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Sakito padded over to the couch were his lover was waiting for him to return and dropped down on the cushion next to Niya. "Ok, I swear that was the last work phone call for today," he explained with a sheepish smile, taking the opportunity to leave a little apologetic kiss on the bassist's cheek. He had promised that morning they would have an uninterrupted night and (after turning his phone off) meant to keep his word. Niya smiled softly as his angel's lips touched his cheek, dismissing any negative thoughts on the matter of Sakito’s annoying phone (which he made a note to throw into the toilet later and blame on a drunken whim). Sitting sideways on the couch, one arm over the headrest, the bassist let Sakito cozy up to him, taking in the soft scent of his Taka-chan as the man drew closer.

With one delicate finger Sakito traced the lines in the fabric of Niya's jeans, tucking his head under the bassist's chin. "So...what did you want to do tonight...?"

That gesture alone was enough for Niya to formulate an answer. “Well…I was thinking we could have a little fun tonight…” he responded, curling an arm around his lover’s waist and expecting Sakito to know exactly what he meant by that. Of course, if his love wasn’t up for it, then…the phone was still going into the toilet and he’d have to try again later. Smiling discreetly, the bassist shifted so that there was some space between himself and Sakito, although only briefly, quickly filling that void with a kiss. The bassist left it soft and open, allowing the other to take it further if he wished. Sakito eagerly returned the affection, stroking his fingers lightly down Niya's cheeks. His hands moved down, followed along the bassist's collarbone and over his shoulders until they came to rest clasped loosely around his neck.

"What kind of fun?" Sakito asked coyly with a teasing nip to Niya's lips.

“Mmm…” Niya purred, closing his eyes at the touch, then opening them again to meet the guitarist’s own. “Well, that depends on how naughty my angel wants to be.”

The bassist moved to slip both arms around his lover’s thin waist, hoisting him up and onto his lap easily. Altering his position, he maneuvered the guitarist until Sakito sat perfectly straddled over his hips. “That’s better,” Niya remarked with a smirk, still holding onto his lover’s waist. “Now…what does Taka-chan want tonight? Pleasure for him, pleasure for his lover, or maybe a little of both…?”

"Well...a little of both sounds fair," Sakito answered thoughtfully, though he was far more concentrated on nibbling Niya's neck than what was being said. He left gentle nips along the soft skin on the bassist's throat, pressed close with Niya's arms holding his waist. Lately they had been so busy, there hadn't been much energy left for play, but now a welcome break, however short, reminded Sakito how nice it was to have some time at home with Niya. The bassist slipped his hands under Sakito’s shirt, slowly working them upwards while massaging the silky skin that they came in contact with. He dragged his fingertips along the guitarist’s sides, trailing them to his beautifully flat stomach that they were all secretly so jealous of. Making good use of his deft fingers, he lifted the guitarist’s shirt as much as he could unhindered, but was unable to finish removing the garment while Sakito suckled at his neck. Smiling, he let the shirt fall and instead brought his hands straight downwards, fumbling with Sakito’s belt and eventually getting it unbuckled to work towards a more important goal. A delighted shudder moved up Sakito's spine, biting down a bit too hard on the bassist’s neck as the tremor traveled all the way up to the base of his skull. He pulled away for a moment and rubbed his thumb over the little red mark his teeth left on the bassist’s throat before leaning forward again to press his lips against Niya's, while his lover melted into the kiss, a small gasp escaping between their interlocked lips.

The kiss didn’t deter Niya from his present work, as he now had managed to work the zipper of Sakito’s pants down and reached a hand in to run his fingers over his lover’s growing arousal. He kept his touch light and teasing, if only to drive the guitarist to beg him for more. There was nothing that Niya loved more then hearing the normally reserved Sakito break his wall of calm and confidence. It didn’t happen often, since the guitarist’s self control was unimaginably strong, but when it did it was pure euphoria in Niya’s ears. A minute gasp caught in Sakito's throat as he felt his lover's roaming hands dip down, and his back arched ever so slightly in an elegant curve. Niya would likely get his wish that night, since to Sakito it seemed like every recently neglected nerve in his body was on fire already. Closing his eyes lightly, the guitarist tilted his head to nudge his lover’s cheek with his nose, then kiss the corner of his mouth.

