Author notes - Well this is my birthday present to Sakito (and a very, very late one to Ruka) which is centered around Ruka's birthday actually. How idiotic is that? XD I finally got around to writing up a Nightmare 'series' after a very long time and this is the prequel (but should be treated as a oneshot anyway XD) which came to me quite suddenly when I was gardening (I do not like gardening XD). One more thing: don't tell me you don't think Rusaki having a house together isn't cute because I'll know you're lying. Comment if you enjoy! <3

Ruka was utterly content as he lay on his lounge chair in his backyard simply soaking up the sun. In one hand, he held a large glass of coke and in the other, a good manga. His sandals lay on the patio just underneath his chair and he wore large sunglasses over his eyes to prevent himself from going blind.

He turned the page of his book and took a sip of his drink; if only Sakito had allowed him to keep his collection of erotic manga, the day would have been that much sweeter. Instead, Ruka was forced to sneak out of the house every now and again to visit his collection in its new home, Ni~ya’s apartment. He hoped Sakito would never find out about those little escapades.

“Rukaaaa~!” He flinched reflexively as two arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders, a chin coming to rest upon his head.

“What is it?” Ruka stopped reading, sticking one finger in the book to save his place and lying said book on his lap.

“Are you telling me that it’s a crime to give the birthday boy a hug for no reason?” Ruka could clearly imagine the cute little pout that had most likely instilled itself upon Sakito’s lips; it was forever immortalized in his mind.

“No, but it is a crime to call me a birthday boy,” Ruka said matter-of-factly, “I’m a birthday man.”

“Oh, Ruru,” His boyfriend laughed quietly, “I bet that sounded way cooler in your head.”

Ruka murmured something and then said: “So, what is it you really want, Tsuki-chan?”

The other man sighed. “You caught me: I know it’s your birthday but… Come help me plant flowers in the garden!”

“Wait: let me think about this for a moment.” Ruka paused, pretending to stroke a non-existent goatee. “No!”

“Aww, come on, Ruru, you know you want to…” Sakito brought his lips down to Ruka’s ear and blew softly, teasingly.

“Right assumption, wrong situation:” Ruka said as he tugged lightly on his companion’s arms in a weak attempt to pull the other man on top of him, “If you were in my lap…”

“I don’t think so, Ruka,” his boyfriend said in a scolding tone, “You’ll have to do something for me before I do something for you!”

“But it’s my birthday!” Ruka whined in a way that was completely uncharacteristic of him, “We can do some gardening on your birthday if that makes you happy but I want lots of hot sex on mine!”

The other man just giggled and walked off towards the flowerpots he had been working on, making sure to sway his hips enticingly as he progressed. He knew very well that the poor drummer wouldn’t be able to resist following him after such a dirty trick.

“Oh, fine, Sakito!” Ruka grumbled, “You win! I’ll do some stupid gardening with you as long as you do whatever I want later!”

“As long as whatever you want is reasonable…” Sakito put back on his flowery gardening gloves and knelt beside a pot.

Ruka bent the page he was on in his Manga, laid it next to his glass on the floor of the deck, sat up straight and slipped into his sandals. He put his hands in his pockets as he ambled over to Sakito who was smiling widely. A pair of white gloves was promptly thrust into his chest.

“Put those on and pick out one of the plants over there, would you?” Sakito was busy digging a small hole in the earth-filled pot on the ground as he spoke.

“You want me to do what?”

Clearly, Ruka knew exactly what was being asked of him; he just couldn’t believe he was being conned into it on his birthday, of all days. He maintained that it was all the fault of Sakito’s sexy little shorts.

“You heard me, Ruru,” Sakito said, laughing, “All I want is a little help and besides,” He added, looking up at Ruka, “You need a tan.”

“What?!” Ruka looked at Sakito with incredulity, hardly believing that his boyfriend had told him he needed a tan; Sakito was even paler than he was!

“You do know I’m just looking for excuses, right?” Sakito said, smiling at the look on Ruka’s face, “The sooner I—we—get this done, the sooner we can do something else. I just wanted to come up with a more substantial reason for asking you to garden than ‘because’.”

“Seriously,” Ruka sighed, “Is this really necessary?”

“Yes!” Sakito replied, exasperated, “Don’t you want to show our guests a nice backyard with a pretty garden instead of bringing them out here only to see grass and an old wooden shed?”

“No, I meant me helping you,” Ruka said, “I understand why we should have a nice backyard.”

Sakito’s eyebrows raised in incredulity.

“You have to help me because this is your house too,” Sakito exclaimed, “And you should take pride in shaping your own backyard!”

