Notes: Sort of extension of my story 13th, though this can kind of be read as a stand-alone. If you didn't read the series, you may not get the last scene as much, and it won't be as funny, though.

Hitsugi kept having that same dream.

In the dream, he was on a bed, and the bed was covered in beautiful, crimson sheets—satin, which was smooth and tantalizing against his skin. There was always another body in the bed with him, and they were both naked. Their skin would slide together in the most addicting and sensual way, hands running over his skin and making him feel differently than he’d ever felt before.

It didn’t take long for Hitsugi to realize that the other person in the bed was Yomi. Everything about him was familiar, from the hard lines and gentle sloping curves of his body to the way that he touched and the way that he kissed. The way that he breathed was even familiar, the way each inhale and exhale came more rapidly as their bodies moved together.

But there was always something about these encounters that struck Hitsugi as vastly different than anything he’d ever experienced before. The first time he had the dream, he initially wasn’t able to pinpoint what it was that made it different than anything he’d ever shared with his lover before. There was just something in the air; it seemed thicker and darker and deeper and somehow more intense.

And then, in the dream, he’d take Yomi’s body and slowly ease him into the position he wanted. And when he suddenly sheathed himself in his lover’s body, that was when he realized what was so different.

He’d woken the first time just after that initial thrust, breathing hard and sweating all over. His body was trembling slightly, and his skin was flushed, but whether it was from embarrassment or arousal, Hitsugi wasn’t sure at first. But he had been embarrassed, because he’d never thought about that before, had always been content to let Yomi be the one on top—to let Yomi take control. And Hitsugi’s own sexual desires had always left him feeling flustered and uncomfortable; very often, he had a difficult time communicating to Yomi what he wanted.

He’d been so embarrassed by that dream that he had made his way to the bathroom, thankfully not managing to wake Yomi, who was sleeping peacefully in the bed next to him. He had taken a cold shower then, trying to forget that he had every had the dream, because something about this strange desire for dominance scared him, because it was so opposite to his nature and so different from anything he’d ever felt before.

Yomi had been awake when he had come back to bed, and he had pulled him back down into the sheets and asked him what was wrong. But Hitsugi had just avoided the issue, and Yomi had embraced the guitarist and kissed him a few times before he had gotten far too sleepy and fallen back asleep. And by the next day, Hitsugi had almost forgotten the strange dream.

Until it happened again, the very next night. And this time, Hitsugi had thrashed a little when he had woken up, and he had woken Yomi too in the process. And Yomi was always so adorable when he first awoke, because he wasn’t someone who woke quickly. He made a little noise in the back of his throat and curled into Hitsugi’s body—which was when he had noticed the conspicuous hardness between Hitsugi’s legs.

Yomi woke up a little more then, smiled up at his lover and kissed him on the cheek. And in predictable, Yomi-like fashion, he slithered down Hitsugi’s body and took the other man’s length into his mouth, beginning to give him a drowsy, sloppy blowjob that somehow still had Hitsugi groaning. And when he had finished, he had slithered right back up Hitsugi’s body, given the other man a goofy smile, and promptly fallen back asleep.

Hitsugi almost giggled from the hilarity of it, and he was sure that the other man would have forgotten the entire incident entirely if Hitsugi hadn’t brought it up in the morning. And in typical pre-coffee fashion, Yomi had managed to make a comment about how Hitsugi owed him one before disappearing into the bathroom to take a shower. In that way, being with Yomi was always a strange roller coaster ride.

The third time the dream had happened, though, was the most significant. Hitsugi had awakened in a similar fashion to the first time, quietly embarrassed and blissfully aroused. But this time, Yomi was awake too—and not just slightly awake, the way he often tended to be when awakened in the middle of the night. He was looking at Hitsugi with inquisitive, owlish eyes, orbs so dark they looked black.

“You keep waking up in the middle of the night,” Yomi commented slowly, still eyeing the guitarist curiously. “You didn’t used to do that. You used to sleep all the way through the night.”

Hitsugi looked away, which was almost useless in the darkness of the room, since they could barely see each other anyway. Yomi was just an indistinct shape, outlined by moonlight, though Hitsugi could see his eyes perfectly, and they made him uncomfortable in the dim light of the bedroom. He felt as if Yomi was looking inside him, studying him.

Yet when he looked back up, Yomi’s eyes were still focused on him, still as inquisitive as before. And prior to any conscious thought about it, Hitsugi found himself speaking, found himself confessing to what was really going on.

