The sun was bright, and it woke Hitsugi up. He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed the dried tears out of them.
His cat, which was still sleeping until Hitsugi had woken it, stretched and jumped down from the bed.
Hitsugi followed his example and went to shower.

He quickly undressed and stepped under the hot stream. He let the water wash away the sweat and grime he had been too tired to get rid of the previous night.
He washed slowly, enjoying the hot spray on his tired muscles. He washed his hair as well, the gel they used was super strong… and they meant it.
After he finished he stepped out and shivered, the cold air hitting his hot flesh. He quickly wrapped himself in a big fluffy towel. He dried quickly and dressed.

He walked out into his kitchen and opened his freezer. He pulled out some waffles and popped them into the toaster he also made a batch a coffee,because you can never have too much caffeine. He waited for his waffles to finish while his senses awaken from the smell of coffee.
His waffles finish and he grabbed a plate to put them on. He was just about to cut his first when the phone rang.
He put his fork down and ran to grab the phone. “Hello?”

“HITSUGI! Are we still going to hang out today?”

He knows that voice. He sighs and thinks about it for a while. He did promise to hang out with Yomi, and if he does it today he can get it over with.
He directs his attention back to the conversation at hand. “Sure,” he replies. “When and where?”

“I was thinking we could just hang at one of our places. If that’s alright with you.”

“Sure why don’t you come over now. I’ll be finished breakfast by the time you get here anyway.”

“Alright! See you then.”

He heard the click that told him Yomi had hung up. He went back into the kitchen to finish his meal.
He finished quickly because he knew Yomi would be there soon and he needed to clean a little bit.
He put the dirty dishes in the sink because he knew he could do them later. He went into the living room and started cleaning.
It didn’t take him long though; his house was quite clean to begin with.

He finished cleaning and not even 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. He opened the door and Yomi was standing there holding a plush kitty.
Hitsugi smiled and grabbed the kitty; he began to cuddle it like it was one of his own.
Yomi smiled and told Hitsugi that he couldn’t keep it, that it was his and he liked it a lot. Hitsugi nodded and handed it back.

Yomi walked it and plopped down on the couch. Hitsugi walked into the kitchen and asked Yomi if he wanted anything.
Yomi told him water would be great. He grabbed water for Yomi and a soda for himself. He settled on the couch next to Yomi.
And began to drink quietly.

The minutes ticked by and neither said a word. Yomi was the first to break the silence. “So,” he said.

“So,” replied Hitsugi.

“What yah want to do?”

“I don’t know”

“We could play a game”

“Sure, what game?”

“Just put in any old racing game.”

“Alright.” Hitsugi got up and looked through his games. He found a racing game and popped it in.
He handed Yomi a controller and got himself one as well. They picked their cars and the track.
The race started and Yomi was in the lead. Hitsugi caught up quickly though and it was close.
Half way through the first lap Yomi decided to be mean, he pushed Hitsugi, hoping to throw his concentration off.
It worked… until Hitsugi did the same thing.
Soon they were racing and shoving and kicking and any other means of slowing the opponent down.
In the end thought it was Yomi who took the victory.

“Ha ha!” He said raising a fist in the air. “No one can beat me!”

Hitsugi laughed and clapped for his friend’s useless victory. The doorbell rang and Hitsugi, still laughing, went to answer the door.
Upon opening the door he saw the remaining three members standing on his front steps.
Ni~ya let himself in and plopped down where Hitsugi had been sitting only moments ago. Ni~ya got an evil look in his eyes.
“So,” he said. “How are the two love birds doing on this fine morning? Not getting into any trouble I hope?”

Hitsugi stopped laughing and stared at him, He eyes wide and mouth agape. Yomi and the others had the exact same expressions on their faces too. “We aren’t love birds,” said Hitsugi quietly.
He turned his back to the group and composed himself. He turned back and said, “I’ll be back soon. I just need some fresh air.” And with that he exited his house.

Yomi looked angry. He turned to Ni~ya and started yelling at him. Ruka sat back and let thing unravel while having a smoke.
Sakito and the other hand went out after Hitsugi. He hoped he would be able to find him and help turn thing around… and soon.