This story is purely fictional. i am in no way related to or affiliated with Nightmare.
That said, this is what happens when i’m extremely bored in class. Yay college math. >_< (And inspired in part by a couple of their backstage videos [hand-elephants!!])
And another note:
Ruka’s real name= Satoru
Yomi’s real name= Jun

It had been a long day. Not a bad day by any means, just too long for anyone to handle without being driven to fatigue. They had all gathered at Ruka’s place- his had happened to be the closest to the recording studio- to drink and unwind. It was late now, Sakito and Hitsugi had already left, and Ni~ya was now standing to leave.

“I should get going while I can still walk,” Ni~ya smirked. “Thanks for letting us use your place.”

Ruka nodded, raising his beer bottle in Ni~ya’s direction. “Thanks for bringing the booze,” he grinned before finishing the last swallow.

Ni~ya laughed. “Ja ne.”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Yomi stand to leave, and his heart thudded wildly. Now was his last chance, he wouldn’t have another opportunity for a better time than this. Yomi stretched his arms over his head, fighting back a yawn, cheeks flushed slightly red from the alcohol.

“Well, I won’t keep you up either,” he said, picking up a few scattered bottles to throw them in the trash.

Ruka watched the vertically challenged vocalist, his heart racing and his throat knotting as he debated with himself.

The bottles clunked and rattled as they landed in the trash. Just do it, Ruka argued with himself, what have you got to lose?

Everything, came the reply.

“It’s been fun, ne Satoru?” Yomi smiled. Whatever the man lacked in stature he made up for fully with his smile. The happiness didn’t play merely on his lips, but danced across his face, brightening his eyes.

And God is it contagious, Ruka thought feeling the corners of his own lips curling up into a grin as he nodded, despite the obvious panic that plagued his beautiful face. For ages this subject had vexed him on and off, but today it had refused to cease its tormenting.

“Ja ne!” Yomi waved and turned towards the door.

“Wait!” Ruka nearly shouted. Quick as a gunshot he was on his feet, fumbling with his beer bottle and nearly dropping it. Sheer reflexes had made him act, and now he stood awkwardly, wondering what to say next as he set the bottle on the coffee table, not wanting to pick up broken glass later.

Yomi turned and looked at him, his dark almond-shaped eyes questioning. “Nani?”

He could feel the heat burning in his already flushed face. He sat back down slowly, unsurely, averting his eyes as he fumbled for the right words. “Something’s been bothering me, I guess…”

Confusion and concern replaced the contented look on Yomi’s baby-face. He approached Ruka and without missing a beat took his usual spot on Ruka’s lap. Leaning back and tilting his head he looked at Ruka through the corner of his eye.

“What is it, Satoru?”

He was certain Yomi could hear his heart as it danced wildly in his chest. That’s just it, he thought to himself, you’re always doing this, always taunting me but never letting me know if it’s anything other than just teasing..

Yomi was certainly the most outgoing in that sense, and Ruka couldn’t help but notice most of that affection- be it real or not- was directed towards him. Hoping none of the others caught on to how much he always truly enjoyed it, he obliged and always played along.

But still, his feelings for Yomi were growing stronger with each day he spent with him, and there was only so much “play” he could take.

“Well…” Ruka began slowly, sneaking his hands around to rest, as casually as he could, on Yomi’s tummy. Same as always.

“Well?” Yomi pressed.

Ruka nervously drummed a couple beats on Yomi’s belly, knowing there was going to be no easy way to get it over with. “Well,” he started again, his fingers now tracing soothing little circles. Yomi relaxed, reclining his head back onto Ruka’s shoulder, obviously enjoying the tummy-rub. Seeing that positive reaction gave Ruka a little encouragement.

“You must enjoy these belly rubs and such; you’re always sitting on my lap,” Ruka began, inching Yomi’s shirt up to continue dragging his fingertips in light circles now on Yomi’s bare skin. He couldn’t help but grin as he felt a wave of goosebumps spring up on Yomi’s milky, smooth flesh.

“Hmm,” was Yomi’s only response. His eyes were now closed, face painted with bliss. Ruka was almost certain it was a sigh of pleasure that had sounded in Yomi’s throat, and not the sound of pondering that it was supposed to be masked as. Slowly Ruka was gaining confidence.

“And you rarely seem to shy away..” his delicate touches changed coarse as he trailed his fingers up over Yomi’s ribs, “…when I do this.” He had reached those sensitive nubs of flesh and dragged his fingers in tickling circles around them, letting them dance across once to feel as the nipples hardened in response.

The very beginnings of a moan caught in Yomi’s throat before he abruptly changed it to laughter, sitting up straight as he did. “That’s because you’ve never done it like that before,” Yomi said lightly, turning to face Ruka and flashing a crooked grin.