“I’ve been having this dream,” Hitsugi admitted softly, biting his lip as he spoke. Yet he couldn’t make himself elaborate, feeling the embarrassment take over his body again as he remembered the feeling of plunging himself inside his lover’s body. The dream had gone on longer that time, long enough for him to remember what it felt like to thrust in and out of dream-Yomi’s body, to hear the other man’s moans, which somehow seemed entirely different than the noises he’d ever heard Yomi make before, in the entire course of their relationship.

And in the dream, he could remember the look of utter rapture on Yomi’s face, wondered if he, too, looked like that when Yomi made love to him, if he looked like he was about to die from the utter pleasure of it all. He wondered if he looked that beautiful, lying beneath his lover’s body and gasping and groaning. Once he got far enough in his pleasure, he’d lose his inhibitions—but were the sounds that he made as enticing and intensely sexual as the noises his dream-Yomi had been making?

“What happened in the dream?” Yomi asked finally, his voice hushed. Hitsugi bit his lip again, not sure he could or wanted to answer the question. The subject of him topping Yomi had never come up between them, had never been discussed—he still wasn’t sure how Yomi would react.

“It…it was nothing,” Hitsugi stuttered after a moment. He could almost imagine the look he knew Yomi was giving him, though it was too dark in the room to see. And then there was a rustling, and he knew that Yomi was moving across the bed. He wasn’t sure what his lover’s aim was, until seconds later, he felt Yomi’s naked body pressed up against his—and a hand gently cupped his hardened length.

“If it was nothing, then why did it make you so hard?” Yomi whispered in Hitsugi’s ear, and there was something about his voice that was so tantalizing and wonderful and dirty. Hitsugi felt his cock twitch in response, and he knew that Yomi felt it too. The vocalist cupped him a little more tightly, putting a bit more pressure on the heated skin. Hitsugi groaned softly. “Who were you dreaming about?”

A short, quick stroke to his cock and Hitsugi found himself responding without much difficultly. “You,” he said, his voice half whisper and half groan. He could feel Yomi’s resulting smile against his neck.

“Well that’s good,” Yomi replied with a laugh, punctuating his statement with a slower, more leisurely stroke to his younger lover’s cock. “If you said anything else, I might have had to kick you out of bed.” The little joke made Hitsugi laugh quietly, breaking a bit of his tension away. Yomi wasn’t done there, though.

“But if you’re dreaming about me, why are you so embarrassed to talk about it? After all that we’ve done, I didn’t think you’d be shy about anything,” Yomi breathed out, beginning to stroke his lover with long, regular strokes.

He waited a few long seconds, but the only sound that came through the thick, dark air was the sound of the guitarist’s irregular breathing. Yomi grinned quietly to himself at his lover’s silence. “Is it kinky?” he breathed out after a second, sounding strangely intrigued.

Hitsugi’s sharp intake of breath showed his surprise at the question, and Yomi could feel the other man’s skin heating up characteristically, signaling that he was blushing once again. That wasn’t an answer in itself, however; Yomi’s words had probably brought up a few mental images for the other man, and those alone were enough to make him blush. Yomi nibbled softly on Hitsugi’s neck. “Well?” he breathed out after a moment, stroking Hitsugi a bit more forcefully. Hitsugi let out another low groan.

“Not…exactly,” Hitsugi forced out after a moment, his voice a little strained. “It’s…different.”

The little concession that Hitsugi had made encouraged Yomi a little. “Different? How?”

Hitsugi was silent, so Yomi went a little further with his stimulation of the other man, his other hand moving down to fondle the guitarist’s balls as he stroked him. Hitsugi writhed under the touch. “I was…unh…fucking….you…” he breathed out finally, his voice a strained whisper. The words shocked Yomi—he had been expecting something much more drastic. He giggled slightly, endeared by his lover’s nervousness—it reminded him strangely of when their relationship had still been desperately new.

“Do you want to?” he inquired after a moment, leaning his face close to Hitsugi’s so that they could look each other in the eyes and have some hope of actually discerning the other man’s expression. Hitsugi looked slightly nervous, but after a long moment, he nodded, biting his lip. Yomi smiled, leaning in to kiss his lover on the lips.

After a long, languid kiss, he pulled away, smiling reassuringly at his lover. He rolled over on the bed, reaching toward the bedside drawer to retrieve the condoms and lubricant they had left there earlier. After he had grabbed them, he rolled back to his lover, placing the items gently in the other man’s hand, closing the guitarist’s fingers around it.

Hitsugi’s movements were slow, but after a long minute, Yomi was lying on his back on the bed, and Hitsugi’s heart was beating quickly in anticipation. He’d never done this before, but he couldn’t deny that the idea intrigued him, and Yomi’s quick acceptance of the idea had helped quell his uncertainties very quickly.