“More?” He whispered seductively into his lover’s ear, a wide grin stretching from cheek to cheek. Without waiting for a reply, he took his lover’s erection in hand and began working it slowly. The bassist loved seeing his angel writhe from pleasure, even just a tiny bit. While that hand kept busy, he let the other work on freeing his own erection from the constraints of his rather tight pants, struggling with his left hand, much to the bassist’s annoyance. Somehow, he managed get the slippery button apart and zipper apart; Niya was overwrought and it was more then obvious by his current state. Releasing his lover’s length, he instead shifted his hips forward to press both their arousals together. Sakito's fingers dug into the bassist's shoulders briefly at the bassist’s practiced ministrations, pushing his own hips forward with a needy whimper, the only reply he could manage for the moment. Instead of trying to speak, he moved back just enough to allow space to trail light kisses at the crook of Niya’s neck, tugging on the collar of his t-shirt to reach as much of the smooth skin as he could.

Of course, Niya wasn’t so prepared as to have lube ready - somehow he’d have to maneuver his lover into the bedroom later. The bassist pushed Sakito off his lap, gently leading his lover down onto the couch, making sure his angel was comfortable before lifting up his shirt to trail warm tongue along porcelain skin. Niya continued down all the way past his lover’s navel, pausing briefly to tug at the piercing with his teeth, but quickly moved further towards Sakito’s arousal, running his fingers over the guitarist’s shaft, circling them around the crown a few times before pulling away. Glancing up at his lover briefly, Niya granting the guitarist a little smirk before he took the other’s length into his mouth, earning him an involuntary giggle followed by a low moan. All thoughts of work, cell phones, and that fact that maybe the living room wasn't the best place to be having sex were quickly swept out of Sakito’s brain in favor of the bassist's talented tongue. One slender hand reached out to tangle in Niya's silvered hair, twirling a few strands around his fingers absently.

Completely oblivious to the goings-on in his best friend’s home Hitsugi had conveniently forgotten that Sakito was now living with his beloved bassist, focused only on the vehement thoughts surging through his normally quiet brain. His only coherent thought was to talk to Sakito about Ruka, and that was the exact reason behind his being at the other guitarist’s front door. Luckily, Sakito had provided him a key for emergencies, like now, since he found the door to be locked, and slipped the key into the bolt, the idea of knocking first never crossing his mind…at least until he had fully opened the door. “SAAAKK……...kii?” he began shrilly, ending in a whimper when the first thing his eyes fell upon was his two friends having their evening fun.

“SORRY!” Yelping, Hitsugi exited the room as quickly as he had entered. Slamming the door, he leaned back against it and tried to bore that somewhat traumatic image out of his head. At least he wasn’t thinking about Ruka now….

The sound of the door opening didn't register properly into Sakito's mind at first, being too wrapped up with the pleasant little explosions in his head, but Hitsugi's unmistakable yell caused him his eyes to snap open with a horrified gasp. Sakito was a very private person by nature, and the idea of even his best friend having walked in on him in the middle of sex chased every single remotely erotic thought from his panicking brain. "Oh my god..." he groaned unhappily, trying to push Niya away as quickly as possible.

“Grrgsh!” the bassist choked as his lover squirmed his body while he still had the other’s length in his mouth and pulled back, looking at Sakito in shock. The bassist had heard something, but had essentially been ignoring everything outside the task at hand. As he recovered from the initial surprise, he suddenly remembered the sound of a door slamming. “What the hell? Wait…was someone just here…?”

Ignoring the bassist's obvious discomfort and confusion, Sakito sat up abruptly as soon as he was able, face drained of color under the expression of utter, gaping mortification. He had completely forgotten about the extra key he had given Hitsugi, and was now switching between silently bemoaning that decision and wishing he would perhaps dissolve between the couch cushions, never to be seen again.

Niya frowned, upset by his lover’s distressed reaction. Standing, he zipped himself back up (not an easy task) and padded over to the door, opening it up to watch Hitsugi tumble backwards into the room. “You…”

Glaring down at the younger man, Niya tried not to be angry at him for ruining his private time with Sakito despite the fact that Tako-san was still pressing uncomfortably against the front of his pants. Hitsugi stutter out an incoherent response as he hit the floor and found himself staring upwards at the rather displeased looking bassist. “Hi…Yuji…” he whispered in a tiny voice, trying to ignore that Niya was hovering over him with an unpleasantly huge bulge in his pants.