Ruka tried to hide it, but despite his efforts he was still grinning from ear to ear. As quick as Yomi was to disguise it he had still heard that pleasured groan.

“Well, what if I did?” Ruka questioned, his smile now more of a smirk. Yomi knew he had been caught.

“I dunno,” he said as casually as he could, leaning back against Ruka, and Ruka let his hands go back to work on Yomi’s stomach.

“Tell me then- why always me?” Ruka asked.

“Hm…” Yomi pondered this time. “You do give the best belly rubs.”

“Is that so?” he felt Yomi shudder the slightest bit as his fingers trailed dangerously close above Yomi’s waistline.

“Yeah, you want an award or something?” Yomi teased. He knew now where he was being led, but decided he wasn’t going to go so easily.

“That’d be nice.” Ruka could sense Yomi’s stubbornness and knew he’d have to work to get anything out of him. “Is that it? I’m sure they’re not that great.”

“Digging for compliments now? You that desperate?” Yomi mocked, fighting to hold his ground. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy as he felt his heartbeat quicken as the slender, beautiful hands worked their way up over his ribs again.


“Well then, maybe it’s because you have the comfiest lap. Or maybe-” his voice caught suddenly in his throat and his head went back reflexively when Ruka went again to Yomi’s sensitive spot.

“Goddam, you’re good at that,” Yomi gasped breathlessly as he folded himself forward. “You trying to torture something out of me?” He turned and looked at Ruka, an almost malicious glint in his eyes as he gave him a sideways smile.

“Why, do you have something to hide?”

So that’s how it’s going to be, Yomi thought as he laughed, well two can play at this game. He pulled his shirt off over his head, laughing inside at the look of panic on Ruka’s face.

“What?” he asked innocently. “Better tummy-rub for me.” He leaned back against Ruka once more, taking Ruka’s hands and placing them on his stomach. “Continue.”

Ruka complied, his hands going straight to Yomi’s chest. Yomi made sure that when he leaned his head back onto Ruka’s shoulder, his mouth was right next to Ruka’s ear. Ruka worked his expert hands over Yomi’s soft skin.

Yomi let himself enjoy it this time. His lips parted as he took in a shuddering breath before his sweet voice escaped in a moan from deep in his chest. Ruka froze beneath him, body becoming completely rigid, as Yomi’s hot breath hit the nape of his neck and his moist lips grazed his ear.

Yomi was a better fighter than he’d anticipated.

“What wrong, hm?” Yomi murmured, tongue flicking out at the velvety earlobe before taking it gently in his mouth. A wave of chills raced down Ruka’s right side as a breathy whimper escaped his smooth lips. His mind was racing with the overwhelming sensation and the bafflement of how Yomi was able to find his weak spot without even a second try.

Yomi was relentless. Without breaking stride he let his lips graze Ruka’s neck with feather-light touches, his warm breath raising chill-bumps on Ruka’s skin. His lips trialed back up to the area of flesh just to the side of the jugular, right below the jawline. His tongue flicked out once, caressing the delicate skin before sucking on it gently.

Ruka shuddered and gasped as his hands now felt aimlessly over Yomi’s bare torso, one hand making it up to run his fingers through the smaller man’s hair. Ruka knew he was losing the battle, for as good as he was good as he was with his adept hands, Yomi was ten times as skilled with his mouth.

“Anyway,” Yomi said finally, raising his head to murmur in the drummer’s ear, “I believe we got a bit off topic. There’s been something bothering you?”

“Not.. fair…” Ruka gasped, still breathless. He could hear the smirk in Yomi’s voice.

Yomi laughed. “You did start this you know,” he said, now turning his whole body to face Ruka, legs straddling the taller man’s lap. “But maybe,” Yomi’s expression became serious as he leaned in towards Ruka, “…maybe you’ve found out what you needed to?”

Ruka struggled to open his eyes, to focus. Everything was muddled by the young man on his lap- his voice, his scent, his closeness. He opened his mouth to respond but the words caught in his throat and his mouth just hung there, partially open. His hands were moving frantically now, feeling over every inch of Yomi; his lust had become insatiable.

Yomi almost felt guilty for teasing Ruka so (almost), but he was slightly amused at Ruka’s reaction. He couldn’t deny, however, that in the process of breaking Ruka he’d also brought down himself; he’d finally gotten a taste of the beautiful man who’d taunted him for so long, and now he wanted more.

It was Yomi who finally closed the last few inches between them, pressing his warm lips against Ruka’s, not hesitating to allow his tongue through the already-parted lips to taste the drummer’s sweetness, tinged with alcohol.

