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Ni~ya was half drunk by the time Ruka got him back into their apartment. He was drunk enough that he had that silly, stupid grin on his face, but not quite drunk enough that he was completely incapacitated. He was, however, leaning heavily on Ruka as the other man tried to pull the key to the apartment out of his pocket, one arm around Ruka’s neck and the other around his waist. He was also laying a flurry of very distracting kisses at the juncture of Ruka’s neck and his shoulder.

One side-effect of alcohol for Ni~ya was that it got him to be silly, stupid, and happy. The other was that it made him very, very horny.

Ruka tried to pull away from Ni~ya a little, so that he could open the door to the apartment, but that proved to be more difficult than Ruka had initially surmised. With some squirming and giggling—the latter mostly on Ni~ya’s part—Ruka finally had the door open and had pulled his pliant lover inside behind him.

It was hard work to get Ni~ya into the bedroom; he refused to unlatch his mouth from Ruka’s neck, and though the older man wasn’t complaining at the sensation, it made walking very difficult. Still, with much complicated maneuvering, Ruka was able to get through the door to the bedroom and slide the younger man onto the bed. Ni~ya’s body fell limply to the mattress, and he stretched himself languidly across it.

Ruka smiled as he looked on, Ni~ya lying there splayed out with seductive, completely relaxed grin on his face. He couldn’t help but stand there and observe his lover, watching the easy sex appeal the younger man exuded, even when Ni~ya was intoxicated. It came to him effortlessly, like it did to Sakito; yet it was different for the two of them, the kind of attractiveness they radiated without even being aware of it.

Ruka made a mocking tsk-tsk sound as he looked down at the other man. “Honestly, Ni~ya—what am I going to do with you?” he inquired sarcastically. Ni~ya giggled.

“You know what I’m hoping you do with me,” Ni~ya purred low in his throat, sliding his leg around the back of Ruka’s body, using it to pull the other man closer to the bed. Ruka smiled easily; these times were so calming, when he could forget everything and just be with his lover, just let everything go. He rested his hand on the other man’s thigh gently.

“You’re drunk.” His tone was matter-of-fact.

Ni~ya pouted a little, sucking on the end of his lip ring so that it slid back and forth through its hole, which he knew drove Ruka crazy. “Maybe a little,” he conceded, looking hopeful. “Does it matter?”

Ruka dropped to his knees next to the bed, grabbing Ni~ya’s leg lightly and sliding the other man’s shoe off, pressing a soft kiss to the inside of the other man’s ankle. “I don’t know,” he said slowly, purposely dragging the moment out. “Are you done being jealous? Do you feel better about the Kei thing now?”

Whatever Ni~ya’s face had reflected a moment before, it had suddenly become a full-blown pout. “Yes,” he insisted, crossing his arms obstinately across his chest, though he couldn’t suppress a shiver when Ruka slid his other shoe off slowly, pressing another light kiss just above the bone of his other ankle.

“Good,” Ruka breathed, sliding his hand up the leg of Ni~ya’s pants, just to feel the skin of his shins, his calves. Ni~ya was squirming impatiently.

“Ruka-san,” he intoned needily, but was cut off by the drummer’s short squeeze of his calf.

“Hush,” Ruka commanded softly, and somehow, that was more effective than if he had yelled. Ni~ya silenced immediately, laid still as Ruka slowly massaged his calves until the muscles there had completely relaxed. He then slid his hands down to the other man’s feet, briefly rubbing circles into Ni~ya’s ankles, then into the bridges of his feet, before sliding up onto the bed, bracing his knees on either side of the bassist’s thighs.

He leaned forward finally, meeting his lover’s lips and letting them mingle languorously. Ni~ya crooned softly into his mouth, his voice still emanating from that needy place in the back of his throat. The sound trilled faintly over Ruka’s lips and tongue, the sensation making Ruka smile against the other man’s mouth. He could already feel Ni~ya’s growing arousal, but he chose to ignore it for the moment.

He slid Ni~ya’s shirt over his head without much effort, before leaning over to Ni~ya’s ear to whisper, “turn over.” Ni~ya’s body thrummed with excitement at the order; when Ruka raised his body up enough that the other man could move, Ni~ya turned over quickly, baring the long lines of his back to the other man before Ruka settled himself back down, his own erection pressing into the cleft of Ni~ya’s ass through his pants. The bassist whimpered, squirming back into the sensation.

Ruka slid his hand over Ni~ya’s back soothingly. “Shh, darling. You’ll get that soon enough,” he assured the other man quietly, letting his palm continue to move in slow patterns over the milky skin of his lover’s back. Ni~ya groaned in frustration as he folded his arms and buried his face in them, realizing that he’d have to wait.

It was then that Ruka began a slow massage of the muscles of Ni~ya’s lower back, surprised at how tense they were despite the bassist’s apparent relaxation. Ni~ya was humming softly into the skin of his arms, skin tingling in anticipation. Ruka liked to get his lover like this, to get the other man into such a complete state of relaxation that Ni~ya had no qualms about vocalizing the sensations he was experiencing, so that he could just let go and enjoy without any other thoughts invading on their time together.

