Author notes - My first Nightmare fic... it was very fun to write XD and I suppose I got the characterizations more or less right; comments are love!

“My God Hitsu-kun, do we really need all this food?” Hitsugi’s arms were laden with provisions, an embarrassed smile on his face as he walked into Yomi’s apartment. “I’m sorry; I just get so hungry when we watch movies that I figured I’d just bring my own food instead of eating everything in your pantry,” Hitsugi exclaimed, only blushing harder as he laid the bags he had brought on the floor and sat down to remove his boots, “I can’t help it if I have a bottomless pit as a stomach.”

Yomi closed the door behind Hitsugi, plucking the hat from his friend’s head, shaking most of the snow off and throwing it carelessly on a chair a few meters away. He then picked up one of the three plastic bags lying on the floor and, without waiting for the guitarist, walked into the adjoining kitchen. The rustling of bags from the other room moments later told Yomi that Hitsugi had gotten up and moved the bags to a different spot; apparently not the kitchen.

“This seriously has to be the comfiest couch ever,” Hitsugi sighed, laying the plastic bags at his feet as he sat down, “No wonder you’re a couch potato. So anyway, ready to watch the movie I brought?”

“What exactly did you bring?” Yomi called, poking his head out of the fridge, “It’s not a cheesy romance, is it?”

“Well…” Hitsugi replied, hesitating, “It’s certainly suspenseful…” He didn’t seem to certain of his answer.

“Oh my fucking God,” Yomi groaned from the other room, “You brought the Titanic, didn’t you?”

Hitsugi cringed hearing his friend’s very unappreciative tone. Deciding it was better to talk to him in the other room rather than yell at each other like savages, he got up and walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, come on, it’s a classic!” The guitarist leaned against the counter, his arms crossed, blushing a slight shade of pink. His tone was clearly whiny and pleading despite the rather aloof stance he had assumed.

“Classic or not,” Yomi said, taking a sip of his drink, “It’s still a cheesy romance. Beer?” Yomi offered him a can of beer with a raised eyebrow. Hitsugi snatched the can from Yomi’s fingers without hesitation, opening it expertly and taking a large swallow of the brew.

Hitsugi pouted as he returned to the living room, Yomi’s following him in amusement. He dropped onto the couch like a stone, picking up his DVD and the remote on the way down. There he sat, staring at the TV, the very image of a petulant child when he finally felt the couch move as Yomi sat beside him.

“You know I can’t resist giving in when you pout like that, Hitsu-kun, so this is hardly a fair situation I find myself in,” Yomi said slowly, “But I did promise to watch any movie you wanted to tonight so we can watch the Titanic.”

The vocalist watched in satisfaction as his companion’s face softened and a shy smile installed itself upon his lips. “I can’t promise I’ll like it, though,” Yomi added, holding out his hand for the DVD so that he could get up and put it in the player.

“Oh,” Hitsugi said suddenly, realizing Yomi wanted the disk, “Here.”

“Yomi stood up, stretching tiredly as he padded across the floor towards the DVD player. He pushed the power button and then the eject button with a sigh; all he had to look forward to for the next three hours or so was complete boredom.

“The things I do for you, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi mumbled fondly under his breath, “Three fucking hours of sappy romance when all I want to do is watch some porn…”

“I’m so excited,” Hitsugi squealed in glee, completely unaware that that the vocalist had even spoken, “I’ve already got the remote Yomi—no need to search for it over there,” he added, seeing the other man looking for the clicker, “Just come sit down and relax; we’ve had a long week of recording.”

Hitsugi was already fast-forwarding to the main menu when he felt Yomi sit down beside him with a long-suffering sigh. In resignation, the vocalist began shuffling through the bags at the guitarist’s feet in search of a snack. He pulled out a huge bag of chips, opened the bag and set it between them. In an afterthought, he got up once more to fetch another two cans of beer and turned off the lights before sitting down again.