Their tongues danced slowly, savouring each other’s taste. Ruka could not believe this was happening. He was too afraid to open his eyes for fear of it all being just a dream. He clung to Yomi, hands instinctively gliding down the younger man’s torso to fumble with the buttons of his jeans.

Yomi caught Ruka’s hand as it undid his zipper, unwillingly breaking the kiss to look into Ruka’s eyes.

“Already on your way to fully undressing me and I haven’t even touched a single button of yours yet.. don’t I get to have any fun?” Yomi teased.

“But you took off your own shirt,” Ruka pointed out, still somewhat breathless at what had just happened.

“Minor details,” Yomi smirked, pressing his lips back on Ruka’s before he could protest. Yomi wasn’t sure if he was too pleased with Ruka’s shirt-choice that evening- too many buttons. Normally he would’ve enjoyed drawing out the undressing process but the elation was causing his hands to fumble too much with the buttons.

The last button finally undone, Yomi slid the shirt from Ruka’s shoulders, his hands feeling every inch of silky skin along the way. Breaking away for a mere moment, Yomi examined the shirtless man beneath him.

“You’re so beautiful, Satoru, did you know that?” Before Ruka could make any response, Yomi was back at his neck, warm lips and breath teasing their way down, this time past the nape, lingering for a moment at Ruka’s collarbone before continuing down, planting a trail of soft kisses along the whole way. Ruka’s breathing was becoming more laboured and heavier with each intake of air. Yomi was winning, he could feel all of his will draining to the mercy of the vocalist’s expert lips.

Ruka took in a sharp, shuddering breath as Yomi’s mouth closed around one of his nipples, sucking gently, his tongue flicking at it until it hardened. Yomi’s hand worked the other nipple, playing with the sensitive flesh. Ruka shuddered beneath him, writhing in response to Yomi’s touch. This edged Yomi on. He was obviously enjoying Ruka’s reaction.

Instinct took hold of Ruka. He no longer had control as his hands ran down the vocalist’s bare back to his waistline and around to the front to the zipper he’d already undone. One hand found its way in to discover Yomi was already fully aroused. He began to rub gently along Yomi’s length through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Breaking away from Ruka’s nipple Yomi let out a moan before going to rest his forehead on the drummer’s shoulder as the handjob continued. His breathing quickened, voicing a moan or whimper occasionally as the pleasure coursed through him. Keeping his face buried in the nape of Ruka’s neck and trying to think clearly, Yomi’s hands fumbled with the button of Ruka’s pants.

Finally succeeding in unbuttoning them, Yomi proceeded to pull them down to his knees along with the boxers, opening his eyes to again examine the slender man beneath him, who was by now fully erect.

“Kirei na karada dayo,” he whispered into Ruka’s ear, sucking briefly on the earlobe just to feel Ruka shudder beneath him. “You’re so amazing.”

Without saying anything more he shifted Ruka so that the drummer was now lying along the length of the couch. Yomi pulled Ruka’s pants off the rest of the way, casting them aside haphazardly as sitting down between the drummer’s legs. He glanced up to Ruka’s face- his cheeks were flushed red, his eyes averted to the side, and a nervous look painted over his usually calm expression. Yomi was suddenly concerned, afraid that maybe he was rushing this a bit too fast, or that maybe Ruka didn’t want to take it this far.

“Daijoubu?” Yomi asked.

Still averting his eyes, Ruka replied: “Yeah.” His tone said otherwise.

Yomi leaned over Ruka, using his hands to support himself as he hovered over the drummer.

“You sure? Am I rushing this too much? We don’t have to keep going if-”

“No,” Ruka interjected quickly, finally making eye contact. God no, please don’t stop. “I’m just.. embarrassed I guess.”

Yomi smirked. “What’ve I just been telling you, hm?” He leaned over to plant a kiss on Ruka’s neck, lingering there before he continued. “You’re so beautiful, you have no reason to be embarrassed.”

He felt his heart flipflop in his chest. Why do you have to be so wonderful, Jun? “It’s just that… I dunno. This is, well…” He hesitated.

“Is this your first time?” Yomi asked innocently. “Surely not you, you must’ve had people after you all the time.”

Ruka had to laugh. “No, no it’s not.” He became serious again. “It’s just that, before, it was just sex, you know? But now, with you.. I can’t say this without it sounding mushy… I feel like- I hope that- it’s more.” Ruka’s cheeks flushed even deeper than before.

Yomi was grinning form ear to ear, completely elated at what he had heard. “How did I get to be so lucky?” He nuzzled his face into the nape of Ruka’s neck. “How, how, how? I’m nothing next to you..”

Ruka took Yomi’s face in his hands and brought Yomi to look him in the eyes. “You know that’s not true.”

