The final note was played and the band left the stage. They were tired and sweaty but they felt good.
They had just played a great performance and couldn’t wait to celebrate. Yomi jokingly said he’d bring the condoms, which earned him a whack or two. He didn’t mind though it was all in good fun.

Instead of partaking in whatever Yomi had in mind the group decided to go drinking for a while.
They got changed into something a little more comfortable and took care of any other business they had to do.
They walked out of the building and heaved a sigh of relief; it was way cooler out here than it was in there.

They started walking not really caring what bar they went to, as long as it sold beer. Ni~ya and Ruka having a conversation and Yomi and Sakito speaking in hushed tones. Hitsugi just trailed behind at a slower pace and kept quiet. He was deep in thought and didn’t hear when Yomi asked him a question. He looked up and bowed his head. “Ah, sorry. I wasn’t really paying attention, can you repeat the question?”

Yomi just chuckled and shook his head. "I said: what are you going to do with your days off?” He looked happy.
They all needed a break they had been constantly rehearsing for this live and now that it was over they could take a break and relax for a while. Hitsugi just shrugged and mumbled something about staying home and playing with his cats. The others all smiled at this, they knew how much Hitsugi loved his cats.
It was always fun to visit Hitsugi and watch him play with his cats. He would always smile while he played.

“Well,” said Yomi. “You’re not going to spend all your time with your cats, I will drag you out of your house if I must. Plus you promised me we could hang out sometime.
Hitsugi nodded, knowing full well he had promised Yomi. And he would keep his promise; he always kept his promises. They continued walking, Hitsugi going back into his own little world, and the others going back to their conversations or arguments in the case of Ruka and Ni~ya.

They arrived at the bar shortly and for a table, they didn’t feel like squishing in at the front bar with a bunch of drunks. They sat down and waited for someone to collect their orders.
Soon a waitress came and asked what they would like. They all ordered the same thing, a beer, nothing special just something cool and tasty. They waited patiently for their drinks to come.
They came quickly, they did order just drinks. They thanked the waitress and grabbed glass.

“Cheers!” Said Ni~ya, lifting his glass. The others mirrored his movements and then took a swig.
They began to a have a big group discussion instead of grouping off, like they did on their way here. But despite being in a group conversation Hitsugi was still off in his own world.
Again he failed to hear Yomi asking him a question. He did notice however when Sakito who was on his left poked his arm. He jumped a little bit and looked up at him.
Sakito gestured over to Yomi who was smiling lightly.

Hitsugi, realizing he had missed a question for the second time that night, blushed. “Sorry,” he said once again. Yomi just waved his apology off, he was used to it by now.
He simply repeated the question. “Would you like to come over tomorrow afternoon?” Hitsugi thought about it for a minute and nodded. Yomi smiled and clapped him hands.
His childish display made the others laugh.

After Ni~ya, Sakito, Yomi, and Ruka finished a few more beers the group paid and left, Ni~ya and Ruka dancing in the streets and Sakito and Yomi laughing with drunken glee. Hitsugi walk beside them making sure they didn’t get killed or pass out. He managed to get them back to the studio and tell the remaining crew to help them get home. He said good-bye to his friends and left.

He had barely taken three steps when Ruka came up behind him and pulled him back. “Come on,” he said. “Come back to my place and well hang out for a while.”
Hitsugi was going to argue that he really should get back to his cats but was cut off by Ni~ya. “Yah! Lets go over to his house, it’ll be fun.” Hitsugi reluctantly gave in.

A short while later they found themselves in Ruka’s house. Sakito plopped down on the couch while Yomi just let himself fall to the floor with a loud thud.
Ni~ya and Hitsugi joined Sakito on the couch and Ruka having no other choice fell to the floor a few inches away from Yomi.
The sat in silence for a few minutes before Ni~ya asked, “So what are we going to do?” the other shrugged and look around, trying to think of something to do.
“I KNOW!” cried Ruka suddenly. “Ni~ya truth or dare?” Ni~ya laughed and picked dare. Ruka dare him to run outside, scream: I’m an idiot, and run back in.
Ni~ya being as drunk as he was did the dare, the other watched in amusement as he ran back in afterwards laughing like an idiot.

They played this for a good hour and a half. In that time Yomi had eaten an entire can of whipped cream, Ruka had tried and failed to do a handstand, Hitsugi had been forced into eating a whole bottle of pickles and Sakito had been forced into a dress. They sat around laughing at each other for most of the time.
Then Ni~ya got an idea. He asked Yomi truth or dare, hoping Yomi would pick dare. Instead Yomi chose truth. Ni~ya was upset at first but decided to use this to his advantage.
“Aright,” he said, an evil grin plastered on his face. “What are your true feelings about Hitsugi? But don’t just tell me tell it to him.”

This was bad, because of all the alcohol he couldn’t filter what he was going to say, everything he was about to say would be 100% true. Yomi turned to Hitsugi and looked him in the eye.
“Hitsugi,” he said loudly. “I love you!” and with that he pulled Hitsugi down by his shoulders and kissed him. The other occupants in the room gasped.
They never expected this to happen. Yomi let go of Hitsugi and stared at him.

Hitsugi was wide eyed and shocked. His mouth was hanging open and he couldn’t move. He had never expected Yomi to feel like that. He didn’t mind though, secretly he had liked Yomi for a while but being shy as he was, he refused to tell him.
He was happy for a moment before he heard Yomi laugh that certain way he always did when he was drunk. A thought struck him and it hurt.
What if Yomi didn’t really mean it what if he had only said that because he was drunk (he didn’t realize what being drunk did to Yomi)?
He felt his eyes sting and new that if he didn’t leave soon the other would see him cry. He got up and walked to the door.
Keeping his back turned he said goodnight and walked out the door. He walked home quickly; his place was pretty close to Ruka’s so it didn’t take long.

He walked in to the door and closed it quietly. After he closed it he leaned against it and let his sobs loose. He didn’t mind crying as long as the others didn’t see him.
His cats almost sensing hid pain came and curled around his legs. He picked one up and carried it down the hall to his room.
He laid it gently down on the bed and got changed into his night cloths. He got into the bed and let more sobs wrack his body. His cat came up and nuzzled him face. He looked at it and let it lay itself up against him. The cat stayed all through his crying. Eventually his tears subsided and he fell asleep. To exhausted to cry anymore.

Meanwhile back at Ruka’s house the guys were getting ready to sleep, they had already decided to stay the night.
As they got settled in under blankets and sleeping backs Yomi looked out the window and noticed it was raining. How appropriate he thought. It reflected how he felt.
He had told the man he loved how he felt and had scared him away. He just hoped that tomorrow he could fix this. He would do anything to make this right.

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