“Do we really need those right now?” Hitsugi asked, inclining his head in the general direction of the beer cans sitting on the coffee table.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be full for long; I intend to drink them fairly quickly.” Yomi’s mood suddenly seemed a little brighter.

“Why’s that?” Hitsugi asked his question knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Because everything is funnier when you’re tipsy.” Hitsugi shook his head in disbelief as he pressed play on the menu screen. After laying the remote on the coffee table, he settled back and dug one hand into the bag of chips with contentment.


“Heh, I wonder what they’re going to go do in that car, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi said, raising his eyebrows and looking over at his friend, “I think this may end up being the best part of the entire movie!”

Yomi had since finished his two extra cans of beer, a whole bag of chips and many other snacks since they had started the movie just over an hour earlier; Hitsugi had absolutely no idea where the smaller man put it all. The vocalist had entertained himself the entire time by inventing different ways of drinking his beer and by taking multiple—yet quite unnecessary—trips to the bathroom.

“You don’t get to see anything Mi-kun… the windows fog up,” Hitsugi explained while keeping his eyes riveted to the screen, “I think it’s rather romantic, actually; they’re so in love…” The guitarist trailed off, a wide smile on his face.

“Have they no sense of excitement?” Yomi mumbled this more to himself than to his companion, settling back into the couch with a huff of indignation. While Hitsugi was still munching absently-mindedly on popcorn, Yomi could do nothing but stare at the screen in complete boredom; he was sick of eating, sick of drinking and sick of sitting still.

There was also the minor problem of his incredibly prominent erection.

For the past twenty minutes or so, Yomi had been struggling to hide his hard-on from Hitsugi; he wasn’t sure if it was because of his boredom, his drinking or due to his incredibly lacking sex life of late but the vocalist had been turned on for so long now that he was starting to feel a little insane.

He felt relieved that he had remembered to turn off the lights before starting the movie because it had made it so much easier to hide his arousal. By lifting up his leg and resting his chin on his knee, he could hide any evidence from his companion… It didn’t make his horniness go away though. If anything, he became even more aroused, the thought that he could be caught only enflaming him even more.

Under the pretense of watching the movie, the vocalist fantasized about pinning Hitsugi to the couch and pleasuring him until he screamed Yomi’s name. The only problem was that Yomi had absolutely no idea whether or not his companion would be receptive to the idea of being more than friends.

“Finally decided to actually watch the movie?” Hitsugi’s tone was amused, his gaze never breaking contact with the TV screen.

“Yeah, I guess,” Yomi sighed, more in sexual frustration than anything else, “Not like there’s much else to do.”


The two main characters of the movie said their goodbyes in the frigid waters as Yomi watched in rapt attention; he was attempting to focus all his attention upon the movie rather than his arousal. The movie was almost over and his desire still hadn’t dissipated despite him concentrating all his attention on something that bored him. He didn’t think he could take any more torture but also knew that to get up at this point would surely reveal his hard-on; pajama pants were a bother that way.

“Is the movie almost ov—“Yomi was cut off when he heard his companion sniffle miserably beside him. He turned to look at Hitsugi in complete disbelief; he was rubbing teary eyes and sniffing his nose in sadness, “Don’t tell me you’re actually crying at this!”

“I can’t help it; it’s so sad…” The guitarist could barely contain a sob as he talked.

Yomi had had enough; he was more than ready to throw caution to the wind. He swiped the remote off the coffee table and, before Hitsugi could react, he swung one leg over the guitarist’s lap and planted a forceful kiss on his lips. For a few seconds, Yomi got no reaction from the younger man and was about ready to give up and apologize profusely when Hitsugi finally responded to the him. In renewed vigor, Yomi deepened the kiss by wrapping his hand around the back of Hitsugi’s neck and pulling him closer, swiping his tongue across the other man’s lips.

Out of breath, the vocalist broke the kiss, opening his eyes to stare into Hitsugi’s.

“Wha—what was that about?” Hitsugi was blushing, eyes clouded with lust.