He kissed Yomi slowly and softly, laying the items he had been handed on the bed next to them, making sure to remember their location well so he could find them again in the dark. He continued to kiss the vocalist slowly for a few long seconds before moving to his neck instead, latching on to the sensitive skin there and laving it with small bites and kisses.

Yomi made a little noise of frustration in the back of his throat, reaching around the other man’s body to grip at the skin of his back impatiently. In one fluid movement, Hitsugi grabbed both of Yomi’s hands, pinning them to the bed. Yomi let out a tiny exclamation of surprise.

“You want to have your wicked way with me, ne?” Yomi joked, a huge grin on his face. Hitsugi stopped for a moment, before he, too, grinned.

“Maybe I do,” he finally breathed after a moment. “So why don’t you lie back and let me do it?”

Yomi made a show of struggling very slightly against the other man’s hold. “Ne, Hitsu-chan, I’m not as patient as you are…” he whined. Hitsugi smiled.

“Oh, honestly,” he scolded good-humouredly. He reached over, remembering where he had placed the lubricant a few minutes before and opening it with one hand, sliding a little down his lover’s body. Once he had his fingers sufficiently slicked, he teased one finger around Yomi’s entrance. “Is this what you want?”

Yomi nodded and made a little noise of acquiescence low in his throat, surprised by how quickly his lover had been able to slip into this role, how easy it was for him to be the more dominant one. He hadn’t expected it—certainly not with Hitsugi’s personality—but he was finding it increasingly intriguing, as well as deeply arousing. There was something raw and unrestrained about Hitsugi when he was like this, and Yomi was very sure that he wanted to see more of it.

Hitsugi slid back up to catch Yomi’s lips again, engaging him in a deep kiss just as he slid two fingers into the other man’s opening. Yomi hissed in surprise, and Hitsugi pulled away worriedly. “Too much?” he inquired fearfully, old anxieties returning. Yomi shook his head quickly.

“It’s just been awhile…since anyone…”

Hitsugi bit his lip. “Sorry,” he apologized quietly before resuming his actions, more slowly this time. Hitsugi’s confidence returned when Yomi arched slightly into his touch, making another of those tantalizing little noises in the back of his throat. He kissed the man beneath him, making a little noise of his own when Yomi caught one of the pierced parts of his lip between his teeth, laving it with attention, guiding the loop in and out of its hole slowly with his tongue. But Yomi’s hands stayed down, even without Hitsugi pinning him that way, knowing that that was what his lover needed at the moment.

When Hitsugi began scissoring his fingers, slowly working his lover open, Yomi was struck by the slow intimacy of the gesture; Hitsugi kept laying tiny kisses on his face and neck, and when he slid a third finger in, Yomi wasn’t surprised at all; his body did not protest or recoil. Hitsugi inevitably felt his increased relaxation, and, after a bit more preparation, broke away from the other man.

“Ready?” he inquired with a slow inhale. Yomi nodded emphatically.

“I want you inside me,” Yomi insisted, his voice filled with conviction. Hitsugi smiled, sheathing his length with the condom he was also able to locate pretty quickly. He positioned himself slowly, bringing Yomi’s legs up onto his shoulders. He could barely make out Yomi’s face in the oppressive darkness, but he saw a minute nod, and that was enough.

He slowly slid his length inside Yomi’s body. Yomi made a low, almost-growl in the back of his throat that stopped when the guitarist was fully sheathed inside him. Hitsugi leaned in to kiss the other man again, though the act nearly bent Yomi’s small body in half. Hitsugi waited a long minute for Yomi to get used to the feeling, but Yomi, still impatient, slid one leg off the other man’s shoulder to rest around his back instead, using it to urge Hitsugi to move.

Hitsugi took the hint from the other man, beginning to thrust into him slowly. But Yomi couldn’t content himself with the slow movement for long; he continued using his legs to urge the younger man into a rhythm that he wanted. Hitsugi leaned forward, still continuing his pace with his lower body.

“You’re such a bossy bottom,” Hitsugi gasped breathlessly. Yomi smirked.

“Maybe you’re not a controlling enough top,” he breathed out, knowing that in this state, the comment would rile the other man up. It achieved its intended reaction; Hitsugi stopped and pulled out slowly.

“Turn over,” he commanded gruffly, his voice deep with arousal. It took Yomi a moment to register the order, but at this point, all he wanted was to feel his lover inside him again, in any way that Hitsugi wanted. Yomi scrambled to turn over, bracing himself on his hands and knees.