Hitsugi covered his eyes with his sleeves childishly, trying to ignore the fact that he made a huge mistake about just coming over without warning, and thus also missed Sakito scurrying into the hallway and the privacy of the bedroom, a miserable squeak escaping his lips in passing. Hiding wasn't going to change anything, but at least it would allow him a few minutes to get his bearings and adjust his clothing into less scandalous positions. After the addition of a sweater that seemed to cover his slender body from head to toe, the guitarist returned to the hall, pausing to listen before creeping back into the living room to peek over Niya's shoulder, seeming to use the broader bassist as a kind of human shield.

“Saki Saki Saki~! I’m sorry! But…somethinghappenedandIhadtocomeseeyounow!!!” Hitsugi scrambled to his feet and pushed Niya away so that he could cling to his friend. He whined, wrapping his arms around the other guitarist’s neck and swaying him back and forth. Tightening his grip around Sakito, Hitsugi took a deep breath before releasing the other guitarist. “Sorry…” he repeated, looking sheepish, thinking himself selfish as Sakito was clearly still shaken by his sudden intrusion.

“Oh, like I don’t even exist.” Niya huffed, rolling his eyes and immediately dragging himself to the kitchen to drown his misery in beer.

Sakito just stared, trying to comprehend exactly what was going on while his brain was mostly still replaying what he considered, for the time being, the most embarrassing moment of his life. Vaguely, he noticed Niya leave in irritation, but there wasn't much he could do about that right now. It finally occurred to Sakito to let Hitsugi in the door, since that was clearly where he wanted to be, and he shuffled to the side to do so. "...What?"

It would be easy to forget what happened with Sakito and Niya, since it was natural for lovers to do such things, right…? Hitsugi blinked, realizing that Ruka probably wanted the same from him, which only caused him to blush beet red and cover his cheeks with his overly long sleeves. “We need to talk…about stuff…that I can only talk to you about….” he reiterated, much calmer and understandable this time as he stepped into the older’s apartment and removed his shoes, leaving his jacket on. The younger started to sit down on the couch, but immediately recoiled from it and spun in a circle facing away once he remembered just what had been going on there no less then 5 minutes ago. Instead, he opted to pace back around toward the kitchen and hop up onto the counter, much to Niya’s dismay. Of course, he couldn’t help but wonder if they had done it here as well, but he tried not to think about it since the more he did, the less ‘safe’ places there were to sit in Sakito’s apartment.

His friend's behavior wasn't helping Sakito's mood in the least and he sighed, wishing he could crawl in bed and not come out for a couple of days at least. Hopefully, Hitsugi would be able to get over his fear of the couch soon, since the guitarist didn't think he could live with being constantly reminded of that incident. Following the shorter man into the kitchen, he stopped next to Niya and waved his hands at the bassist, realizing that his presence would like make Hitsugi reluctant to say what he obviously needed to say. "Shoo..."

“…” Niya opened his mouth to protest, but quickly decided against it. Snatching his beer off the counter, the bassist muttered something vulgar under his breath and stomped towards the bedroom. At least he could watch some porn in there since there was no chance of Sakito getting back into the mood tonight.

Hitsugi watched the bassist leave, then looked up at Sakito. “You didn’t have to make him go…” he said, feeling guilty that he’d now caused Niya’s night to be totally ruined as well. “He probably would just laugh at me, but I’m used to that.”

"I thought you'd be more...er...comfortable this way," Sakito replied, leaning on his arms against the counter. Not only that, but he didn't think Niya would be anything less than insufferable in the mood he was obviously in, and that would only end up being counterproductive. "Do you want something to drink?"

“Yeah, thanks,” Hitsugi replied, curling his legs up to his chest. Now that he was here, he was finding it hard to choose the appropriate words that would explain the situation to Sakito. The younger guitarist really seemed to have lost his tongue; perhaps it was just from everything that had just occurred, but he didn’t know for sure. He glanced over at Sakito expectantly, waiting for his drink in hopes that maybe it would help him sort out his thoughts.