“I figured if I could make you horny you’d stop crying,” Yomi said, not bothering to sugarcoat his explanation—although he conveniently left out the fact that the main reason he had accosted the guitarist was because of his own arousal. “Hmm, I think you still need a little cheering up…”

“Maybe just a little bi—“Yomi cut Hitsugi off with another kiss, this time much more insistent since he now knew that the guitarist was receptive to him. Impatiently, he stuck his hand under Hitsugi’s shirt and ran his fingers up the length of his chest until he found a nipple. He scraped lightly over the surrounding flesh, grazing the nipple only slightly until he heard his companion moan in satisfaction under him.

Breaking the kiss, Yomi moved his lips to nip at the other’s neck drawing long breathy sighs from his partner. His hand moved to Hitsugi’s other nipple absently, fingers pinching much harder on the second than they had on the first. Yomi smirked into the guitarist’s neck when he felt the other pull at his shirt, trying to take it off.

“Lay back on the arm of the couch for me, would you?” Yomi said, sitting back and taking off his shirt. He let his gaze fall appreciatively over Hitsugi’s body which was positioned in such a way that made him look both seductive and aloof of the entire situation. Both his elbows were propped casually back on the arm of the sofa, his head tilted up slightly to expose his neck to the vocalist and the hint of a sly smile on his features; it was a side of Hitsugi that most rarely saw. In afterthought, he dangled one of his legs casually off of the couch in blatant invitation.

“Mmm, very sexy,” Yomi muttered appreciatively, getting on his knees and stretching forward to drape himself on top of the guitarist, “But I think you’ll be even sexier with the shirt off.”

Hitsugi let Yomi guide his shirt off of his body, deliberately choosing to let the other take care of him. It was not often that the guitarist chose to actually have sex with anyone, let alone make out, so he figured he’d make this one time last. It was not the physical aspect of relationships that bothered him but rather the emotional aspects; they were just plain awkward and he preferred to keep to himself and his friends rather than try out something that was—In his opinion—doomed to fail.

Yomi caught Hitsugi off guard as he grinded unconsciously into the guitarist’s pelvis, making their erections brush maddeningly against each other. A faint blush rose to Hitsugi’s cheeks despite himself in both pleasure and embarrassment; it wasn’t out of shame for his body—or anything close to that, for that matter—but rather out of a shyness that he attributed to the relative newness of the situation he found himself in. Yomi didn’t let the younger man rest before he was assaulting his lips again, this time much more fiercely, refusing to hold back any longer. It was only then that Yomi remembered the remote still in his hand; he had forgotten to turn off the movie even though he had been planning to do so ever since he had picked up the remote. With annoyance, he pointed the remote in what he thought was the general direction of the DVD player and pressed what he hoped was the stop button. It was; he heard the movie stop in satisfaction and threw the remote control to the ground without a second’s hesitation.

It appeared that Hitsugi hadn’t even noticed that the movie had been turned off which was not surprising with all the distraction Yomi was providing him with. Hitsugi broke the kiss, panting, a rosy glow of pleasure on his cheeks.

“How long have you been this horny Mi-kun?” Hitsugi’s tone was borderline incredulous.

“One:” Yomi, said, taking a pause to kiss Hitsugi on the lips, “I have been this horny for a little over an hour. Two:” Yomi paused once more to move down a bit so he could suck on one of the guitarist’s nipples, “I am always horny.”

“Quit teasing…” Hitsugi panted, barely managing to get two words out as the vocalist assaulted his nipples, “Me!”

“Does this,” Yomi whispered, cupping the guitarist’s erection, “count as teasing?”

“Ungh…” Hitsugi couldn’t manage even one word, his tongue flicking impatiently over his piercings as his hands tried to grab at the material of the sofa. He whimpered as Yomi’s fingers ghosted over his fly, never putting enough pressure in his digits to actually cause the other man pleasure. All that he created was impatience. Yomi stretched his body until his lips were beside Hitsugi’s ear.