He stayed in that position for a long moment—and he started to think that Hitsugi wasn’t going to do anything. But suddenly, unexpectedly, Hitsugi thrust himself into the other man’s body, and Yomi let out an almost-scream in surprise, burying his face in the pillow to muffle it. As Hitsugi began thrusting again, this time more forcefully, Yomi felt the other man grab his hands again, pinning them down into the mattress.

Yomi hadn’t pictured Hitsugi being this sort of top—but he was loving every minute of it.

“Like…that,” Yomi urged quietly, letting his lover know how much he was enjoying it. Hitsugi gripped Yomi’s hands more tightly and began thrusting more powerfully, and Yomi was groaning on every thrust, because somehow, Hitsugi had this talent for grazing his prostate on every thrust, so much that Yomi found himself releasing a strangled scream every couple of thrusts.

Hitsugi was reveling in the feeling of being inside the other man’s body—it was so much better than he imagined. The control was somehow intoxicating and exciting; made more exciting because he was so rarely able to express this side of himself—a side he, perhaps, hadn’t even known had existed. The feel of the tight channel around his hardened length was better, too, than the guitarist had imagined, the sound of Yomi’s moans much more enthralling.

Hitsugi could hear Yomi beginning to curse softly, in that half-coherent way that he always did when he was about to come. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck,” Yomi groaned softly, thrusting back minutely into the guitarist’s body, though he could manage to get very little leverage because of the way Hitsugi was holding his hands down. “Hitsu-chan…I—”

Hitsugi buried his face in the other man’s neck. “I know,” he said huskily, speeding his thrusts up a bit. Seconds after he had spoken, Yomi was screaming in release, covering his mouth to try to spare the neighbors whatever sounds would travel through the walls. His body shuddered beneath Hitsugi, and he groaned at the sensation, feeling his own orgasm drawing close. And seconds after Yomi’s body had begun to fall limp beneath him, he was coming too, groaning deeply as he buried his face in Yomi’s neck again.

Hitsugi felt a little dizzy after he had recovered from the intense sensation, but he managed to lower them both to the bed without detaching their bodies, his slowly-softening length still buried in the tight heat of his lover’s body.

And the sensation was better than he’d dreamed.

The next day, the members of Nightmare were taking a short break from practicing, all relaxing. Ruka was lying across the length of the practice stage smoking a cigarette, watching over the room. Hitsugi and Sakito were on one of the couches across the room, discussing something in quiet tones, but they were much too far away for the drummer to hear what they were saying.

Ni~ya and Yomi, however, were not. They were both sitting at the edge of the stage, Yomi trying studiously to undo a rather complicated knot in his microphone cord. There was an unmistakable smile on his face, though, one of those soft, secretive smiles that meant that Yomi knew something everyone else didn’t know, and that information was amusing or exciting to him in some way. And Ruka took another drag of his cigarette, watching the two carefully. He knew that Ni~ya couldn’t resist that look from Yomi.

He listened to their conversation for a few long moments, but it seemed almost that Ni~ya wasn’t going to bring it up at all. Ruka was relieved; something like that would almost always turn into some sort of argument, albeit a playful one. Yet he realized that he had clearly felt relieved far too soon, because after only a few minutes, Ni~ya said exactly what Ruka thought he would say.

“So, what’s with that smile on your face, Yomi?”

Ruka groaned, but he couldn’t keep himself from looking up to see what would happen; it would inevitably be funny. Yomi just grinned.

“Do you really want to know?” he inquired, his grin devilish. There was a glint in his eye—and something about it told Ruka that Ni~ya wouldn’t be crazy about the answer. But Ni~ya, being the naturally inquisitive man that he was, nodded.

“Yes,” he replied without hesitation. “Tell me.”

Yomi’s grin grew, and he motioned for Ni~ya to lean in, as if ready to share a huge secret with him. Ruka found himself sitting up as well, trying to get close enough to hear whatever Yomi said. After a long silence, Yomi spoke.

“Last night, Hitsugi pinned me down and fucked me until I screamed,” Yomi whispered.

Ni~ya’s eyes widened for the longest moment before he got a skeptical look on his face. His wide-eyed surprise quickly turned into a glare, and he shot it straight in Yomi’s direction. “Nice try!” Ni~ya said indignantly, sticking his tongue out at the other man. “I’m not going to fall for that one again!”

Yomi just smiled enigmatically in response, and Ruka groaned, falling back onto the stage as he realized this time, Yomi wasn’t joking. He laughed softly to himself, shaking his head in dismissal when his lover looked at him inquisitively.