Author notes - This is my New Year's Eve erm, gift? I don't know. XD However, I realised there was a terrible imbalance of Nightmare fiction in my archive and I dug this up and decided it could possibly be fit for posting. Keep in mind that the first half was written litterally months before I wrote the second so... well, I don't think it's noticeable. But maybe it is. Hmm. Written in the same 'timeline' as my only other Yomi x Hitsugi fic. XD Comment if you enjoy~!

Hitsugi lay contentedly on his belly, petting the cat in front of him and swinging his legs back and forth in the warm air. In the background, he could hear Yomi singing off-key in the shower; apparently not even professional vocalists could escape the curse of bad-shower-singing. Or maybe Yomi was a complete dork and did it on purpose. It would not surprise Hitsugi one bit; after all, Yomi was a tad eccentric.

“My body is a sex temple,

My hand does the walking,

My eyes are observation towers,

Which help me with my stalking!”

Hitsugi winced; make that very eccentric. Yomi could be so vulgar… Hitsugi focused his attention back to his cat and tried to ignore the rest of the obscenities spilling forth from Yomi’s mouth; the tune was rather terrible, too.

“Do you need to be brushed, Sumi-chan?” Hitsugi was addressing his cat, of course, who was purring happily on the bed which they both lay on. He scratched the cat lightly on the side of her face and laid his head on the bed, looking directly into the animal’s little aquamarine eyes. Sumi looked back into her master’s eyes—although if anyone were able to talk to her, she would surely deny belonging to anyone—and batted his nose with her paw.

“Hey!” Hitsugi exclaimed, his voice partially muffled by the thick navy blue comforter under him, “That wasn’t fair at all! You could have suffocated me if you hadn’t removed your paw sooner, you know! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Hitsugi laughed as his cat looked up at him innocently, her blue eyes mesmerizing him.

“I love you, Sumi-chan—”

“What’s this I hear?” Yomi asked in interest as he peered down at Hitsugi, his hair messy and wet, “Declaring your love for someone other than me… Are you cheating on me? With a cat?”

Hitsugi’s eyes went wide as he realized exactly what Yomi’s implication was and before he could tell him to shut his mouth…

“So you’re into bestiality, huh? I never knew you had it in you, Hitsu-kun!” Yomi cackled loudly, ruffling his companion’s hair in mock-admiration, “So, do your kitty-friends consent or…?”

Hitsugi let out a gasp of outrage and jumped up to tackle the vocalist but Yomi had anticipated his reaction and was already halfway to the bathroom, laughing ravenously. His heart pounding, Yomi tried to close the door but Hitsugi was too fast and forced it open, giving his companion a hungry glare as he pushed him against the nearest wall.

“Sexy little bastard.” Hitsugi said, molding his body against the vocalist’s and running one of his hands through Yomi’s wet hair.

“I just washed myself…” Yomi muttered in a voice that did not suggest annoyance in the least, “You should have done this while I was still in the shower…”

“You know,” Hitsugi said, groping Yomi’s ass, “I kinda like you against the wall.”

“I’d actually prefer you against the wall.” Yomi replied, twisting around and trying to flip Hitsugi onto the expanse of wall beside him.

Of course, the guitarist was more than aware that Yomi would try that on him and just held the vocalist against the wall even more firmly, grinning at the look of bewilderment and then frustration on the vocalist’s face as he realized that he would be on the bottom for once.

“This just isn’t going to work,” Yomi said, skeptically, “Seriously: it’s just too weird. If you don’t cut this nonsense out I’m going to be rough with you and you know I’ll keep my promise!”

“You’re hardly in a position to be able to do that, Mi-kun,” Hitsugi said reasonably, “And I promise I just want to try it once and if it’s too weird we don’t have to ever do it again.”

“It’s already too weird!” Yomi exclaimed, his eyes wide in emphasis, “There is no way it’s going to work!”

Hitsugi leaned in and kissed Yomi roughly on the lips as if to prove his point but found that he didn’t enjoy the feel of being on top as much as he thought he would, nor was he all that crazy about kissing Yomi roughly. Mollified, he pulled away from the kiss and took his hands away from Yomi’s sides, putting them around his neck instead.

A slow smirk spread across Yomi’s face immediately.

