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Somehow, at the end of the day, they found themselves making their way out to a bar together, at Ni~ya’s insistence. Ruka could interpret Ni~ya’s motives easily; he wanted to harass Yomi, Hitsugi, Sakito, and Kei about their blossoming relationships. Ni~ya could be nosy to a fault, and as much as Ruka loved the other man, he pitied the others for being under the bassist’s scrutiny that night.

They walked a few feet behind the other two couples, Ni~ya watching the small gestures between the other men intently. Hitsugi and Yomi were walking close together, heads ducked in quiet conversation. Kei and Sakito were more overt about their relationship, Kei’s arm slung nonchalantly around Sakito’s waist as they walked. The bassist watched them, nearly salivating with excitement. Ruka just shook his head in amusement.

“Sweetie, you’re going to freak them out,” Ruka warned softly, leaning over to speak softly into the other man’s ear. Ni~ya seemed started by the words, looking up at the other man quickly.

“How am I going to freak them out?” he demanded, pouting a little. Ruka smiled gently down at his lover.

“They probably don’t want to answer questions about every aspect of their relationships, and I know you’re going to ask them every question you can think of,” Ruka said with a knowing grin. Ni~ya’s pout became more pronounced.

“You know me too well,” he conceded. Ruka just laughed, and Ni~ya put a hand on his hip as he continued walking. “You don’t think it’s exciting?” he demanded quietly, glancing back at the other four men. “I mean, Yomi and Hitsugi have wanted each other for so long—I win that bet, by the way, so you owe me some money—and Sakito and Kei! How can you not want to know?”

They reached the outside of the bar, Ruka rubbing the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “Never mind,” he dismissed, following Ni~ya as he led them over toward the table the others had gone toward. When he got there, Kei was getting up to get them drinks. He stopped next to Ruka, giving the other man a smile and asking what he wanted to drink. Ruka could see a glow about his friend he wasn’t used to, and it made him smile a little as well.

By the time Ruka slid into the booth next to Ni~ya, his lover was already pestering Sakito. Ruka smiled knowingly to himself as he sat next to his lover. The shy guitarist was fidgeting nervously in his seat, blushing deeply.

“C’mon Saki, how did that happen?” Ni~ya prodded, inclining his head toward Kei. Sakito glanced up at the man across the room, giving a large smile before dropping his eyes and flushing even redder, looking a bit guilty.

“I don’t know,” Sakito breathed out quietly. “He wanted to talk to Ruka yesterday, but you two were fighting, so I tried to keep him away. We went out for a couple of drinks, and it just…happened.” The guitarist shifted nervously, and Ni~ya cast a glance over at Yomi and Hitsugi, both of whom were grinning wildly.

Ni~ya, too, grinned devilishly. “So did you sleep with him?” he inquired, grin not faltering for a second. If possible, Sakito looked even more uncomfortable at the question.

“No…” he admitted quietly after a moment. “Not yet.”

Ni~ya raised an eyebrow. “Oh?” he intoned, looking surprised.

Another voice from behind Ni~ya startled him. “Sakito-kun is just classy enough not to want to give it up on the first date,” Kei said, somehow managing to carry all their drinks to the table. “Unlike some people,” he added after a moment, giving Ni~ya a pointed look. He set the drinks down on top of it before jumping over the back of the booth to slide back in next to Sakito, giving the other man a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Ni~ya looked affronted, turning to his lover with a glare. “You told him that?” he demanded, though he didn’t sound quite as angry as he might have. Ruka looked sheepish, glancing down into his drink.

“Well…” He trailed off.

Ni~ya let out an insulted little gasp, but seemed to find the offense venial enough not to remain truly angry. “Fine. I guess I’ll just go around telling people things about our sex life too,” he harrumphed, crossing his arms and settling back in his seat. Ruka eyed Ni~ya with a lenient eye, used to his lover’s mini-tantrums by that point.

Ruka gave his lover a rueful smile and slid his hand into the other man’s, which perked Ni~ya up almost immediately. If any of the other men thought Ni~ya’s mood shifts strange, they gave no indication; it wasn’t as if it hadn’t happened before.

“Yomi, Hitsugi, the two of you must have something interesting to tell us,” Ni~ya said, a note of pleading in his voice. “Sakito and Kei were such a disappointment.”

The other two men looked surprised by the conversation’s turn to them, and exchanged a look, grinning knowingly. Hitsugi flushed a little at the comment, though nowhere near the extent Sakito had when he had been asked about his burgeoning relationship. Yomi just turned back to Ni~ya with a wicked smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he teased, echoing Sakito’s words from earlier in the day. Ni~ya made a face at him.

“Why do people keep saying that to me?”

Yomi and Sakito snickered. “Maybe because you’re a nosy brat?” Yomi said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Ni~ya glared at him.

“You know, if we were somewhere else, I’d throw something at you,” Ni~ya said sulkily, taking a quiet sip of his drink. The comment only made Sakito, Yomi, and Hitsugi descend into a fit of giggles, sensing the truth in the bassist’s statement. Ruka looked down at his pouting lover with a quiet smile, wondering if Ni~ya knew—really, truly knew—how absolutely adorable he looked when he pouted, how his protruding lower lip looked so utterly and completely kissable.

Ruka slung an arm around his lover’s waist, pulling Ni~ya over into his lap as the bassist squealed in surprise. The drummer wrapped his arms possessively around his lover, asking, “Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

Ni~ya’s grin was so obvious that it lit up his entire body. Even though Ruka could no longer see his lover’s face, he could tell from the tiny, excited flush that covered Ni~ya’s skin that the other man was practically beaming.

The bassist turned his head to face the other man. “Yes, you have,” he replied, looking a bit cocky. “But I wouldn’t mind if you told me again.”

Shaking his head in amusement, Ruka leaned forward and placed a small peck on Ni~ya’s lips. “You’re spoiled, you know that?”

Ni~ya grinned. “Only because you like to spoil me.”

They were interrupted as Yomi made a mock gagging noise, making the two entwined men turn their attention back to the others at the table. Kei was laughing quietly to himself, stopping only for a moment to gasp out, “God, Ru-chan, get a room!”

Unlike Ni~ya, Ruka actually picked up a napkin off the table, balled it up, and tossed it at his friend, who dodged it easily, beginning to laugh even harder. Yomi was laughing then too, ceasing his mock gagging for a moment. “Anou…Hitsu-chan,” Yomi began in a childish voice, working hard to suppress giggles as he spoke, “I hope that when we get old and act like we’re married, we can still love each other so much, ne?”

Ni~ya glared at him again, but Hitsugi was chuckling softly, with that silent mirth in which laughter made no noise, but was a step from jocund tears.

“You’re only a year younger than me, Yomi!” Ni~ya protested. That just made Yomi laugh harder.