“Well, um, couldn’t I just fix up the shed or something?” Ruka pressed on, “You know, hitting nails with a hammer… I’m good at that.”

“No, you most certainly can’t!” Sakito protested, “That shed is fine the way it is; what’s not fine is the garden!”

Without another word, Ruka slinked over to the cluster of store-bought flowers on the ground and picked up the plant nearest to his hand. Sakito smirked; for once it was he that had the one-up on Ruka and not the other way around. He smiled sweetly as the drummer dropped the plant into his palm, his companion promptly turning his attention to the white gloves on his hands.

“They itch.” He said simply, flexing his fingers in what seemed to be annoyance.

Sakito pretended to sneeze as he snorted with laughter into his wrist, almost dropping the flower he was still holding but managing to set it on the ground carefully when he regained control of himself. The laughter took a moment to dissipate as Sakito tried to focus on the task before him instead of Ruka’s comfort.

“Okay,” Sakito said, looking up at Ruka, all traces of his outburst gone save the grin on his face, “Now bring the watering can over here so we can moisten the ground before putting the flower in.”

“I don’t know about you,” Ruka said, fetching the watering can which was over by the shed, “But to me, moisten sounds pretty dirty.”

“It would, wouldn’t it?” Sakito remarked dryly, “Just pour a little water in the hole I made. Don’t even remark on that.”

Ruka smirked lightly as he poured some water into the hole, purposefully tilting the nozzle slightly so that Sakito’s thighs got wet as he pulled the watering can away from the pot.

“It’s cold!” Sakito yelped in surprise, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“Now why would I do that?” Ruka replied in mock-astonishment, “Whatever have you done to me to deserve such a nasty prank?”

“You’re unbelievable,” Sakito sighed, picking up the flower he had laid beside him earlier, “And I can honestly say I never cease to be amazed at the fact that you are older than me.”

“I just like to stay hip,” Ruka replied in what seemed to be a completely serious tone, “You know, with it, in with the crowd, happenin’…”

“You’re incorrigible. You really are.” Sakito said, rolling his eyes, “And there would be absolutely no redemption for you if you weren’t in a band. I would just call you an old man and be done with it!”

“Hey,” Ruka cried, in indignation, “Have some respect for your elders!”

“Oh, I have plenty,” Sakito said, “But not when they act as childish as you do, Ruka.”

“Childish, huh?” Ruka said, crouching down behind Sakito and wrapping his arms around the guitarist’s middle, “Would a child do this?”

Ruka’s hands began roaming downwards until Sakito slapped them away, laughing.

“I should certainly hope not! Nice try at seducing me though, Ruru,” Sakito laughed, “But it won’t work; I refuse to do anything else with you until we plant at least one flower together.”

“Oh for the love of…” Ruka groaned, standing up again, “Fine. What more do I have to do?”

“You have to get on your knees again and help me put the flower in the dirt.”

“I swear if you ever tell Yomi about this I’ll…” Ruka mumbled under his breath as he knelt back down; beside Sakito this time.

“You’ll what?” Sakito asked, picking up on the words Ruka hadn’t meant for him to hear, “You’ll… make me sleep on the couch? Somehow that seems more like a punishment for you rather than me.”

Ruka sighed; despite it being his birthday, he just couldn’t seem to win today.

“Okay,” Sakito said, focusing on gardening again, “Now you pat the soil around the plant while I hold the flower straight.”

Ruka sighed with boredom as he watched Sakito lower the plant into the hole they had dug and watered earlier. Sakito then nodded his head slightly and the drummer took that as his cue to start piling dirt into the hole. He took a handful of dirt in his glove-covered palm and dropped it into the hole carelessly.

“No!” Sakito said, “Not like that! You have to be careful with how to put the dirt in!”

“If you’re so particular about it, why don’t you just do it yourself?” Ruka grumbled, “Otherwise, just let me plant my flower the way I want to.”

“Oh, so it’s your flower now!” Sakito laughed, using one hand to push some dirt in on the other side of the hole, “Maybe you should try planting it the right way the first time, then, instead of having to come back and re-plant it a second time.”

“You are a pain in the ass, love.”

“I always had the impression that it was the other way around, Ruru,” Sakito giggled, “I mean that in the best possible way, of course.”

“Well I’ll be damned,” Ruka gasped in exaggeration, putting more dirt into the hole, “Saki-chan is talking in sexual innuendos; looks like this really is my birthday after all!”

