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Author notes - This is the continuation of Ugly Blue Socks!

He felt weird wrapping his arms around Ruka’s neck but it was interesting experiencing things from such a different point of view for once; he had never straddled someone while kissing them before. Ruka broke the contact between their lips and Yomi’s eyes opened to a heavy-lidded look from his companion.

“Aren’t you just pretending in front of the camera?” Ruka smirked in a whispered mockery of Yomi’s earlier question, “I didn’t know—”

“I don’t like guys,” Yomi replied insistently, “But goddamnit, you’re turning me on.”

“Sex is sex...” Ruka whispered slyly.

Yomi’s eyes widened as Ruka kissed him again; he had thought that a kiss would be the end of it. Ruka finally managed to catch the vocalist off-guard and pushed their lower bodies together forcefully. It became evident to Yomi quite quickly that Ruka had been enjoying himself far more than he had let on.

It also became clear that he, himself, had been enjoying the whole situation quite a bit too.

Yomi laid his forehead against Ruka’s and bit his lip while trying to calm himself down; it didn’t really work out too well.

“I thought you said you didn’t like guys.” Yomi’s voice was almost resigned; he knew he liked kissing Ruka and there was quite frankly no way to disprove the fact at this point.

“I thought I already said I didn’t,” Ruka said in an infuriatingly airy tone, “Why would my sexual preference have changed in the last few minutes?”

“Clearly you’re enjoying yourself…”

Ruka said nothing; his lips found the lobe of Yomi’s ear and he took the skin gently into his mouth. His teeth scraped teasingly against the vocalist’s ear and he took one of the piercings between his teeth, tugging on it lightly.

“You’re difficult to resist.” Ruka whispered the words in Yomi’s ear and the vocalist found that, for a moment, he couldn’t seem to breathe properly.

Ruka saved him from further contemplation of the strange statement by pressing his lips against Yomi’s again but the vocalist couldn’t get the thoughts of someone finding them out of his head; the unlocked door was weighing heavily on his mind.

“The door…”

Ruka’s gaze was completely clouded as he let his hands slide slowly to the tops of Yomi’s thighs, laying them finally upon the armrests again. Yomi got up off of Ruka awkwardly and actually felt embarrassed as he crossed the room to lock the door. He considered simply leaving Ruka and the chair and the lollipop on the floor but felt that walking out of the room with a hard-on and no reasonable excuse would be even worse than locking himself in a room alone with Ruka.

The clicking noise that the lock made sounded much louder to Yomi than it probably would have to anyone else; he turned around slowly and kept his face glued to the floor. However much of a pervert he made himself seem and knew he actually was, there were still limits to how far he could go with someone. He could joke and fool around with another man easily—could even enjoy it—but getting serious about it was another matter altogether.

“Going to run?”

Yomi looked up and surprise flitted across his features at the fact that Ruka had settled even further into the room, lounging on a rather comfy-looking futon. Yomi got a rather good look at the drummer’s ugly blue socks and snickered at once.


“Your socks,” Yomi snickered, finally deciding to go over to Ruka regardless of the implications, “They’re really awful.”

Ruka shrugged and ran his hands very slowly along his thighs, as if to entice Yomi to come even closer, just like before.

“Just a kiss, huh?”

“Just a kiss…”

There was something decidedly mischievous in the tone of Ruka’s voice but Yomi didn’t blame him; the man was lying through his teeth. Again. Ruka brushed his index finger against his tongue and ran it against his lower lip; Yomi couldn’t believe he was finding it sexy. The vocalist crawled atop Ruka in much the same way as before except this time there was no awkwardness; it there was, they both ignored it easily.

Yomi leaned in for a kiss again and Ruka pulled him closer; it was frightening how easy and comfortable it was becoming. Their lengths brushed together beneath their clothing and Yomi had to stop kissing to think about what he was doing; it was too much.

“How the fuck am I so turned on by this?” He whispered, exhaling slowly, “It makes no sense…”

“Doesn’t have to.” Ruka replied simply before kissing him again.

Yomi was never the type of person to do anything half-heartedly and so, with a mental decisive nod of his head, he let his hand run down the side of Ruka’s chest; he knew where it was heading but still couldn’t exactly believe what he was doing. Ruka was quick to take some liberties of his own; one of his hands easily unhooked one side of Yomi’s overalls before moving on to the other. Yomi reminded himself that it was no time to act embarrassed as Ruka came to realise that there was really nothing under the overalls.

