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Author notes - Finally, another nightmare fic! XD I thank outori for asking me if I wanted a rukalollipop for no apparent reason, and arashinoookami for demanding suggesting that I write a cute little Ruka x Yomi fic. Well what can I say?! It's Ruka! And Yomi! They're pure sexiness! I think a synopsis is too hard to manage at 7 AM but how can you resist reading something about ugly laundry [and apparently a lollipop]? Don't answer that. Just comment if you enjoy it.
Note: I wasn't able to fit the entire one-shot into one post so I split it into two; the link to part two is at the end of this first part!

Yomi sat contentedly at the table reading a magazine when he felt something brush lightly against his head. He chose to ignore the disturbance to continue reading the article next to the pictures that had caught his eye: how to choose the perfect two-piece for your figure. Of course, the vocalist had no use for a guide on how to pick out the perfect bikini but he figured the pictures of half-naked women would more than make up for the useless article. Something tickled the ends of his hair.

“Whoever’s behind me, would you cut it out?” Yomi asked with a huff of annoyance, “I’m reading an important article, here!”

The person said nothing so Yomi assumed they had left him alone; he turned the page and was met with ten pictures of completely clothed women. He turned back.

“This is what I get for swiping Saki-kun’s fashion magazine…” Yomi grumbled under his breath, “Why does he enjoy flipping through this if they’re completely clothed?”

Yomi drummed his fingertips on the table as he read—or rather stared at the women—and wished that he had not forgotten to bring his ipod to the table with him; it was awfully noisy and he could hardly concentrate. Someone pulled on a lock of his hair lightly and Yomi turned around so quickly that he displaced the chair he was sitting in. He shot his assaulter a mighty glare.

“Quit it, Ruka!” Yomi exclaimed, “Can’t you see I’m trying to read?”

Ruka shrugged and reached out to tug at the vocalist’s hair again; Yomi slapped his companion’s hand away and folded his arms crossly.

“Don’t you have anything more important to do?” Yomi asked flatly, “Like—Hey, what’s that in your mouth?”

Yomi’s expression changed quickly from annoyance to interest as Ruka made a grunting noise and took the object in question out of his mouth to show the vocalist.

“A lollipop!” Yomi cried in an accusatory tone, “Where did you get it?”

“I brought it from home.” Ruka mumbled simply, still holding it up to the light.

“Well, why didn’t you bring me one?” Yomi asked, his voice full of resentment as he looked up at the drummer, “You know I like tho—”

Yomi was prevented from finishing his sentence as Ruka stuck the lollipop in his mouth wordlessly; a small smirk formed on the drummer’s face as Yomi stared up at him for a moment with wide eyes.

“You can have it.”

Yomi pulled the sweet out of his mouth with a pop.

“What?” He asked, suspicion coloring his voice, “You’re just giving it to me?”

Ruka shrugged and grabbed Yomi’s wrist, guiding it and the lollipop back towards the vocalist’s mouth; Yomi stopped him.

“You don’t want anything in return?” Yomi asked incredulously, “No help taking off your makeup or combing your hair or tidying up your drum set?”

Ruka shrugged again and tried to push the lollipop into Yomi’s mouth but the vocalist resisted a second time.



“Okay.” Yomi nodded before sticking the candy into his mouth and turning back to his magazine.

Ruka sat down in the chair next to him and laid his head on the table beside the magazine, his face at such an angle so that it made it possible for him to look up at Yomi while he read. After approximately seven point eight seconds of Ruka’s consecutive staring, Yomi reached his limit.

“Why are you looking at me?”


Ruka had the completely blank look he usually had; the one that masked absolutely every emotion he had except boredom and let Yomi know nothing about what he was thinking. Yomi felt like slapping it off his face; Ruka was probably laughing on the inside.

“I said,” Yomi repeated, taking the lollipop out of his mouth, “Why are you staring at me?”

“You look cute with that in your mouth.” Ruka replied simply, blinking slowly at the vocalist.

“Is that all?” Yomi asked, his eyebrow rising, “It’s a little distracting for you to stare at me while I’m trying to read…”

Ruka made an indistinct noise and continued to blink and watch Yomi whose eyebrows were well above their normal position on his forehead. Ruka clutched Yomi’s wrist again but much more gently this time and, lifting his body off its slouch on the table, used his other hand to take the lollipop out of the vocalist’s grasp.

“Hey!” Yomi cried in outrage, “I thought you gave me that lollipop!”

Ruka shrugged, sucking on the lollipop; he took it out and smacked his lips loudly as if considering the flavour.

“I wanted it back…”

“Well you can’t just take it back without giving me some kind of compensation!” Yomi exclaimed in frustration, “Give me something else! I liked that lollipop!”

“Do you really want it that much?” Ruka asked, sticking it back in his mouth for another taste.

“Yes…” Yomi replied grudgingly, crossing his arms defensively, “I really want it.”

