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Ni~ya sat back in one of the couches of their practice room, right next to Hitsugi. He glanced over the room, watching his bandmates. They had decided to take a short break from practicing, and Ruka was across the room, adjusting his drum set where one of the cymbals had come loose. Yomi was talking to him as he sipped a soda, a wide grin on his face as he did so. Sakito was languidly lying across the other couch, looking relaxed, if not a bit tired. His eyes were closed, lashes brushing delicately across his cheeks. A small smile touched his lips as he lay there silently.

Ni~ya glanced over at Hitsugi, whose eyes were locked on Yomi’s back. The guitarist was nibbling gently on his lip, a small grin that had been covering his face all day still firmly in place. The bassist stared at Hitsugi for a second, then back at Yomi, wondering what had made them both so happy all of a sudden. He watched them both for a few moments, but finally, unable to keep it to himself any longer, turned his body toward the younger man.

“Okay, what gives?” Ni~ya demanded after a moment. Hitsugi’s gaze flickered over to Ni~ya, eyes leaving Yomi for the first time all morning. Hitsugi suddenly looked a bit guilty, as if he shouldn’t have been caught looking so utterly and completely happy.

“What do you mean?” Hitsugi inquired after a moment, shifting nervously. Sakito’s attention had also turned toward Hitsugi, one eye cracking open idly. Hitsugi was nervous; he didn’t like having all the attention shifted to him.

Ni~ya sighed. “You know exactly what I mean, Hitsugi,” he said impatiently, though there was a bit of amusement in his tone. “Why are you and Yomi walking around with these grins on your faces, like you found the meaning of life and the rest of us have no idea?” He glanced over at Sakito. “And why are you so—so—?” he began before trailing off, obviously not able to find a word to describe what Sakito was.

Hitsugi flushed deeply, glancing over at Yomi, but he didn’t think about keeping it quiet. What had happened between the two of them would be revealed soon enough, he knew, for it was almost impossible to keep secrets within their band. They had found out about Ruka and Ni~ya’s relationship less than a week after it had begun, not that the other two men had made much of an effort to hide it. And besides that, Hitsugi and Yomi both thought of the other band members as a family of sorts; they all cared about each other deeply.

The one thing Hitsugi knew, though, was that he was going to endure intense teasing for it.

Hitsugi took a deep breath. “Yomi kissed me last night,” he admitted, his voice soft. There was silence for a moment, before Ni~ya’s face broke into a wide grin.

“Finally!” he exclaimed, smiling. He didn’t seem surprised in the slightest. “I was wondering how long it would take you two to realize that you had feelings for each other.”

Ni~ya’s loud exclamation drew the attention of the other two band members; Ruka and Yomi looked over at them with raised eyebrows. Ni~ya’s grin wouldn’t leave his face. “Good going, Yomi!” he yelled across the room at the other man, and Hitsugi hid his face in embarrassment, feeling it grow even hotter.

Yomi clearly knew that Hitsugi had told the other man; he had left it to the guitarist to break the news whenever he saw fit, for he knew that Hitsugi was more private than he, more easily embarrassed. Still, he was glad the other man hadn’t taken long to reveal the information. It felt good to have it all out in the open; he didn’t like hiding things from his friends. Yomi just smiled knowingly.

“Thanks, Ni~ya-chan,” Yomi said. Ruka looked between the two of them, appearing confused. Then he looked over at Hitsugi, who was still blushing and hiding his face. His gaze finally fell on Sakito, whose face still held that quiet, easy smile it had all morning. He looked between the other men suspiciously.

“Am I missing something?” the drummer asked. It didn’t take more than a moment before Ni~ya answered his lover.

“Yomi kissed Hitsugi!” Ni~ya proclaimed excitedly, ignoring the way that Hitsugi groaned and buried his face deeper in his hands. He knew that the younger man didn’t mind the teasing, despite what it appeared like sometimes. If he had thought it really did bother Hitsugi, he would have stopped long ago, though he did make sure not to tease Hitsugi quite as much as he did any of the others.

