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“Yomi, get back here!” Ni~ya yelled at the top of his lungs, chasing the much shorter vocalist across their practice space. They had been practicing for a live they were doing the next day, but they had somehow gotten sidetracked and eventually given up after a shorter time than they had planned. Currently, the bassist was chasing Yomi across the room, trying to stop him long enough to get a hand up the rather short schoolgirl skirt he was wearing.

“No, hentai!” Yomi screamed back, putting all the power he had in his voice. He suddenly ducked behind Hitsugi, who had been standing in the corner and trying to avoid the commotion. “Hitsu-chan, protect me!” he begged, grabbing the back of the guitarist’s shirt and hiding his face behind him. Ni~ya stopped in front of Hitsugi, knowing that he now had Yomi trapped. As for Hitsugi, the man was just looking extremely uncomfortable and unsure of what to do.

The look on Ni~ya’s face at that moment could only be described as menacing. Not wanting to get in the middle of the others’ sexual banter, Hitsugi ducked away, dislodging Yomi’s hands from his back. “Bastard!” Yomi yelled in mock anger, getting ready to run again. However, Ni~ya was quicker than he had been, grabbing the vocalist around the middle and picking him up slightly off the ground, carrying him across the room. Ruka was sitting on the edge of the stage, giggling uncontrollably.

“Ruka-san!” Yomi whined, kicking his legs frantically. “Get your boyfriend off of me! Tell him to stop trying to stick his hands up my skirt!”

Ruka chucked again, covering his mouth with his long, delicate fingers. “Sorry, Yomi, but you’re on your own for this one,” Ruka said, though he didn’t sound slightly apologetic. “You were the one who interrupted us this morning. And not to mention—didn’t you say that you were going to throw that schoolgirl outfit in the back of your closet and never take it out again?”

Yomi pouted as Ni~ya sat on the stage next to Ruka, still clasping him tightly around the midsection. Once he sat down, Yomi started squirming against the touch, but it was futile; Ni~ya was stronger and larger than he was, and therefore had no trouble holding him down.

“I felt like wearing it, okay?” Yomi demanded after a moment, sounding defensive.

One of Ni~ya’s hands released Yomi, and the vocalist began struggling again, but found that he still couldn’t manage to free himself. He made a mental note to start working out more; that would inevitably help him to overcome his status in the band as Ruka and Ni~ya’s sexual object. It was all in good fun, of course; the couple enjoyed teasing him and as much as he squirmed and complained, he didn’t mind the attention overly much. That was, until they left him frustrated and annoyed.

“And I suppose you wore a thong too, didn’t you?” Ni~ya teased right into Yomi’s ear, beginning to snake his hand up Yomi’s leg. Yomi shivered, squirming more violently. A second later, his fingers ghosted over Yomi’s hip, feeling the thin strap of fabric there. “Ah—yes you did.”

Ni~ya’s fingers made their way down and across Yomi’s inner thigh next, dancing across his skin as if they were small legs, walking. Hitsugi still stood in the corner, looking like the whole situation was making him uncomfortable, and Sakito was casually smoking a cigarette on the couch, not actively participating in the conversation, as usual. Hitsugi made his way over to the other guitarist, thoroughly perturbed by the entire situation.

He slid onto the couch next to Sakito, blushing as he heard Yomi squeal, followed by Ni~ya’s laughter. Sakito glanced idly at the smaller man next to him, blowing a plume of smoke out his mouth but not speaking. That was the thing about being around Sakito; one found that they would often have to be the one to start a conversation; the only alternative was to inevitably sit in silence with the other man. People generally tended to think that Hitsugi was the quietest of Nightmare, but in fact, that wasn’t the case; Hitsugi was certainly the most easily embarrassed, but Sakito was undoubtedly the most reserved.

“Sakito?” Hitsugi asked after a moment, his voice soft. Sakito’s attention was clearly on the other man when he spoke, but he still didn’t respond verbally to Hitsugi’s summons. Hitsugi, however, took Sakito’s apparent attention as permission to speak and did so quietly. “Why do you think they’re always like that?”

Sakito blew another plume of smoke out of his mouth, careful to turn his head away from Hitsugi as he did so. After a moment, he spoke. “I think they made a bet on who could give Yomi an erection the most times or something,” Sakito replied, his voice matter-of-fact. Hitsugi’s eyes widened; he nearly fell off the couch in surprise.

Sakito watched with thinly-veiled amusement as Hitsugi’s mouth opened and closed like a fish several times, which looked twice as comical as it should have, due to the fact that Sakito had never seen a fish with so many lip piercings. Sakito couldn’t help but be endeared by Hitsugi’s obvious naïveté; the other man often seemed so out-of-place in such an openly sexual atmosphere. The other three members were rather unabashed with their sexualities; Sakito and Hitsugi, however, were more conservative.

