugi’s eyes widened, face flushing deeply. “No, don’t listen to him,” Hitsugi insisted playfully, straddling Yomi’s body suddenly and trying to pry the phone out of his hand. Yomi was giggling, both of them with a firm grip on the neck of the phone. “Don’t believe anything he says! They’re all lies!” he continued with a laugh of his own.

In Yomi’s other ear, he could still hear the others on the opposite end of the line. “Like you can talk, Sakito!” That was Ni~ya’s voice. “You still won’t tell us what happened with Kei-san, so don’t act like you have a right to ask about Yomi and Hitsugi!” His tone, too, was joking.

Yomi could almost hear Sakito rolling his eyes. “I think you and Ruka do enough sharing for all of us,” he breathed out, and Yomi laughed upon hearing the comment.

“He’s got a point there, Ni~ya-chan,” Ruka’s voice suddenly cut in, sounding just as amused as Yomi felt. Hitsugi’s hand was still clutched tightly on the phone, but he was no longer trying so fervently to wrestle it away from the other man.

“Don’t make this all about me,” Ni~ya complained. “Yomi, tell us what happened last night.”

Yomi grinned, giving Hitsugi a glance to let him know, in advance, that his next comment would be purely in jest. “I tied him to the bed and fucked him until he screamed,” Yomi said, nearly echoing his words from the previous week.

“Really?” Ni~ya’s reaction was the same, almost comically so. Yomi laughed.

“No. I can’t believe you fell for that one again!”

Ni~ya’s response was almost a growl. “You’re so mean, Yomi!” he exclaimed, though there was still a note of amusement in his voice. “I’m going to go in the corner and cry.” Yomi could just see the perfectly-schooled pout Ni~ya was almost certainly sporting. Yomi just laughed again.

“Goodbye, Ni~ya,” Yomi chuckled before hanging up the phone. He placed it back on the cradle, looking back at Hitsugi, who was still straddling his lap, with a grin.

“Ni~ya’s so nosy,” he commented nonchalantly before sliding an arm around Hitsugi’s back and urging the man forward, placing a gentle peck on his lover’s lips. He smiled softly after the guitarist pulled away, though after a few moments, he cringed. “We both really need to shower,” he pointed out before his grin turned mischievous. “Maybe we should shower together. You know, to conserve water.”

Hitsugi grinned knowingly in return, shaking his head softly to himself. “Just to conserve water, of course,” he agreed before extricating himself from Yomi’s lap and getting off the bed, noticing just then that he was covered in rose petals. Yomi seemed to notice the same thing just after he, too, stood.

“Kuso,” Yomi cursed, looking down at his body. “I have rose petals stuck to my skin!” He began to brush them off in irritation, grumbling under his breath about how he was going to kill Ni~ya at practice on Monday. Hitsugi hid a laugh behind his hand at his lover’s reaction, brushing rose petals off his own body in a much calmer, more subdued way.

“At least we made sure we put out the candles before we went to bed,” Hitsugi pointed out brightly, pushing one of his lip rings absently in and out of its hole with his tongue as he spoke. “Or we could have a much larger problem.”

The dark look on Yomi’s face did not abate. “Yeah, well I’m making Ni~ya clean all this up,” he griped as he attempted to dislodge a rose petal that seemed to have become permanently stuck in his hair. “Goddamn Ni~ya and his goddamn rose petals.”

Hitsugi couldn’t keep himself from laughing out loud then, and Yomi turned to regard him immediately. At the vocalist’s questioning look, Hitsugi shook his head, trying to calm his laughter so he could speak. “What’s so funny?” Yomi demanded after a minute, picking a petal off his stomach.

Hitsugi smiled. “I love you,” he breathed suddenly, and Yomi stopped, struck by the suddenness of the words. Despite the fact that he’d heard the guitarist say the words before, Yomi felt something flutter inside his chest every time he heard Hitsugi utter them.

“I love you too,” Yomi replied, his irritation once again beginning to fade because of Hitsugi. The guitarist smiled.

“I’ll tell you what,” Hitsugi proposed. “You go get in the shower and I’ll call Ni~ya to tell him that he’s cleaning up the mess he made. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Yomi nodded after a moment, unable to keep himself from smiling again. “Okay,” he agreed. “But don’t take too long.”

“I won’t,” Hitsugi promised, and Yomi nodded, making his way toward the bathroom. He relieved himself quickly, hearing his lover beginning a phone conversation with Ni~ya. Yomi couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky he was to have a lover who understood him so well.

“I don’t care if he’s crying in the corner, Ruka, get him over here to clean up Yomi’s apartment!” the vocalist suddenly heard his lover yell into the phone. He laughed at the uncharacteristic show of exasperation from the guitarist before making his way toward the shower, a smile on his face.

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