Funny that the rumour floating around had actually been the truth…

Ruka pinched one of Yomi’s nipples with satisfaction and Yomi groaned into the kiss; that, he enjoyed for certain. He couldn’t hide it. It got harder with every second to keep up the front that his involvement with Ruka was purely out of curiosity; Yomi couldn’t help himself from wanting more after each passing second.

His hand delved beyond the fabric of Ruka’s loose-fitting pants; the last of his will to resist was simply gone. The combination of curiosity and desire had won him over so completely that he simply didn’t care anymore that he was touching a man this way—let alone one of his best friends.

Ruka breathed out heavily as Yomi’s fingers connected with his flesh and he bucked his hips forward slightly out of reflex. His hand sought out Yomi’s nipple again and as he teased it, he bent his head slightly and began kissing the vocalist’s neck. Kissing turned to licking and licking led to nibbling; Ruka actually bit down when Yomi started stroking his erection.

Ruka let his other hand dip beneath the folds of Yomi’s overalls and grasp his length; he wasted no time in stroking it and surprised a moan of satisfaction out of the vocalist. He continued to kiss Yomi’s neck; Yomi was now voluntarily pressed against him, almost panting with need.

The next minutes passed in a blur for the both of them; their movements and actions seemed monotonous but entirely pleasurable. Yomi wondered if anyone could hear them; they were breathing quite loudly and it was hard not to verbalise every single groan that built in them.

The pleasure seemed completely sinful as it built in him but Yomi wanted it regardless; in fact, it seemed even better simply because he had wanted to restrict himself from it. Yomi almost didn’t notice when Ruka came because he was so absorbed in the haze of his almost-pleasure; the drummer panted heavily to prevent himself from actually saying anything and then switched tactics by clamping his mouth down on Yomi’s warm neck.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, Yomi was still in denial at the fact that anything was even happening between him and Ruka but the foremost part of him was enjoying the situation immensely. He was more or less hunched over Ruka’s body, his face pressed into the crook of the drummer’s neck, one of his hands somewhere unspeakable, the other braced against the cushioned seat of the futon.

“God, yes!” Yomi groaned as softly as he could, “Almost—”

He thrust into Ruka’s palm erratically and muffled his groans of pleasure into Ruka’s shoulder; he couldn’t seem to form even one coherent thought as the drummer raked his rather long nails against his nipples. Soon, their breathing faded into the background and noises outside the room became much louder.

“Where’s that lollipop you promised me?” Yomi asked, looking into Ruka’s eyes fiercely; for once, the true extent of Ruka’s emotions shone through. He looked completely shocked.

“You still want that?”

“Nah,” Yomi laughed at once upon seeing the expression on Ruka’s face, “I’m just messing with you!”

Ruka blinked and his expression slowly became blank again.

“I want you, you know.”

“But you just—Wait. You don’t mean…”

“I thought you would have understood when I called you cute.”


Ruka wiped his hand on the inside of Yomi’s overalls and yawned.

“I want to sleep now.”

“Just like that?” Yomi asked faintly, trying to clean his hand off too.

“I’m tired.” Ruka said, “Oh, and you can have my socks if your feet are cold.”

“Socks…” Yomi said, his voice still disbelieving, “I just came in the palm of your hand and you’re offering me socks?”

Ruka shrugged for the umpteenth time that day and yawned again, stretching his arms out in front of him, one on each side of Yomi’s body. The vocalist shakily re-affixed his overalls and padded over to the door which he unlocked; he didn’t leave, though.


Yomi came back over to Ruka and sat down on the futon beside him.

“Yeah, I guess,” Yomi said grudgingly, “I’ll wear your ugly socks.”

Ruka immediately took off the horrid blue socks and placed them messily in Yomi’s lap; Yomi shook his head disbelievingly and grimaced as he put them on. Barely a second later, he found himself yawning; the combination of PV shooting and sexual escapades were starting to take a toll on him.

Ruka leaned in for a surprise kiss; it was more of a peck, really. Yomi didn’t know quite what to think of it so he just accepted it and tried not to think about what it meant; Ruka began lying down after that. He managed to surprise Yomi a second time when he laid his head in Yomi’s lap instead of against the futon’s cushioned seat but his companion didn’t say anything at all about the matter.

“We should do this again.”

Yomi said nothing because he was thinking the same thing and wasn’t ready to admit it out loud. It didn’t seem to bother Ruka though; he preferred for there to be less talking, anyway. Yomi took out his cellphone and was about to send Hitsugi a text message to ask him if the shooting was over for everyone but decided against it; there was plenty of time for that later.

They slept.

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