Once Ruka had loosened the muscles of Ni~ya’s lower back, he began massaging lightly along the edges of the bassist’s spine, making slow progress upwards toward his shoulders. He rubbed deep circles on either side of the gaps between each vertebra before moving up to the next, feeling Ni~ya continue to writhe beneath him.

It was when Ruka got to his lover’s shoulders and neck that Ni~ya begun openly moaning, the sound muffled by the cavern created between his arms. The sound went straight to Ruka’s cock; Ni~ya wasn’t the only one who was getting impatient. As Ruka began kneading Ni~ya’s shoulders, the other man finally lifted his head, speaking up for the first time in what seemed like so long.

“Ruka—please—I need you to—” he choked out, his voice thick with need. Ruka grinned, leaning forward to press a kiss to the bone just below Ni~ya’s ear before breathing out his response.

“You need me to what?” the drummer asked wickedly, pleased by the low groan Ni~ya expelled in response.

“Unh…please…fuck me,” he gasped out finally.

Ruka didn’t need any more prodding; he moved quickly down his lover’s body, sliding his hands around the bassist’s stomach to unfasten his pants and slide them down, too lazy to pull them all the way off. As he began working on undoing his own pants, Ni~ya shifted a few times and managed to wriggle all the way out of them, spreading his legs invitingly for the other man.

Ruka groaned, reaching over to their nightstand and fumbling for lubricant and condoms. Ni~ya caught him by the wrist and pulled him back, the drummer only managing to grab a familiar tube. Ni~ya turned himself over, pulling the other man to him.

“Ni~ya, I need to get—” Ruka protested.

“Who cares?” Ni~ya growled desperately. “Screw the condoms. We’re both clean and I know you’re not sleeping around. I need you now.”

Ruka’s hand paused immediately, all his movements stopping as he cocked his head to look at his lover. “Are you sure?” he asked, recognizing the immense amount of trust that had gone into that decision.

Ni~ya grabbed the tube of lubricant from his lover impatiently, pouring some on his hands and smoothing it over the other man’s erection, causing Ruka to groan. “Yes, I’m sure,” he promised the other man quickly. “And if you’re not inside me in the next five seconds, I think I’m going to die.” As if to prove his point, Ni~ya hooked his legs around the drummer’s back, urging the other man forward.

There was no stalling this time, no protests; Ruka moved forward and sheathed himself slowly in his lover’s tight heat, having relaxed Ni~ya so much already that entrance was smooth, painless. Ni~ya groaned, tightening his legs around the other man’s back as if trying to urge him forward, to join them together even more completely. Ni~ya was whimpering again, winding his arms around the other man’s back and grasping at him with sharp nails as Ruka began to thrust.

If Ruka was bothered by Ni~ya’s nails digging into his shoulder blades, he didn’t show it, didn’t seem to register any pain as the bassist’s hands started leaving little reddened trails across the skin there. He merely continued moving inside his lover, groaning so low that it was almost inaudible, listening to Ni~ya’s soft whines and whimpers with relish.

Every desperate little noise Ni~ya made went straight to Ruka’s cock, made his own thrusts harder and more desperate as well. Their hands were both scrambling for purchase on each other’s bodies, as if trying to get as much contact as possible, Ni~ya continuing to whine and arch into Ruka’s thrusts.

Ruka could tell that his lover was close when Ni~ya’s hands finally released his back and fell backward into the mattress, his head falling sideways and his eyes beginning to glaze over. His hands began tangling in the sheets instead, balling them up between his fingers and crying little incoherent things that weren’t words, but were barely sounds either.

Recognizing the glazed look in the bassist’s eyes, Ruka began thrusting faster, angling his thrusts perfectly so that Ni~ya began to lose all sense of coherency whatsoever; he was so lost in the sensation that nothing else seemed to register to him at all, which had been the drummer’s aim all along. It didn’t take much of that before Ni~ya was throwing his head back and moaning loudly, orgasm so intense that he saw stars behind his eyelids, that the whole world seemed to cease for a moment, that he forgot to breathe.

So intent had he been on bringing his lover to orgasm that Ruka himself hadn’t realized how close he was, and with a few more thrusts, he released inside his lover’s body, collapsing atop him after a few moments in a sweaty, breathless heap.

Ni~ya’s body was completely boneless, his eyes still glazed over in such a way that Ruka could tell that he hadn’t quite become aware of himself yet. His head lolled to the side; he looked exhausted and so completely sated. It wasn’t until Ruka had disappeared into the bathroom, grabbing a damp cloth to clean them off, that Ni~ya looked down at Ruka with complete clarity. His breathing was still uneven, but his gaze was so full of love and open adoration that it nearly broke Ruka’s heart.

“God…I should get jealous and make us fight more often. And then get kind of drunk. I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard in my life,” Ni~ya said breathlessly.

Ruka looked at his lover for a long second, feeling hysterical laughter bubbling up in his throat and making no attempt to stop it. He slid an arm around Ni~ya’s bare torso, burying his face in the bassist’s neck and just laughing contentedly.