“Do you want it?” Yomi whispered, gently nipping the guitarist’s ear, “Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

His question came with a condition: Hitsugi had to tell Yomi what he wanted even though they both knew exactly what that was. Hitsugi blushed ferociously at the thought of voicing his desires out loud; he had never actually told someone exactly what he wanted sexually before. It was exciting and potentially embarrassing.

“Iwantyoutosuckmycock,” Hitsugi mumbled incoherently, blushing even harder.

“I don’t think I heard you, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi drawled into his ear, brushing his fingers against the guitarist’s manhood, “I think you’ll have to speak a little louder and probably more clearly, too.”

“I want you,” Hitsugi said in as soft a voice as he thought Yomi would permit, “to suck my cock.”

“Music to my ears,” Yomi purred, lowering himself back to his earlier position at the crotch of Hitsugi’s pants.

He unbuttoned and unzipped Hitsugi’s pants, pulling them off easily and throwing them carelessly on the floor, not hesitating to remove his boxers as well. In a swift movement, he divested himself of his pajama bottoms and shivered slightly as the cold air kissed his skin. Hitsugi almost laughed when he saw that Yomi had not been wearing any underwear at all the entire time he had been at his house.

“What a perv,” Hitsugi mumbled, amused and not the least bit surprised.

“I aim to please.”

He caught the guitarist by surprise once more as he wasted no time taking Hitsugi’s hard member in his mouth, eliciting a sharp gasp from his companion. Yomi almost choked the first time he tried to take it deeper into his mouth (for it had been a while since he had done that sort of thing) but his second try went much more smoothly. After all, blowjobs were not really his specialty; he usually preferred the more traditional methods of having sex. Traditional in the way that he would be pounding into some poor woman—or man for that matter—from above instead of looking up at them from below. He had to admit though: he liked the borderline dirty feeling of Hitsugi’s cock in his mouth.

“God,” Hitsugi moaned, “More… So good…”

Yomi could barely handle the anticipation any longer as he guided his free hand down to his cock, stroking along with the rhythm of his descents upon Hitsugi’s member. Hitsugi’s heaving panting and barely-controlled writhing beneath him only served to enflame hi s already substantial desire for the other man. There was precious little reason to restrain himself anymore.

He tried concentrating harder on pleasuring Hitsugi—which was hard when he just wanted to take care of himself—using his tongue to trace the veins on the guitarist’s cock and the underside of the head, even stopping his ministrations on his own cock to massage Hitsugi’s balls a little bit. He was therefore surprised when he felt Hitsugi pull on his hair in a clear indication for him to stop. Letting Hitsugi’s member slide out of his mouth slowly, teasingly, he looked up at his companion in thinly-veiled confusion.

“Turn around,” Hitsugi said breathlessly.

“Huh?” Yomi wasn’t quite sure what Hitsugi wanted but he was pretty damn certain that the only person that would be getting fucked would be the guitarist. Yomi did not like being on the bottom.

“Come on,” Hitsugi pleaded, eyes clouded over in lust, “Just do it…”

Yomi couldn’t say no when he heard the tone of Hitsugi’s voice… it was just too sexy to resist. Reluctantly, he sat up and turned away from Hitsugi so that his pale back was exposed to the dim moonlight streaming in from the window. From somewhere behind him, Yomi heard Hitsugi’s soft voice.

“Now lie down and pass me your ankles.”

Yomi was even more reluctant than before to be giving Hitsugi so much access to his body but was just as intrigued to find out what exactly why his partner wanted such access. He lay down as asked and lifted his legs, feeling Hitsugi’s hands close around them and before long, he was being pulled backwards onto the guitarist’s body in confusion.

“I thought you would have caught on by now,” said Hitsugi, “you see, there’s this magical little number that I’m quite fond of…”

Yomi felt like an absolute idiot for not having thought of it before. Hitsugi’s inhibitions seemed even more absent than before:

“I couldn’t just let you give and give and receive nothing in return, Mi-kun. I just really, really want to suck on your cock and I can’t do that when you’re all the way down there sucking me off.”