“I told you so…”

“Oh, don’t start with me;” Hitsugi murmured in what he hoped was a seductive voice, “I’m not in the mood to play the blame game. I want something different.”

“And you believe that something is to be found in the bathroom, of all places?” Yomi drawled back, still smirking, “Wouldn’t you, of all people, search for this something in the bedroom?”

“I don’t know…” Hitsugi said, his eyelids drooping with lust, “I think I may have dropped that something on the cold, hard floor when I was so busy holding you against the wall...”

“Maybe,” Yomi whispered suggestively, “You should get down on your knees and search for it.”

Hitsugi placed his palms flat onto Yomi’s still-damp chest and slowly sank to his knees, letting his fingers drift downwards slowly. Yomi rested his hands on the top of Hitsugi’s head almost in insistence and the guitarist shot him a very quick grin before divesting him of his towel.

“I think I may have found it, Mi-kun,” Hitsugi said lazily, unwilling to finish their little game so soon, “Do you think I should check if it’s broken though? You know, feel it for scratches or cracks…”

“That’s a very good idea, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi murmured faintly, the game finally starting to get to him, “Although maybe you should use your tongue instead of your fingers. It would be… softer.”

“I’m not so certain, Yomi,” Hitsugi said, feigning nervousness, “Don’t you think that’s a big job for my tongue, alone?”

“Maybe you should employ the use of your entire mouth, then,” Yomi replied lustily, clearly turned on, “You have a nice mouth.”

“Oh, but will it fit?” Hitsugi asked, looking up at Yomi as though asking for his advice, “I’m not so sure…”

Yomi, for a split second, was expressionless and then, quite suddenly, the hands on Hitsugi’s head flexed and the guitarist found his face very close to the certain something they had been debating over.

“God damn it!” Yomi exclaimed in frustration, “Are you done playing your little game? Hurry up and suck me off already!”

Hitsugi resisted the very tempting urge to laugh himself hoarse and instead slipped his mouth down Yomi’s length; the vocalist’s irritation vanished immediately, just as Hitsugi had known it would.

“Yes,” Yomi hissed in pleasure, “Your mouth is amazing…”

Hitsugi ran his tongue along the underside of Yomi’s cock and took it as deep as he dared but quickly got bored of the exercise; it could get very tiresome if you were not the one receiving the pleasure. He withdrew his mouth slowly and teasingly and looked up at Yomi, licking his lips slowly.

“Why did you stop?” Yomi asked breathlessly, “It was just getting good! Put your mouth back on my cock this instant, Hitsugi!”

Hitsugi sent Yomi the best pout he could muster and took his shirt off slowly as if to prove to his companion that he had all the time in the world. Then, he looked directly into Yomi’s eyes and took his belt off, tossing it carelessly to the side.

“My mouth is starting to ache, Yomi,” Hitsugi said in a voice that was almost childish, “But I wanna ache somewhere different.”

Hitsugi forced himself not to snicker at the look on Yomi’s face which was somewhere between shock and extreme lust. It almost looked as though the vocalist were about to pass out; Hitsugi found it funny that although he would not literally be on top that afternoon, he would still be calling the shots.

Hitsugi wasn’t exactly prepared when Yomi quite literally jumped him but enjoyed it nonetheless; the vocalist was muttering what sounded like take off the pants incessantly, but Hitsugi couldn’t tell for certain. He shimmied out of his rather loose jeans and let Yomi yank off his boxers like a madman, the floor rather cold on his back.

“I think you’re a sex kitten, Hitsu-kun,” Yomi mumbled, “A devilish, evil little sex kitten that enjoys sadism.”

”You obviously like that kind of thing,” Hitsugi half-moaned as Yomi began kissing his way up the guitarist’s chest, “I got you on the floor, didn’t I?”

“That’s beside—” Yomi bit one of Hitsugi’s nipples, “—the point.”

“Oh, really?” Hitsugi breathed, “I thought that was the whole point.”

“I got on the floor because I wanted to,” Yomi said stubbornly while pinching Hitsugi’s other nipple, “Not because you gave any indication that you would enjoy that.”

Hitsugi laughed softly and grabbed Yomi’s length so fast that the vocalist’s eyes widened in shock again.

“Admit it, Mi-kun,” Hitsugi murmured, his voice seductive, “You like it when I tease you and tell you what to do…”

“Ridiculous,” Yomi scoffed, “I’m a man.”