Turning away from Hitsugi, the guitarist looked through the fridge and came back with a soda can, which he handed to his friend, cracking open a bottle of water for himself. He leaned against the counter again, sipping the water and watching Hitsugi with expectant eyes. For the shorter man to be this adamant about seeing him, it had to be important. Hitsugi accepted the drink with a nod of thanks, sipping at the soda calmly. He closed his eyes and took another breath, trying to find the proper way to explain the situation. “Well, you know how me and Ruka have gotten really close over this past year?” he started, not giving Sakito a chance to answer that before continuing. “Today, I went over his place…but something was different. Stuff happened and he…kissed me.”

Hitsugi’s eyes widened as he remembered, his heart starting to beat a little faster as if it were happening all over again. “I panicked though, since he wasn’t playing or kidding. We talked a little and he pretty much seems to want to move our friendship into a relationship…but I don’t know what to do! I don’t even know if I’m…gay…or anything…” He sighed and looked down at his soda can, flicking his wrist so the contents swirled around. “That’s why I’m here. I have to talk to someone about this, and you’re the only one I can really go to….”

"He what?" Sakito's eyebrows shot up in surprise, that being the last thing he expected out of Hitsugi's mouth. Of course he had noticed how much time his friend had been spending with their drummer lately, but he had attributed it to Hitsugi needing more to do now that he was spending so much time with Niya. Apparently, that wasn't the case and it was entirely Ruka's ulterior motives driving their newfound companionship.

Hitsugi blinked and looked up at Sakito apathetically. Didn’t he hear him? “He kissed me,” he replied simply, hoping that the other at least caught everything else that he had said since he wasn’t really in the mood to go over it again and again. Taking another sip of his soda, Hitsugi muttered something under his breath, shaking his head. If anything, the younger guitarist was more confused now.

Shaking his head slightly in disbelief, Sakito frowned and set down his water bottle. "Sorry...I was just surprised." This certainly was a problem, and the older guitarist wasn't sure he knew what to say to Hitsugi, though the other was obviously looking to him for advice. In his opinion, Ruka was a bad catch, but the two had never exactly seen eye to eye. However, voicing his concerns over the drummer's eligibility wouldn't solve anything, and he kept it to himself. "And you're sure he wasn't just being his usual dumbass self...? I never knew Ru swung that way."

“I’m positive,” the guitarist answered without hesitation, looking Sakito in the eye. “That kiss, there was more behind it then just play or lust. I can just tell. This was something he was serious about.” Hitsugi didn’t really have a negative opinion of Ruka at all, since the drummer had become like a surrogate best friend to him over time. While Sakito and he shared similarities, there we just some things that they couldn’t enjoy together, and those thing were what Ruka tended to have no issues with. “I’ve never thought of him as anymore then a friend…. Was that how it was like when you and Ni got together?”

"No, it was mostly a lot of roses and cheesy pick-up lines," Sakito replied with a fond chuckle, drumming his fingers slowly on the counter while he considered the Ruka issue. The drummer was similar to Niya in sense of humor, but it appeared that there was little to compare beyond that. Where the bassist was protective and loving Sakito could easily imagine Ruka being possessive and obsessed, and the idea made him nervous though if he was loathe to tell Hitsugi that when he was already so confused.

“But did you think of him as any more then a friend before he started to come onto you?” Hitsugi reiterated his question, displeased that he really didn’t get the answer he was prying for the first time. “I know Niya is a lot different then Ruka when it comes to emotion. All of us are at least a little expressive, but Ruka hides it away and then lets it out like this. I don’t know what to think.”

Sakito shrugged, unsure of the best way to answer. "I think I was more surprised that Ni liked guys than anything else. But that's a little beside the point. You have to decide if the idea of dating men bothers you or not, then worry over how you feel about Ruka."

“I don’t know…” Hitsugi replied, frowning. “How would I even know? Or even figure it out? It’s not like there’s a manual for this.”

"No, there isn't and it might take a while to figure out, but you shouldn't do anything about Ruka until you know for sure. Otherwise he's just going to end up confusing you even more." Sakito cast his friend a comforting smile, but it only thinly masked the worry in his dark eyes. Why it couldn't have been anyone else but Ruka, he didn't know, and he wished this incident would just blow over. Hopefully the drummer wouldn't try to actively pursue Hitsugi unless it was what the guitarist really wanted....