Ruka suddenly acquired a grin to match Ni~ya’s. “Really?” he asked, seeming amused. “Look, our little Yomi is becoming a man!” he teased, bending down to grab the smaller man around the middle and pick him up. Yomi flailed against his hold, arms and legs going everywhere to try to break free.

“Not fair, Ruka!” Yomi exclaimed. “Why are you so tall?”

Ruka just cackled, carrying a struggling Yomi over to the couch where Hitsugi and Ni~ya were sitting. Sakito watched this display with muted interest, his smile growing the tiniest bit. He knew very well how close Yomi and Hitsugi were, and he knew that the other guitarist wasn’t very good at taking the initiative with relationships, so he was happy for his friends.

“Get off of me, asshole!” Yomi yelled, though there was a smile on his face. Ni~ya was now laughing as well, doubled over on the couch as he watched his lover carry Yomi across the room toward Hitsugi. He finally dropped the small vocalist in front of the still-blushing guitarist.

“Do it again,” he commanded with a smile. “We wanna see.”

“Yeah!” Ni~ya agreed through a fit of chuckles. “Kiss him!”

Yomi smiled, kneeling down in front of his very embarrassed friend. He put his hand on Hitsugi’s arm, making the other man look up at him, still blushing darkly. He looked deeply into Hitsugi’s eyes, as if asking him silently if their friends’ treatment bothered him, if it bothered him to be kissed in front of them all. Then, after a moment, Yomi leaned in and pressed his lips to the other man’s.

He dimly heard Ruka and Ni~ya cheering in the background, but he ignored them, kissing Hitsugi deeply, more passionately than he had the night before. Hitsugi seemed taken aback for a second by the intensity of the kiss, but he fell into it quickly, letting his lips run gently along the other man’s. The feeling of the metal of Hitsugi’s lip piercings was more familiar to Yomi this time.

When Yomi pulled away, Ni~ya and Ruka were still cheering excitedly, and Sakito was still lying on the other couch, though there was a large smile on his face as well. Yomi smiled at his friends, glad for their support, however strange they were about it. He glanced back over at Hitsugi, who was still blushing but was now smiling widely, his lips reddened prettily.

“Am I interrupting something?” a voice asked suddenly, and all five men turned toward the door. Kei was standing there, glancing over the group of them with a slight smile on his face as well. Sakito sat up immediately.

The look on Ni~ya’s face was absolutely murderous, and Yomi and Hitsugi exchanged a worried look. “What is he doing here?” the bassist muttered under his breath, obviously not too enthused by the turn of events. Sakito ignored their responses, standing up off the couch and walking over to Kei, placing a gentle kiss on the other man’s lips.

A collective gasp went through the room as Sakito kissed Kei, the other members of Nightmare exchanging confused looks. None of them had even known that Sakito knew Kei as more than an acquaintance. But Sakito continued ignoring them, focusing his attention on Kei. After they pulled away from each other, Sakito leaned forward and whispered something into Kei’s ear.

“Okay, what the hell?” Ni~ya asked suddenly, and Kei and Sakito both turned to face the mystified bassist. Sakito smiled widely.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he said enigmatically, looking a bit wicked as he spoke. “We’ll be right back.” The wicked grin not slipping from his face, Sakito grabbed the other man by the arm and dragged a very willing Kei out of the room, the other man laughing easily by this point.

There was silence in the room for a few moments after Sakito and Kei disappeared, none of them quite sure what to say. Hitsugi was smiling gently to himself; Sakito looked happier than he had in awhile, and that, in turn, made Hitsugi happy. He always thought that his friend deserved more happiness than he got most of the time.

The silence stretched on for almost a full minute. Ruka was the first to speak up.

“I told you Kei and I were only friends,” he remarked dryly, glancing over at his lover with a very pointed look.

Ni~ya glanced over at him and then, after a moment, burst into hysterical laughter, holding his stomach as he laughed. Ruka watched him for a few seconds before joined in as well, both of them giggling nonsensically to themselves. Yomi looked over at Hitsugi, both men feeling a bit confused.

“I think we missed the punch line,” Yomi remarked to the other man. Hitsugi just shrugged, watching the other two laugh, Ni~ya wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

“I guess so.”