Hitsugi didn’t walk too fast. He knew someone was following him.
He stopped about 10 minutes away from the house and turned around.
Sakito jumped a little bit and his abrupt stop, but walked up to him none the less.
He looked at Hitsugi and noticed he looked tired and upset. He could see tears forming in the corners of his eyes.
“So,” he said. “You want to tell me what’s going on?”

Hitsugi didn’t reply. He just stood there, looking sad as a starved kitten. He took a deep breath and spoke, “ILIKEYOMIBUTIDONTTHINKHELIKESMEBACK!”

Sakito just stood there bewildered. Hitsugi understood and repeated his question, only slower this time.
“I like Yomi… but I don’t think he likes me back.”

Sakito’s eyes glowed with understanding. He smiled and couldn’t help but start laughing. Hitsugi looked slightly hurt but kept quiet.
Sakito stopped laughing and looked and Hitsugi. “Do you honestly believe a word you just said?” Hitsugi nodded.
“Wow… well if you must know. Yomi’s liked you for the past year. He knows your shy about your feelings and so he decided to wait and see what you would do.
That night we all got drunk was Yomi telling the truth. He likes you… a lot!”

“Really?” asked Hitsugi.

“I’m 100% sure,” was Sakito’s answer.

Hitsugi, not even bothering to cover the grin plastered on his face, walked off. He left Sakito there feeling very pleased with himself.
Sakito just hoped that Ni~ya hadn’t done anything truly stupid yet. He wanted things to work out for the two.
They deserved each other.

Hitsugi got home in record timing to see Ni~ya walk out the door followed by a nagging Ruka… something he thought he’d never see.
He guessed Yomi had kicked those two out and rushed in to see him. Upon opening his door he noticed his house was empty.
Yomi must have left as well. He sighed and sat down on the couch. As he sat he heard a funny sound, he looked on the couch and saw a piece of paper with Yomi’s handwriting.
He picked it up and read the note left for him:

'Hey! Sorry to leave without saying goodbye, but I couldn’t take Ni~ya anymore! I hope you don’t mind.
I’ll call you later and maybe we can hang out again.
I’m really sorry about how things went today and I hope things get better for the both of us.
Oh! There’s a gift waiting for you in your bedroom. Hope you like it.'


Hitsugi put the note down and ran to his room. There on his be sat the little plush kitten Yomi had been holding all morning.
Hitsugi giggled and grabbed the kitten, holding it close. He snuggled it all afternoon.
And after he ad fed his cats and finished cleaning the house he climbed into bed, still clutching the kitten.
And as he slept he knew things were bound to work out.

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