Notes: watch out for cheesyness. ;] oneshots are not my forte. I知 surprised I知 writing this particular pairing, but here you are...

Sometimes when I look out the window, I see something interesting. Now, though my blinds are down, I can still manage to see that the sky is light blue and the meager puffs are peach because of the setting sun. I知 bored to death. I知 lifeless through and through. My leg hurts, too, so I値l just keep sitting around on my bed.

My cell starts ringing. I知 going to kill whoever this is. I get off my numb bum and crawl across my mattress to the table. It痴 Ni~ya calling. I pick up but don稚 say anything.

滴ello? He asks after a second.

滴ello? I repeat, copying the tone he used.

添eah, shut up. Are you busy?

I sit back on my mattress and sigh. 哲o, I知 not really.

鼎an I come over?

I consider it defensively. Have I really run out of excuses?

迭uka, he says, nearly argumentatively. 展e need to do something.



溺y place is too messy, I say dryly.

鉄o? Let痴 go out then.

的 don稚 know.

Ni~ya is not a person to press things. He says, 徹kay. Buh-bye then. He hangs up.

By now it痴 really pretty dim in my room. It痴 about time to turn on the lights, but I kind of like it in the dark. Shit, I should call Ni~ya. Once I致e opened my phone, I知 surprised to find that I知 actually calling. That痴 what impulses do to you. I call him though.

的t痴 you, he says almost accusingly.

添ou池e not coming here, but what do you wanna do? I ask immediately.

I don稚 know.

Oh geez, I知 too impatient to be going down this road. 滴urry and figure out something to do, and we値l do it, I tell him.

的 was sorta thinking an arcade.

Of all the places I知 not in the mood for. But I said I壇 do it, so I quickly tell Ni~ya I値l see him there and then I hang up. Once I switch on the light and can see my room, I scan the place for some clothes and sunglasses. I can feel that my gaze is pure bitterness and because of that, I can稚 find anything. I just don稚 see anything. The images don稚 sink in. I wander to the closet, grab second choice materials from in there and quickly ditch my room. It痴 always at times like these when I have Sendai Kamotsu痴 鉄aipan stuck in my head. I suppose that痴 a good sign. A hopeful song? Well. At least the tune is a little sweet

Thinking about the song softens me up a little, but when I enter the arcade, the noise I find there makes me hate the summer the song was talking about. The air-conditioning is a little much. Even though he dragged me here, one thing that痴 nice about Ni~ya is that he always arrive before. Well, I知 always a little late in general, but him, he痴 never overly late. I walk slowly by stations of games, looking for him. I eventually fine him, gun in hand, shooting at bugs or something on a screen. He痴 on some special mission.

It takes him a long time to lose at this game, so I head off to a coin machine. I really wish I could regain 鉄aipan but the game noise won稚 let me. Summer, summer, summer, the high time of life, no? Grrah.

I take my change and find that Ni~ya still hasn稚 died out. He hasn稚 even said 蘇i to me, but he knows I知 here. He makes exclamations showing his surprise or fighting spirit now and then since he has found a witness in me.

Once he loses, he turns around and looks at happily. 添ou wanna race cars? he asks. Ah, he knows what games I僧 best at, and he痴 trying to exploit it to his advantage. As if that will make me grateful to him for having me come here. Anyway, I do want to beat him, so we race.

I don稚 really even like these chairs. I have to adjust mine because probably someone more around Chiba痴 height was last using it. Anyway, maybe Ni~ya痴 just playing oblivious to my mood, but he seems particularly energetic and cute tonight. He talks a lot of garbage, but once we begin the race, it痴 obvious who痴 better. He keeps his mouth shut as he struggles to make it to third place, while I知 easily first. 溺ost people do better than you, I tease him after I win. 摘specially given how often you come here.

添eah, but I usually don稚 play this game, he says, smiling brightly.

I don稚 quite understand this smile. He turns his head left to right, looking for something to do next. However, an odd trace of smile still seems to linger on his face, and I知 suddenly concerned about what痴 going on. Happiness like this isn稚 quite normal, let痴 say. All we did was play a game, and he lost even.

I shove him in the shoulder. He turns to me expectantly, saying, 努hat?

添ou池e in a good mood, aren稚 you?