“A very sexy one,” Hitsugi agreed immediately, “But what does that have to do with this?”

“I—erm…” Yomi hesitate for a moment and then exclaimed, rather loudly, “Screw this confusion! Let’s just have sex!”

Once again, Hitsugi had to concentrate very hard on not succumbing to a fit of laughter; Yomi was probably the most sex-obsessed man he had ever met. Without further ado, the vocalist began kissing Hitsugi in earnest, one of his hands still toying with the guitarist’s nipple. Without warning, Yomi broke the kiss and tugged lightly on one of the piercings near the guitarist’s lips, eliciting a long moan from Hitsugi because although he was used to Yomi doing such a thing, it never failed to rile him.

“Love your lips…” Yomi groaned, “Too bad they’re not still wrapped around my cock…”

“They would be…” Hitsugi replied, his breathing uneven, “If you didn’t take forever to cum.”

“You were barely there for a minute,” Yomi whispered, moving in to bite one of Hitsugi’s ears, “How can anyone cum that quickly without previous stimulation?”

“I never said it was fair,” Hitsugi replied, moaning as Yomi reached downwards and brushed his fingers over the guitarist’s cock, “And besides, I thought you were a sex god; aren’t they able to do things like that?”

“I’ll show you sex god…” Yomi muttered determinately, his eyes flashing, “Get on your hands and knees Hitsugi, and I don’t care how uncomfortable you think it is!”

Hitsugi bit back a moan; there was nothing he liked better than being ordered around by Yomi. Hitsugi did a little better than Yomi had asked him to do, though, and dropped all the way down to let his forearms rest on the cool floor, thereby making his ass the highest point of his body from the vocalist’s point of view.

“Now why the hell is it that we always forget the lube until the last minute?” Yomi muttered angrily as he stretched out to open one of the cupboards under the sink, “You’d think it would be the first thing on our minds. Honestly…”

“Behind the… the…” Hitsugi struggled to remember where he had stuck the new bottle Yomi had bought just a week ago. “The facecloths!”

“Trying to hide it from the guests?” Yomi teased, “So your mother won’t think you’re doing anything unholy with your angelic boyfriend while she’s not around?”


Hitsugi’s tone was half complaint, half moan; it was getting increasingly difficult not to touch himself and even just the air coiling around his body was starting to drive him mad. The guitarist couldn’t see what Yomi was doing but he assumed that he was putting on the slick substance because Yomi wasn’t much better at waiting then he was; he was probably worse. Hitsugi almost mewled with pleasure when he finally felt two fingers inside of him but knew that it was not enough to satisfy him, or Yomi, for that matter.

“Stop playing around, Mi-kun,” Hitsugi moaned, “I don’t need that kind of foreplay anymore; I want you right away…”

Yomi didn’t say a word and instead took his fingers out of Hitsugi and positioned himself at the guitarist’s entrance and slowly pushed his way in. Hitsugi hissed in pleasure; the feeling of fullness that Yomi gave him was like a drug in that he always craved more, again and again.

“Better?” Yomi murmured teasingly.

Hitsugi couldn’t reply; his voice felt like it had disappeared because of the sensory overload. The cold creeping in through his extremities, the hot spreading out from his lower body, the air circulating around him, the warm, firm hands just above his hips and the rhythm that was being built up between them, something hard and fast. It was always like that with them; once they got far enough, taking it slowly was no longer an option.


“Hurry up!” Yomi called out to Hitsugi who was hurrying up the steps behind him, “We’re already late as it—”

“You’re late,” Ni~ya stated dryly as he opened the door, “By over an hour, to be exact. Saki-chan tried to call you—must’ve been five, six times—and we were just about to dig in without you.”

“We were—”

“Taking a shower,” Hitsugi said immediately, not giving Yomi a chance to finish his own explanation, “And the water was so nice and warm, we must’ve lost track of time!”

“Yeah,” Yomi agreed at once, glancing back at Hitsugi with a quick smirk, “Sorry to have kept you all waiting, anyway…”

“Well, stop blabbering on the doorstep and come in!” Sakito called out from the inside of the house, “It’s freezing outside and you’ll make the whole house chilly!”