“Hnn…” That wasn’t really what Hitsugi wanted to hear. Somehow, the younger guitarist was hoping that his friend would be able to provide him with more insight on what he should do, but it seemed he had little to offer. Sakito even seemed slightly irked by the whole situation, despite trying to hide it. Hitsugi sighed, “Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to have an answer for me.”

"And I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you." Despite Sakito's usually reserved judgment, the guitarist felt he had to at least give his friend a subtle warning. Maybe he was completely wrong about Ruka, but it was better to be safe than sorry. He looked down at the counter, turning the bottle in his hand as he tried to think of the gentlest way to phrase his concerns. "Just...be careful, okay?"

Hitsugi looked up at the other, giving him a weak smile. “I’ll try.” Taking his soda, he hopped off the counter and shuffled around the room, not going anywhere in particular, but just to trying to sort out his nerves. “I’m really confused, Saki, and it’s bothering me. I shouldn’t be confused if there wasn’t some part of me that was like ‘maybe this is ok’. What am I supposed to do? Go home and wallow? Or go to the source?”

Sakito watched his friend pace around the rooms idly, leaning on the palm of his hand. Hitsugi probably had his own answer somewhere in his subconscious, but the guitarist decided a little guidance in the safer direction wouldn't hurt either way. "You'll probably be able to sort out your feelings better without him trying to persuade you."

“You’re probably right,” Hitsugi replied, groaning and leaning his head against the shelf. “Then why do I wanna go back to him? I feel like I’m doing something wrong….” Hitsugi went and sat down on the tainted couch, totally forgetting about why it was tainted in the first place and lay down, staring up at the ceiling, not sure what he should do.

Leaving his water on the counter, Sakito padded over to the couch and sat in the small space left between Hitsugi's feet and arm of the seat. "You shouldn't feel guilty for not going to talk to him right away - it's his own fault for going about this like a cave man." Sakito patted his friend's leg reassuringly, "Just worry about your own feelings first."

“Cave man?” he repeated, chuckling lightly. Somehow, Hitsugi didn’t see Ruka’s performance to be all that prehistoric, but maybe the guitarist was a right about it being uncouth. Hitsugi drew his legs up closer to his body, affording the other man more space to sit. “I just wish I knew what I was feeling….” He sighed, glancing briefly at the older guitarist. “You know…I don’t have much experience with this sort of stuff.”

Hitsugi disliked dating. He’d done so in high school (forced rather, by a couple of very ballsy women) and found it to be the most undesirable thing one could possible ever wish to torment oneself with. Since then, he generally avoided the subject at all costs. Normally Hitsugi didn’t even find anyone attractive, male or female – probably because he wasn’t seeking any sort of affection from anyone except his cats, who he found to be much better companions then people. After all, cats don’t talk back or cheat on him.

"I know..." Sakito replied, knowing very well the dating woes of his long-time best friend. Now that there was more space for him to sit, the guitarist drew his legs up on the couch and faced Hitsugi, turning so his back was against the arm rest.

“Then…what the hell am I supposed to do?” he snapped, glaring angrily upwards at nothing in particular. It wasn’t Sakito’s fault that he was lacking experience in romantic subjects, but he really needed his help now, and not just the vague answers that the older guitarist seemed to be prone to use. “Please, I really need some serious help with this Saki and just general suggestions isn’t going to cut it. I’m not good with decisions.”

"...." Reluctant to tell Hitsugi how he truly felt, Sakito didn't answer immediately. He knew whatever further advice he gave would sound opinionated and negative, two things he didn't think his friend needed to hear when he was unsure of his own feelings for the drummer. Sighing, Sakito finally made the decision to grant the other's request. "...Quite honestly, I think you'd be making a big mistake to date Ruka. If you want to try the gay thing, find someone else that has more solid morals."

Hitsugi blinked, craning his neck to look at the other man. “…What?” The younger guitarist knew that Sakito disliked Ruka for the most part, since they really were sort of polar opposites, but he seemed certain on this. “What do you mean?” Hitsugi asked again, trying to be a little bit more detailed with his question.

"I could be wrong, but I can easily see a relationship with him getting out of your control. Ruka doesn't seem to have the same mindset as the rest of the world, like...I don't think he knows when to quit." Sakito hoped he wasn't digging his own grave with Hitsugi's emotions, but it was too late to take anything back now.