“Ohmygod,” Hitsugi gasped out under his breath, his face alternately turning red and then completely white.

At first, Sakito thought that Hitsugi was replying just to his comment, but a second later, he turned back to look at the other group. He saw that Ni~ya’s hand was now working purposefully beneath Yomi’s skirt, and the growing bulge there was difficult to ignore. Yomi was squirming more violently than ever, gasping out every few seconds as he did so. He then let out a sound that was a half-curse, half-moan. Sakito just rolled his eyes, taking another drag of his cigarette. And his bandmates called him a slut.

“Will somebody help me?” Yomi called out in a strangled tone. Ruka giggled again, clearly too amused by his boyfriend’s conduct with the small vocalist to do anything about it. Yomi looked pleadingly at Sakito and Hitsugi.

Sakito simply stubbed out his cigarette, standing up and grabbing his coat. “I’m staying far away from this one,” he mumbled, heading for the door. “I’m going home. See you guys before the live tomorrow.”

Ruka and Ni~ya called out jovial goodbyes and watched Sakito disappear before Ni~ya finally let Yomi go. The vocalist fell limp in his lap, and rather than trying to get off, he lolled his head back onto Ni~ya’s shoulder. “Ni~ya! You’re mean! Look what you did!” Yomi complained, causing all three other men to look down at Yomi’s crotch, where there was a rather prominent bulge. Hitsugi turned away, blushing and burying his face in his hands.

Ni~ya gave the vocalist a devilish smile. “Yep!” he said, voice dripping with amusement. “See you later, Yomi!”

He stood up, dumping the small vocalist onto the stage and making his way toward the door, grabbing Ruka by the hand as he did so. Hitsugi heard the sound of the door closing heavily behind them; he knew that Ruka and Ni~ya had left, but he refused to look up to see what was going on. Yomi let out a frustrated whimper.

“Goddamnit,” he cursed to himself. There was silence for a second, rustling, and then suddenly, “Hitsugi?”

Hitsugi looked up purely out of reflex, and he instantly regretted it. Yomi was lying across the front of the stage, head propped up on one elbow. Hitsugi made a deliberate attempt to keep his eyes off the other man’s lower half, but he could still see Yomi’s slightly flushed cheeks. He silently cursed Ruka and Ni~ya in his mind, then cursed himself for letting his thoughts go awry at the sight of a clearly aroused Yomi.

“What?” Hitsugi inquired, but his voice came out as no more than a strangled squeak.

Yomi looked helpless. “Help me think about something…un-arousing,” he begged quietly. “I can’t think of anything.”

Hitsugi tried to keep himself from blushing any more deeply, looking down at his hands in his lap and biting absently on one of his lip rings. “Oh! I—erm—” Hitsugi mumbled, thinking. Then, unexpectedly, he said the first thing that came to his mind. “Mana shaving his legs!”

Yomi’s face went quickly from surprise to confusion before finally settling on disgust. “I—ew!” Yomi exclaimed, the mental image clearly going through his mind. “My God, Hitsugi, where the hell did that come from?”

Despite his best attempts to stop it, Hitsugi’s face turned deep crimson. “I—well—I don’t know,” he admitted in embarrassment. “It was the first thing that I thought of. Shut up.”

Yomi giggled. “All right. If you say so,” he replied. He glanced down at his body, smile growing wider. “Well whatever made you think of that, it worked. Thanks.”

Hitsugi couldn’t even meet the other man’s gaze. “Oh…um…you’re welcome.”

Yomi laughed, and seconds later, Hitsugi felt movement of the cushion next to him. It didn’t take more than a moment for him to realize that the vocalist had sat down next to him; Hitsugi tried desperately to control the rampant flush that had overtaken his pale skin. When he felt Yomi’s hand on his shoulder, he jumped nearly a foot in the air, so tense and wound up he had become.

“Sorry,” Yomi apologized, immediately, withdrawing his hand. “I know stuff like that makes you uncomfortable.” There was a moment of silence before Hitsugi spoke.

“It’s okay. I know it’s just the way you guys are.”

Yomi shook his head. “Still, they don’t have to be so crazy about it,” he replied, dismissing Hitsugi’s words. “So do you want to come over tonight?”

Hitsugi only contemplated the words for a moment before he shook his head. “I shouldn’t leave the cats alone for too long,” he replied without hesitation. Yomi’s face fell, and he sighed; he knew he should have expected the answer; Hitsugi was almost covetous of his cats. Hitsugi seemed confused for a second before he spoke again.

“Oh! But you can come over to my house if you want,” Hitsugi proposed, ashamed that he hadn’t suggested the idea sooner. Yomi’s crestfallen look immediately changed to a smile, which made Hitsugi smile as well; he couldn’t stand to see the vocalist sad.

“All right. But I don’t want to wake up with a cat on my face again,” Yomi warned, giving Hitsugi a mockingly angry look. Hitsugi blushed again.