Yomi stepped inside, followed by Hitsugi, and Ni~ya closed the door behind them, shuffling away into the kitchen where Sakito was; Hitsugi reckoned he heard the bassist go down the stairs and into the basement. Yomi ventured into the dining room and sat down expectantly, picking up a napkin as if to inspect it as he waited for his meal to be served to him.

“The least you could do is help me bring everything to the table, Yomi,” Sakito said disapprovingly from the kitchen, “Making us wait…”

“Yeah, yeah…”

Yomi got up reluctantly and crossed into the kitchen; Hitsugi took off his boots and his coat even more slowly to avoid helping as much as possible. A nasty trick, yes, but then again, he was tuckered out. He lined his footwear neatly next to Yomi’s and wandered into the kitchen.

“You can bring in the huge bowl of rice—there,” Sakito said, addressing Hitsugi, “And Yomi, you bring over those two glasses of wine—I’ll bring in these.”

“So they finally dragged their sorry asses over here, huh?” Ruka asked, just coming up the stairs, “I had expected you both to just not show up. What’s your excellent excuse?”

“They lost track of time in the shower,” Ni~ya said at once, his eyebrow raised at Ruka, “The water was reportedly warm and cozy.”

“You were having sex, weren’t you?”

Ruka laughed and so did Yomi who wasn’t about to deny the accusation; Hitsugi tried to contain his mischievous grin. Ni~ya chuckled as he stuck a cigarette between his lips, which he lit quickly. Before he could breathe in the fumes though, Sakito was there to snatch the thing away from him and crush it against the ashtray nearest him. Sakito gave him a stern look.

“No smoking when we’re just about to eat,” He said flatly, “You know that. Now go on and sit—all of you—I doubt I’m the only one in this house that’s starved.”

The other four all murmured in agreement and sat at their usual places around the table; Sakito was last to sit down as he carried his own glass of wine and a large bottle of the drink into the room. He sat down and sighed in satisfaction but just as he was about to tell everyone to start eating, he got back up with another sigh—this time of annoyance—and walked back into the kitchen.


“Looks like he forgot to bring one of the dishes you prepared, Ru,” Ni~ya remarked, cutting off the drummer, “I wonder, did he—”

Ni~ya fell silent for a moment as he peered around glasses and such to see if he could spot what he was looking for on the table; he took on a thoughtful expression for a moment.


“What is it?” The guitarist called out tiredly, “If you want something else you’re going to have to get it yourself, Ni~ya!”

“I was just wondering,” He said loudly, “If we have any wasabi left! Do you think—?”

“Yeah,” Sakito replied, “There’s some in the fridge!”

Ni~ya nodded resolutely to himself and got up, ambling into the kitchen.

“Is he always like this?” Yomi muttered in amusement to Hitsugi, “Rem—”

“Saki-chan is a perfectionist,” Ruka chuckled, cutting in, “Of course he’s always like this. That’s why I just do what he says and stay out of his way. Ni~ya hasn’t quite learned that lesson yet, for some reason.”

“And I guess he tells you to stay downstairs on the computer?” Hitsugi snickered, “I—”

“For your information,” Ruka replied dryly, cutting in again, “I usually make about half of every meal—sometimes more. Saki-chan just doesn’t like to admit he asks for my help.”

“You’re not serious!” Yomi laughed in disbelief, “I never would have guessed! So I guess now you’re going to tell me that the delicious dumplings he makes are actually made by you?”

“Nah,” Ruka laughed, “That really is his recipe and I think he prepares the sauce a certain way, too... Goddamn delicious.”

“C’mon Sakito, sit down!”

The three men looked over at the entrance to the kitchen to see Ni~ya attempting to push Sakito’s back into the room with his chest while he held two dishes, one in each of his hands. Sakito was laughing in exasperation as he turned around and took the bigger dish out of Ni~ya’s grasp and laid it down on the table in front of him, finally sitting down with a tired yet contented sigh. The bassist sat down in the spot he had left moments before and wedged the other dish between his drink and the tall bottle of wine Sakito had brought in earlier.

“All ready?” Hitsugi asked, smiling, “Can we eat, now?”

“Just don’t forget to save some room for the champagne later,” Yomi said grinning and raising his wine glass, “Here’s to another year of making music with the craziest guys I know!”

Everyone laughed at this and raised their glasses, echoing Yomi’s words in their own way. And they ate. And they drank.