展hat? Why? He asks, playing cool while playing dumb.

哲ever mind.

We really only spend an hour at the arcade before we decide to go drink. Like me, Ni~ya loves to drink in private, so we go back to his house. It痴 really a weird feeling between us tonight. I open my beer can and start drinking while he clears a place for him to sit on his sofa. I知 really not compelled to say anything to him, and it痴 only because of this weird feeling. He痴 been the one acting strange. I don稚 think it was my fault. Anyway, this lull allows damn 鉄aipan to creep back into my head. Hardo Gay too and Ricky Martin. 鏑ivin la Vida Loca is quickly overtaking 鉄aipan.

迭uka, Ni~ya says. 展hat do you like least about the band?

What a weird question from his lips. Anyway, I do have some potential answers to give him, from among them, I answer, 的 hate that it might end one day. Nothing major. You?

的 don稚 know, nothing really, he says. In that case, I知 not sure why he brought it up. Still, the beer is good. He finishes his ahead of me. 的t痴 good to have beer, he says.

Mm hmm, I知 thankful that this one beer has indeed brought him back closer to himself.


I glance over my silver can at him. He痴 been addressing me by name quite a lot tonight.

鄭re you lonely? he asks me sincerely.

I look at his clean face instead of search my thoughts. I致e been lonely. I don稚 need to think about it. It痴 difficult to say for some reason. 滴ave another beer, I say to warm up. I push one over to him across the table. 鄭nyway, I知 a bit lonely.

He watches me, waiting for me to continue.

鉄top it, eh. I wave my hand to complement my words.

He gives me a dry look, one that I like, one between close friends. Mm, I want to drink all night.

I complete three beers with him, and that is enough for me after all. I致e already made multiple trips to the bathroom. I move to a loveseat and stretch out on it, lazily. My position is thoroughly relaxed. Relaxed, except, I realize that Ni~ya痴 watching me. I orient my vision toward him, but I知 not about to sit up. My eyes move, following Ni~ya as we makes his way over to me and squats beside my chair. He puts his hand on my thigh, not far above my knee; the reason lies in something between stability and closeness more or less. It痴 comfortable. We致e never minded a little contact between us.

的 don稚 really hate you, he mumbles.

A small alarm bell goes off in my head, but I don稚 understand what he痴 getting at. I don稚 even know if I was supposed to catch the words.

迭uka, he continues again. 迭uka, sorry, alright? But I love you and think about you all the time.

I try to disentangle his brisk string of words, but in fact, I think they were a little to freely uttered. I don稚 see his logic clearly.

He moves his arm so that it rests atop both my legs, and then he rests his head at the side of my knee.

的 don稚 think you did anything wrong, I say.

He groans slightly; he sounds frustrated. 的 know, he says in voice directed away from me. Really I can稚 hear him well. 的 guess I know, he says. He sits straighter and gazes up at me now as he talks. 的 guess I shouldn稚 have gotten drunk. It would have been better, but anyways, Ruka, you know now, right? I really love you.

典hank you. I try to swallow with my dry mouth, but more than that I find it hard to keep a lid on my soaring spirits. I feel my heart practically jumping out at Ni~ya. I know he痴 not that drunk, not drunk enough that he doesn稚 mean what he痴 saying. I can feel he means it, but it痴 difficult to get through my warm and stuffy head and then to produce an appropriate response.

的 really love you, Ruka, he repeats refreshingly.

I reach out a hand and touch his shoulder. I really have no words. I don稚 have to have a functioning mind to know that he痴 top quality. And if he痴 found something that good in me, even while I宋e been low, it痴 certainly touching. I don稚 need much of my brain at all to remember how badly I致e wanted him and how much I宋e cared.

In a moment, I slip down off the loveseat and sit on the floor with Ni~ya. I take hold of his forearm and caress it with my thumb as we sit looking at each other. How is it he loves me? How good is that.

Ni~ya scrambles up to me and hugs me warmly. Moments pass. Closing my eyes, I wonder why I致e been as troubled as I have. I close my eyes and can稚 remember my fears. I had someone who loved me and who I knew respected me. I had someone whom I loved as well. It's enough to love. Even if it were one-sided. That must be why even "Saipan" is so nice.

THE END, yo.