“That was a one time ‘special’ so savor it,” Sakito said, “It isn’t going to happen again for a very long time.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” Ruka said, patting the dirt around the flower gently, “Because you can’t really escape the fact that all of our best friends are dirty perverts. Well, I don’t know about Hitsugi but…”

“Isn’t the fact that I’m sexy, enough?” Sakito said, removing his gloved hand from the plant, “Do I really need to be a hentai too? I’ll leave that up to you, Ruka; one pervert under our roof each night is plenty enough for me.”

“Oh, you like it.”

“I like it when it’s me you’re perving over and not someone else, “ Sakito said dryly, “Anyway, we’re almost done; you just need to water the plant again.”

“Finally!” Ruka exclaimed, reaching backwards slightly to grab the watering can behind him, “Now we can do what I want to do!”

“Yeah, I guess…” Sakito yawned, stretching his arms as he took off his gloves, “But make it reasonable, remember?”

“When am I not reasonable?” Ruka asked, letting out a bark of incredulous laughter, “I’m n—“

“How about when you ask me to give you a massage after a live, hmm?” Sakito replied, looking pointedly at him, “Or when you tell me to answer the phone when I’m in the bath?”

“How is that unreasonable?” Ruka asked, confusion etched in his features, “Lives make my muscles hurt and you’re way more talkative and courteous than me while on the phone!”

“You have a very warped sense of reality, Ruka.” Sakito shook his head in disbelief.

“Everyone seems to tell me that…” Ruka murmured, his brows creased in puzzlement, then, louder: “Hey, do you think the boards on the shed are starting to look rotten?”

Sakito’s brows creased in suspicion at Ruka’s very random remark but he got up nevertheless and walked over the shed, the drummer following closely behind him. Ruka took off his gloves as he walked and narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the dirt that had gotten under his fingernails.

“I don’t see anything wrong with these boards, Ruka.”

“I do,” Ruka replied, smirking, “There’s something very wrong with them.”

“Well you’d better tell me because I’m not going to be able to pick out the fault on my own.” Sakito’s voice was impatient as he turned around and crossed his arms over his chest.

“You’re not against them,” He said and pushed Sakito against the shed as he leaned in for a kiss before Sakito could protest, “And they do actually look a little old.”

Sakito returned the kiss eagerly, albeit a little concerned about the neighbors hearing or seeing them. Ruka looped his arms around Sakito’s lower back, not caring as the wood bit into his skin slightly when he pushed Sakito further against the shed.

The kiss was broken as Sakito pulled Ruka’s shirt off his chest, flinging it somewhere to his side as he put his arms around the drummer’s neck and pulled him back to his body. Ruka began kissing Sakito’s neck playfully when they were interrupted by a sharp gasp from their side.

Sakito pushed Ruka off of him quickly and turned to look in the direction the sound had come from, his eyes wide as he saw their neighbor staring straight at them with her mouth hanging open in bewilderment and perhaps horror.

“Gomen nasai!” Sakito exclaimed, bowing frantically, his face turning red, “It won’t happen again!”

The woman turned around, her face white as a sheet as she walked back into her house on unsteady legs. The second her door had closed, Ruka started laughing hysterically as he fell against the shed for support. Sakito came over to him, still blushing crazily.

“Remind me to call someone to install new, higher fences tomorrow,” Sakito said, “And they’re damn well going to be opaque!”

“Did you see the look on her face, Tsuki-chan?” Ruka laughed, “It was priceless! I wonder if she was turned on!”

Sakito shook his head in disbelief and embarrassment as he started heading for the patio doors leading to the house.

“Hey!” Ruka called out between laughs, “Where are you going Sakito? I thought you said you’d do what I wanted to do!”

“Well if all you want to do is sit there and laugh, be my guest but if you were thinking of something else…” Sakito looked back at Ruka who had already stood up and winked at him, “I’ll be upstairs.”

“Are you sure you’ll be too uncomfortable against the counter tops?” Ruka called out, jogging slightly to catch up to Sakito, “Because I’m kind of in the mood right now.”

“Ruka!” Sakito cried, shocked, “Not so loud! Everyone in the vicinity will hear you!”

“You’re right,” Ruka grinned, “I need to say it louder!”

“It’s my birthday and I’m going to bang my hot, sexy boyfriend against the countertops in our kitchen! And then I’m going to drag his tired, shaking body upstairs to our bed and—“

Sakito jumped on Ruka, slapping his hand over the drummer’s mouth to quiet him, his cheeks dark red. When he was sure Ruka would not yell anything else, he removed his hand only to see a large lecherous smirk form on his companion’s lips.

“Well someone wants it bad…”