“Whether it is or not-”

But Ruka didn’t let him finish. He pressed his lips against the young vocalist’s, not wanting that bliss to end. He felt one of Yomi’s hands as it began its way along the inside of his thigh. His fingers wrapped around Ruka’s length and he began jerking rhythmically.

Ruka tried to suppress it, but despite his efforts he still moaned into the kiss, unwillingly breaking away to throw his head back and take in a shuddering breath.

He didn’t notice Yomi move, and wouldn’t have noticed for a while if he hadn’t then felt Yomi’s tongue caress the head of his erection, licking up the salty precum from the slit. He clung to the side of the couch, digging his nails into the fabric, writhing in his effort to keep from bucking his hips as Yomi continued.

Yomi enjoyed listening to Ruka’s sweet voice as he vocalized his pleasure. He dragged his tongue up and down the hardened shaft, stopping a couple times to favor Ruka’s balls before taking as much of Ruka’s length in his mouth as he could. Ruka lay there completely engulfed by everything Yomi was doing, his one hand running his fingers through the vocalist’s perfect hair while the other one continued to grip the side of the couch, his chest rapidly rising and falling with each breath.

After a while he felt Yomi’s mouth release him. Lifting his head he found Yomi looking back at him, one corner of his mouth curled up in a smirky half-grin. “You… are amazing,” Ruka breathed. “But-” he sat up, meeting Yomi face-to-face, “-you haven’t won yet.” Without leaving a second for reply he closed the gap between their lips, forcing Yomi to his back this time (although it didn’t take much effort since Yomi didn’t put up any resistance). Their tongues continued their lovers’ dance as Ruka’s fingers felt Yomi all over, stopping now and again to favour a sensitive spot that would spark a moan deep in Yomi’s throat.

Ruka couldn’t take it anymore; he couldn’t seem to get close enough to Yomi. He had wanted him so badly for so long. Now it seemed that it had only been seconds before that he finally new for certain, and there he was lying beneath him. Ruka was almost certain he was dreaming, but there Yomi was. He could hear him, feel him, smell him, taste him.. the gates holding Ruka back had been opened and everything that had been suppressed before now flooded free. It wasn’t enough anymore to hear and feel and smell and taste. He wanted to be as close as humanly possible, wanted to become one with Yomi.

Breaking away from the kiss he readjusted himself, placing his erection at Yomi’s entrance. He hesitated a moment, trying to catch Yomi’s eye, but the shorter man had kept his eyes clenched shut as he struggled to catch his breath.

“Don’t stop..” he pleaded to Ruka. That was all he needed to hear.

After a little readjusting, slowly, gently he worked himself into Yomi’s tight hole.

Their bodies moved together rhythmically, their skin beaded with perspiration, their voices gasping together- Ruka savouring the feeling of being inside his lover, and Yomi savouring the feeling of his lover inside him.

Ruka took hold of Yomi’s erection, pumping it in rhythm as he plunged in and out.

Yomi whimpered, “Ah, ikisou!”

“Chotto matte.” Ruka let go of Yomi’s dick and began thrusting faster in an effort to synchronize their climaxes. Yomi whimpered in protest, but Ruka could feel himself so close to climaxing too.

Moments before reaching his breaking point he resumed jerking off Yomi.

Yomi couldn’t hold himself back any longer, and with a final cry his warm semen shot out over his torso and over Ruka’s hand. It was only seconds later that Ruka gave one final thrust as his entire body shuddered and he released himself inside of Yomi.

Ruka collapsed on top of Yomi. Both of their chests were heaving as they caught their breath, their clammy bodies shaking with exhaustion as they held each other. Ruka rested his head on Yomi’s chest, ear down so as to listen to his rapid heartbeat gradually return to normal. Yomi took to soothingly running his hand through the drummer’s hair. It was quite a while before either of them moved, the two of them just laying there, trying to take in what had just happened. It was finally Ruka who moved first, pushing himself up to look at Yomi. The little vocalist caught his eye, smiling as he moved into a sitting position.

“Well,” Yomi stated, still grinning. “I certainly wasn’t expecting all this to happen tonight.”

Ruka laughed. “I wasn’t either, but that was one hundred times better than I could have hoped.”

Yomi nodded, stretching his arms out to Ruka who complied immediately, curling up against him as Yomi held him close. There was a short pause before Yomi spoke again:

“So, who won then?”

Ruka laughed turning his head to look up at Yomi. “I dunno, but regardless it was a really fun game.”

Yomi nodded, planting a kiss on Ruka’s forehead. “It was. We should play more often.”

Ruka sighed in contentment, a grin spreading over his face as he closed his eyes and rested his head on Yomi’s chest. “We should.”