“What do you mean by out of my control…?” Hitsugi ventured, shifting to sit up and across from the other man on the couch. He saw Ruka as fun and often childish in humor, but he was his friend and he definitely never noted any of the misgivings that Sakito seemed to have him pegged on him. Maybe it was because his time spent around the other was only as friends.

"I don't know...he seems to have a very one-track mind sometimes, and might be a little possessive," Sakito answered patiently, though he wasn't necessarily sure what he meant, just that he had undeniable reservations about his friend jumping into a relationship with the drummer.

“Well, I guess he does,” Hitsugi replied, considering the fact that Ruka could be a bit simple minded when it came to certain things. “That still doesn’t explain how it would get out of my control. I mean, he’s not a monster or anything.”

"I didn't say it would, I just said it could." Sakito sighed, trying to work out a better way to explain that didn't sound vague and useless. "I guess I mean if you're confused or wishy-washy he might exploit that to get what he wants. I get the feeling he’s not as dull as he looks."

Hitsugi sighed, “I don’t think he’d do that to me. He’s my friend. “ He didn’t want to believe that Ruka would ever hurt him like Sakito seemed to be suggesting, reasoning that if Ruka was like that, then he would have forced him a long time ago. Whatever the answer, the fact remained that this really wasn’t going anywhere. The younger guitarist looked up at Sakito pitifully, hoping that somehow that he would magically have all the answers.

Sakito leaned back with a mildly perplexed expression. He was out of ideas and Hitsugi didn't seem terribly receptive to them either way, as he suspected. "It's entirely up to you how you want to handle it. All I can do is tell you my opinion. I'm not clairvoyant and I don't have any solid answers.... "

“I know,” Hitsugi replied, closing his eyes and mulling over his options. He could either go home and do nothing, or talk to Ruka about it and hope that the drummer would be more amiable to conversing about the issue this time. While Niya was the last person Hitsugi wanted to talk to about this, the guitarist was running out of options. “Think Niya would have any input on this?”

"He might," Sakito replied with a shrug, thinking that his lover would more likely just raise an eyebrow at Hitsugi, but sometimes Niya could be surprisingly insightful.

“That’s not very convincing. I don’t know. I think I need to just talk to Ruka.” Easier said than done. Speaking of the devil, Ruka was at that moment dialing Hitsugi's number, hoping to catch him off guard while the memory was still fresh in his mind. The drummer was relatively sure that even if the guitarist didn't answer the first time, calling incessantly would eventually wear down his resolve. Hitsugi jumped as the cell phone in his pocket started to buzz wildly and he drove his hand into his pocket to retrieve it, glancing immediately at the name on the display screen. His heart started to beat a little faster and he set the phone down on his knee, staring at it as it wiggled its way off the edge and fell onto the fabric of the couch, unsure of whether he wanted to answer or not. Sakito could tell just by Hitsugi's reaction who the caller was, and he watched his friend in anticipation to see if he would actually answer after he had said he needed to talk to the drummer. He wouldn't try to persuade Hitsugi either way, but it seemed as if the other was in reality too nervous to follow through with his plan.

The younger guitarist took a deep breath, closing his eyes and calming his mind before scooping the phone back into his hand and flipping it open. He held it up to his ear dumbly for a few seconds before muttering, “Hello…?”

Ruka didn't respond right away, mimicking Hitsugi’s pause, "...Hey."

Words seemed to have left the guitarist and his mind was as wiped of thought as his expression clearly showed. He sat there in silence, waiting for Ruka to say something more than ‘hey’. Realizing that he was probably hindering any progress Hitsugi might make with Ruka, Sakito got up from the couch and left the room, though instead of leaving the other in complete privacy he chose to lurk in the kitchen and pretend to wash dishes instead.

On the other end of the line, the drummer's pause stretched out far too long, almost beyond repair. "So...are you doing anything?"

“Just sitting on Sakito’s couch,” Hitsugi responded mechanically, letting his eyes follow Sakito’s movements away from him and into the kitchen. He may not have gone far, but it was enough to relieve some of the pressure of having the older guitarist staring right at him. “Um… you?” Talk about awkward - they were never like this before. Hitsugi closed his eyes and sank further into the couch, cursing himself mentally for being so dumb over this whole ordeal.

"Sittin'..." Ruka replied for lack of anything better to say. In fact, he was also smoking, but that usually went along with sitting for the drummer. "Wanna come over? I'm bored."

