"This is the first time you can see stars..." Transparent glow to accentuate the dip and curve of your skin under every trace evidence of artificial light, still don't know how it got to me watching you painted beneath melancholy lights but it will forever be imprinted within the pages of my heart. Side sweep and silent shuffle until hands were touching and I was just a few inches away staring at the sky as if it were the last thing in the world or we had all the time in which to spare----hectic bustle of record tapes and contracting public mishaps long lost in the bay.

"You always seemed to have a strong connection to nature. "

"Beauty lies in nature and everything that we take for granted because it's become lost amongst the luster of objects and greed."

Small break in silence before he'd faintly nodded his head in response until the soft caress of forefinger and thumb met amongst the upturned surface of the taller man's knuckles. Hitsugi seemed to match the description in simliar note worthy fashion because it was as if the nature it seemed were representive for the raw beauty in which he posses while the luster of fame was placed apon the face masked behind artificial layers of make-up. Soft spoken demeanor often times betrayed by the fact that silver bullets were etched and broken into skin in an assortment of multiple piercings....they hadn't known but in possesing such ignorance he'd been dealt the cards of keeping something so precious to himself. A few fleeting moments passed in breathless silence until the moment had been broken off in segments of half whispered words.

"That's true but for the many who don't take notice there are few who seem to linger onto the memory....and it's those few people like you who help open sight to those who once were blind."

He'd expected a soft reply or moment's worth of silence but the enclosure of lips to skin and fingers to flesh broke away that silent musing all in favor of physical appreciation, eyes half lidded in a small smile as the tranquil quitarist kept his fingers locked on his smaller fingers. He didn't need to say it because he'd understood....

I love you too.

[YomixHitsugi drabble]