Yomi was still speechless; he couldn’t understand how he had not thought of such a thing himself. There was also the fact that Hitsugi usually appeared to be the least sexual of everyone in Nightmare… perhaps, Yomi thought, he was just too shy to voice his desires all the time. In any case, Yomi was very keen on trying out Hitsugi’s idea.

There was no point in saying anything anymore because they were both too far gone to need words. Instead, Yomi slid himself backwards a little more and took Hitsugi’s cock in his mouth, enjoying the taste of his precum as he took it as deeply as he could. He had already fallen into a comfortable yet quick rhythm when Hitsugi took Yomi’s member all the way into his throat in one stroke, almost making the vocalist choke with bliss. The room was filled with sounds of skin sliding on skin, sucking, smacking and slurping sounds reverberating into every crevasse. There was panting as their bodies undulated together, eyes closed in pleasure and nails digging into skin or fabric as they slowly lost motor control.

“Ungh…” Hitsugi moaned, the sound waves vibrating deeply in his mouth, making Yomi feel like he was having a sensory overload. The only sense that was not on fire was his vision; his eyes were closed because he did not think he could stand it if he were to actually see what he was doing. It would be too much.

Hitsugi came unexpectedly making Yomi lift his head in surprise only to get semen all over his face. Hitsugi dug his nails even harder into Yomi’s flesh as he writhed beneath the vocalist, riding out his orgasm, but he still managed to keep his mouth glued around Yomi who was close to the edge too; especially after his companion’s continual moaning.

The vocalist was barely able to hold himself up on his arms anymore because they were shaking so badly; he pulled Hitsugi’s legs so that he bent his knees and dug his fingers into his thighs, bracing his head between the guitarist’s legs. He could barely concentrate on kissing the inside of Hitsugi’s thighs when he was so close; the salty taste of Hitsugi in his mouth did not help his situation. He could hear moaning from all sides; was he the one making all the noise?

After what seemed like an eternity of almost-pleasure, his orgasm hit him, tearing a groan from his mouth and making him buck hard into Hitsugi’s mouth, who didn’t seem to mind the action in the least. His nails were digging into Hitsugi’s thighs like knives and somewhere in the back of his lust-caked mind he hoped he didn’t cause scars.

In a daze, he remembered where he was and who he was with; all he could hear was Hitsugi’s steadying breathing and his own panting breaths. Reluctantly, Yomi pulled himself off of Hitsugi’s body and repositioned himself so he could see his face. With a slow smile, Hitsugi pulled yomi’s face close to his.

“I think you’ve got something on your face, Mi-kun. Here, let me lick it off for you.”

Hitsugi slowly licked his own cum off of Yomi’s face, making barely-audible moaning noises in the back of his throat. Yomi was dumbfounded to feel himself already getting a little aroused again. Pulling back, Hitsugi suddenly donned a look of confusion, “Hey, why’d you turn off the movie?”

“Because sex is really awkward when your partner is crying,” Yomi, said, his face completely serious, making Hitsugi giggle.

“You know, Mi-kun, I’m a little tired,” Hitsugi said with a secret smile, “Would you mind if I slept over?”

“Not at all, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi replied, “In fact, I would probably have forced you to whether you liked the idea or not.”

“Well anyway,” Hitsugi said, smiling mischievously, “I might as well put in a request now while I’m still mostly oblivious to everything around me and half dead from the amazing orgasm you just gave me...”

When the guitarist didn’t add anything to his statement for a moment or two Yomi raised his eyebrows impatiently: “Yes?”

“Would you mind actually sticking your cock in my ass this time?” Hitsugi asked, half-mortified at his choice of words but too hopped up on pleasure to actually care about them for long. Yomi stood up, taking Hitsugi by the hand and pushing him towards the bedroom.

“Why, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi replied, smirking as he swatted Hitsugi’s ass, “That’s exactly where I was planning to put it next.”