Hitsugi’s mind went from blank to overloaded in that very instant. Opening his mouth to respond, any words that might have been useful died before they even reached his tongue. The guitarist wasn’t sure how to proceed and now he wished that Sakito had stayed where he was. “Um. Hang on,” Hitsugi told the drummer, setting the phone down and popping off the couch like a daisy before trailing the older guitarist into the kitchen. “Saki… Ruka is acting like nothing happened. He wants me to go over. What am I supposed to do?” he pleaded while hanging on the doorframe.

Naturally, Sakito had been listening the whole time, but there had been a maddening lack of conversation between the two. He finally set down the plate he'd been scrubbing repeatedly when Hitsugi came in the room, and turned with a questioning look. "I don't know, what do you think he wants?" Sakito had a feeling that Ruka wasn't just going to try and forget it ever happened, but it was odd that he was being so nonchalant.

“How am I supposed to know?!” he sputtered, looking at the other man pitifully. “I can’t just leave him hanging. What should I do?” The guitarist shifted his weight impatiently, waiting for the other’s reply.

"If you really want to go talk to him, then go," Sakito responded, not knowing what else to say. They had dithered about this long enough and it was obvious Hitsugi would rather talk to him now than wait, so there was little point in trying to persuade him otherwise.

Hitsugi hesitated before giving the older guitaist an ‘okay’. Padding back to the couch he leaned over the back and snagged his cell phone, holding it back up to his ear. “Ruka…? Sorry about that, I’ll be over in a few, ok?” After taking a moment to calm himself, the guitarist turned back to Sakito. “I’m gonna go… I’ll call you about what happens later. And sorry about messing up your night with Niya….”

Sakito could feel himself tinge red at the very mention of earlier that evening, but he forced himself to be composed for Hitsugi's sake. "It's no problem.... He'll get over it," the guitarist managed, though he would have rather run away and hidden under the bed.

“Bye, Saki,“ Hitsugi called to other, exiting the apartment and immediately heading toward the trains. Maybe this was a bad idea, but he’d made his decision and that was that.

Niya peered out from the bedroom, padding into the kitchen to lean against the doorway. “So…Hitsugi’s gay now?” he asked, chuckling a little while examining his fingernails. Like Sakito, the bassist wasn’t easily gotten rid of and he had in fact stayed by the door of their bedroom, listening in on as much of their conversation as he could catch. “You know, I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed that you guys didn’t include me. I’m not always an ass.”

Not hearing the bassist come in, Sakito jumped at the sound of his voice. Sighing when he realized it was just Niya, he moved closer to give his lover a kiss on the cheek. "I know, but it was up to Hitsugi who he wanted to talk to...."

Sighing, Niya stepped into the room to slip his arms around his lover’s waist, holding him lightly in his arms. “I understand. He’s your best friend, he trusts you.” The bassist had all but forgotten their interrupted fun, figuring it was best to leave it be after everything that happened. “I hope he’ll be ok. Ruka is awesome as a friend, but I don’t know if I’d trust him that intimately, although I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Hitsugi. Ruka’s an ass, but he’s like me. Just, not pathetically romantic like I am.”

Sakito leaned against him, relaxing into the loose embrace. "I don't know.... He's not really like you...except for the tasteless jokes." Despite Niya's efforts to reassure him, the guitarist couldn't help but worry about Hitsugi.

“Tasteless?” Niya huffed playfully, squeezing his lover slightly. “Taka-chan, don’t be so mean.” He spun them around and ushered the guitarist towards the bedroom. “Now, let’s stop worrying and let ‘Sugi live his life. He’ll call you if he needs you.”

Unable to escape from Niya's guidance (and not particularly wanting to), Sakito allowed himself to be herded without complaint. "Okay...you're right. I shouldn't worry so much."

“Of course not.” The bassist smiled, leading them to the bed and allowing Sakito to crawl in first. “Now lets get some sleep, hmm? Tomorrow’s another day and I promise that everything will be ok.” Niya circled to the other side, sliding under the sheets, then leaned over to press a soft kiss to Sakito’s lips. “I love you, angel. Goodnight.”

"Goodnight," Sakito yawned, snuggling down into the blankets. Niya was right - everything would be fine tomorrow and he was worrying for nothing.