Ruka calmly re-positioned himself in his chair and turned it so that he was leaning forward, his elbows on the armrests, facing the shorter man. Yomi hung his head slightly and sighed, shaking his head slowly in disbelief.

“Are you playing a game with me or something?” Yomi asked, “Because we’ve just spend the entire day shooting that PV and I’m kind of not in the mood to play guess-what’s-on-my-mind with you right now…”

There it was, that mischievous little smile; as soon as it appeared on his features it was wiped away and Yomi knew that Ruka didn’t care whether or not he wanted to play but rather knew that he could.

“Look,” Yomi sighed, a pout hanging around his lips, “Can I have it or not?”

Once again, Ruka said nothing and instead opened his mouth to wet the lollipop against his tongue; he took it out and licked his lips slightly. Yomi watched, saying nothing. Ruka ran the candy against his lips, almost as if he were putting on lip gloss, his features still blank.

“You can have it.” Ruka said simply, not licking the residue off his lips.

“Well then—“

“If you kiss me.”

Yomi’s eyes widened as he watched Ruka’s lips part with slight difficulty due to the syrupy candy still clinging to them; most of the noise had left the room. The drummer leaned back in the chair, one of his forearms laying lightly on an armrest, his legs spread comfortably. His temple rested easily on the tip on his index finger; his elbow connected with the other armrest.

The lollipop hung from the hand connected to the forearm lying on the armrest; between his thumb and forefinger, it balanced precariously between the floor and the palm of his hand.

“You want me to what?” Yomi whispered disbelievingly, “Are you… Are you serious?”

A small smirk that disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

“I didn’t know you were into—”

“Guys?” Ruka asked quietly, with a hint of amusement, “I’m not.”

The magazine lay forgotten on the table beside them; Yomi had a rather surprised look on his face but he was intrigued, too.

“Then…” Yomi paused in confusion, still trying to find the right way to express his questions, “Well—I still don’t—aren’t you just pretending in front of the cameras?”

“It’s just a little kiss.” Ruka said, his voice low and almost silent as his eyes glinted in the afternoon light coming in from the windows.

It was getting easy to forget that there were still other people moving around in the adjacent room; Yomi vaguely remembered that either it was either Ni~ya or Sakito that was in the process of doing an individual montage. Any minute someone could come through the door…

“I don’t know…” Yomi murmured, trying to keep the nervous tone out of his voice.

“So now you’re prudish?” Ruka teased quietly, the arm supporting his head laying flatly on the other armrest, “I never would have thought…”

“I am not!” Yomi snapped at once, his expression one of offence, “Me? Prudish?”

“I can’t ignore the facts,” Ruka replied in the same slow tone, “It’s just a kiss, after all.”

As if to reaffirm the fact, he pressed his lips together slowly again and relaxed them, the substance appearing to be even stickier than before. Yomi was slightly entranced by the display.

“Just a kiss, right?” Yomi murmured, as if asking himself, “Just a kiss…”

He got up out of his chair and crossed the very short distance between his and Ruka’s chair; his feet felt cold as they touched the floor and his overalls were loose enough on him to create a draft. He shivered.

Slowly, as if to stall long enough for someone to dissuade him from what he was about to do, Yomi laid both his palms flat against the lower ends of Ruka’s forearms and leaned his body down and forward slightly until their noses were only inches apart.

“You want it.”

It wasn’t a question.

Yomi closed the distance between them, pushing away the last vestiges of his reluctance as he pressed his lips against Ruka’s. The taste of the cherry candy was foremost on Yomi’s mind as he slipped his tongue between his lips to lick the drummer’s. Ruka parted his lips slightly and intercepted the tip of Yomi’s tongue with his own; the vocalist took his hands off of Ruka’s forearms and placed them on his shoulders instead.

Ruka’s free arms wound themselves around his bandmate’s lower back without a second’s pause and nudged him closer; Yomi paused in his kissing to exhale and consider what he was doing.

“Just a kiss…” Yomi whispered to himself.

Ruka caught his lips again and tried to nudge Yomi’s body closer to his own with his arms; the vocalist nibbled on Ruka’s lower lip slightly and broke the kiss again as he lost his balance and more or less fell into his companion’s lap.

His knees kept slipping as he tried to position them on either side of Ruka’s legs but the drummer placed both his hands flat against Yomi’s ass and prevented him from budging. It was almost as though he was trapped there between Ruka’s chest and his hands and he couldn’t fathom what was preventing him from running away from the situation; he didn’t normally like men. Not in the way Ruka seemed to think he did, anyway.

Yomi was the one to press their lips together again but this time it was no longer about the lollipop that Ruka had let drop to the floor a long time ago or even the taunt that he had risen to; it was about curiosity.

There was no longer that sticky sweetness to their kissing that there had been at the beginning but rather the slickness that came with the taste of their saliva. Yomi groaned slightly as Ruka tried to push their bodies closer together; he hoped that the drummer hadn’t heard him—not to mention all those beyond the room.

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